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andreas__hi all13:21
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_mup_Bug #1026576 was filed: Count test import errors as errors <zope.testrunner:New> < >15:03
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seppo14hi guys... any help how to debug a not-responding zope2 instance? absolutely NO traces in event.log & syslog - suddenly stops responding. restart and it's fine again... memory and disk usage are fine too...17:20
seppo14are there any trace tools out there?17:20
smseppo14: there was/is some product for it17:21
smIIRC another way is to enable trace.log and look for the incomplete request there17:22
seppo14actually we did that17:23
seppo14and there's nothing in there pointing to an error... really strange17:23
smyou see all four log entries for every request ?17:23
seppo14including the last one before the "crash"17:23
seppo14no request with a problem17:24
seppo14otherwise i wouldnt be here asking ;)17:24
seppo14i haven't sorted out hardware defects yet...17:24
seppo14anything so strange could be at least a faulty ram stick....17:25
seppo14but then again shouldn't there be at least some problems with requests in trace.log17:25
smyou would think so, on average.. how many hangs have you log-analyzed ? Maybe you got unlucky ?17:26
seppo144 yet...17:27
seppo14I'll give it another 2 days17:27
smthough as you say, even one hang with a problem free trace log seems to say it's not request-specific17:27
smmaybe you can point the hang time and study the activity before that17:28
seppo14we couldn't reproduce it yet...17:28
seppo14we tried by request the last actions and pages via apache benchmark17:28
seppo14no hangs, even when doing a lot of request for those17:28
seppo14next thing is moving it to another server17:29
smit's not the cleaners borrowing your power socket for a minute is it17:29
seppo14been there :D17:29
Pumukelhello, I have a question on zope.schema, is there some way or support for a computedField and when where is a documentation?17:32
agroszerPumukel, you declare the field as the return value (readonly=True) and do a @property in your class17:34
Pumukelthanks, that is exactly what I haved serached17:39
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koshare you using external resources?17:44
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koshlike connecting to an sql server, using python to read data from a remote server etc? running a command on the local os and waiting for the result?17:44
betabugseppo14: DeadLockDebugger17:46
Pumukelwell yes I use external resources and want to display them as computed fields in forms17:52
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koshif your external resource ever takes too long you can build up connections until you can't make any more18:03
Pumukelwell my external resources are other Zope Objects, so that isn't the problem18:06
koshexternal resources means stuff outside of zope so filesystem, other dbs, anything that requires a network connection18:06
Pumukelbut as it seems it dosen't work, as I could not travers in the @property method to the object18:06
PumukelOk, my problem is that I have a foldish object that has some child objects, and I need to calculate some of the child.fields values and display them in an edit view of the foldish object18:08
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koshwhy not store those calculated values in the parent if they are small values and then have the children update it when they change or directly ask the children for the values when you draw instead of dealing with @property and stuff like that?18:10
Pumukelwell displaying them is no problem at all, the problem is that I work with dexterity and they should be displayed in an edit form18:12
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humanfromearthhello, I'm using zc.recipe.testrunner and I'm testing something which needs external methods, unfortunately I'm not sure how I can put my extensions in the Extensions dir (where is the part for zope test)?18:21
koshit is a human! quick kill him! :)18:22
koshsorry no idea about testrunner18:22
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smbetabug: yes, nice19:48
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