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jpicsupton: thanks, checking those00:28
suptonjpiq: what app framework are you using?00:29
suptonjpic: ^^^00:29
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jpicsupton: django ...00:33
jpici just need nosql for one app and zodb seems like the sanest solution, but it looks like it would be better to use repoze.catalog too00:34
suptonjpic: so for standalone ZODB, I would strongly recommend using UUIDs for items, have the forward references/relations as attributes of your object storing string (canonical) representation of the UUID, and then index for the reverse/backward relationships using repoze.catalog (which is well documented, if you piece things together yourself).00:35
suptonjpic: zodb is just a transactional persistent object system, in many respects better than other no-sql choices, but the free-form nature of it leaves indexing choices up to app developers00:35
suptonjpic: repoze.catalog is the sanest reasonably succinct solution to that problem, with relatively minimal dependencies00:36
suptonjpic: and decent docs00:36
suptonjpic: IMHO, you actually may get even better answers (even it slightly OT) in #pyramid00:37
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suptonjpic: because there are a decent number of people in the pyramid community who use zodb00:37
suptonjpic: in place of or in addition to sqlalchemy00:37
suptonjpic: and the people who use zodb in pyramid don't have the ideological blinders of big-zope-stack like I do ;)00:38
jpicsupton: thanks a lot for the details, i'll try asking #pyramid too00:41
suptonjpic: np.  quick tip for repoze.catalog: you maintain a DocumentMap between the integer-keyed document ids and the UUIDs… this is totally up to you, optional, but I think a better way to manage this, rather than the more ambiguous integer-ids (esp. if you need some kind of heterogeneous links between stuff you keep in RDMBS via django models and objects in ZODB).  Keep in mind your learning curve for doing this in ZODB boils down to: persistent obje00:44
suptonbase classes, transactions, BTrees (different kinds for different containers of things), and something like repoze.catalog on top of that.00:44
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jpicsupton: thanks ! FTR here's something that was suggested to copy on #pyramid:
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jpicthat looks more suited assuming i get rid of the path stuff01:09
jpicif i understand correctly, enabling basic backwards relations between objects consists of 2 moving parts 0) a two way uuid<->object map and 1) a database of relations like an object with (uuid1, uuid2, relationname)01:15
jpicsupton: does that make sense ?01:16
jpicmaybe not, maybe just a Persistent with attributes like source_object, dest_object, relation_name and convenience methods would be sufficient .. i should code the use cases i need as tests and find the shortest way to get there ... if you want i'll let you know how it goes - i hope to get this done in a few hours, if not then it means i'm lost bloating it and have to start over ...01:19
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suptonjpic: I would not make it that complicated.01:31
suptonhow about this:01:31
suptonin smaller steps01:31
suptonstore persistent objects, make sure each has a UUID assigned somehow...01:31
supton…that somehow could be (a) use plone.uuid library, which uses adapters, or (b) roll-your own convention for storing a UUID as a direct attribute of the object.01:32
suptonfor your case, I suggest (b) as lighter, less framework-committed route to annotate all your objects with a plain-old attribute01:32
suptonwhen storing uuids, just store strings.01:32
suptone.g. str(uuid.uuid4())01:33
suptonwhich is the canonical rfc 4122 representation of a UUID01:33
suptonyou could choose to store actual uuid.UUID objects, if you like01:33
suptonyour choice01:33
suptonthe uuid.UUID objects take up 4 bytes versus 36 bytes01:33
suptonso that choice should be based on how many objects you need to store01:34
jpic500K would be a tops, after years and years01:34
suptonso assuming you have objects that all have UUIDs, you can then store references to the UUID of other objects in some attribute01:34
* supton employee = Employee()01:35
suptoncompany = Company()01:35 = company.uid01:35
jpici've described a use case here:
suptonso there's your dirt-simple forward ref/relation01:35
suptonbut company knows not of its many employees here01:35
suptonso you index all employees in a search system like repoze.catalog01:36
jpicthe test like 29 I think describes what i need to do, but i don't understand why use UUIDs instead of references to objects ?01:36
suptonand query for employees who have the company's UID01:36
suptonjpic: you can store references to objects, but this has several pitfalls01:36
supton(1) references don't persist across multiple ZODB storages.01:37
supton(2) you have to maintain references in two directions (duplicative)01:37
suptonwith an index and identifiers (be they integers that are system-unique like what substanced does IIRC, or uuids), you avoid both problems01:38
suptonreferences are exclusively the domain of a directed graph, they point from A-to-B, but gettting the reverse often requires something higher-level01:39
jpicyes, it can prove useful to persist across multiple ZODB storages01:39
suptonyou could choose to use references for forward relations AND index UIDs for the reverse, but you end up with the same amount of work and more complexity01:40
suptonjpic: and migrations are easier with UUID vs. integers, as you never worry about auto-increment collisions01:40
mcdoncsupton: my suggestion to him was to use
mcdoncthat assumes oids are ints, but it's a s/IOBTree/OOBTree away from being able to use uuids01:42
suptonmcdonc: makes sense01:42
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jpicmcdonc: so every type of relation is a ReferenceSet, which is a two way representation of the relation ?01:53
jpicand it depends on ReferenceMap to convert identifiers to actual objects ?01:53
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mcdoncno referencemap doesnt convert identifiers to objects01:53
mcdoncthat's still your job01:54
jpicright, that's the job of ObjectMap ?01:54
mcdoncbut that's a different system01:55
mcdonchappens to know about oids, but it's unrelated to references01:55
jpicah, a ReferenceMap is a registry of ReferenceSet ?01:56
mcdoncit is01:58
jpicthanks, i'm going to try to convert this use case into using that (
jpicwhen i do i swear to document it since you guys have put so much effort into sharing with me :D02:04
jpicbtw if i have one remark to make, i don't understand why i'm import'ing persistent instead of say zodb.persistent02:07
jpici assume that's for BC reasons02:07
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jpicif i understand correctly, BTrees.IF.Set serves as a BTree that accepts integers only as keys, if i wanted to use UUID strings, i should replace it with a normal BTree ?02:30
jpicno that's not it my bad02:33
jpici should replace IOBTrees by OOBTrees02:35
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jpicand replace BTrees.IF.set by PersistentMapping ... i feel like i got this almost right02:37
jpicnot PersistentMapping, but BTrees.family64.OO.Set02:39
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jpicyes that seems to work, but i thought that the relations where symetrical, isn't it the case ? here's an example, on line 20 i expected it to work:
jpicis there something that wraps both sourceids and targetids ?02:51
jpicit seems that if this is called: themap.connect(book1, author1, refname) then this should also happen: themap.connect(author1, book1, refname) or the relation won't be symetrical02:54
jpicok, it is symetrical, but i don't quite grasp how to predict wether to use sourceids() or targetids(), because i don't think i can predict which side of the relation will be the target and which will be the source02:56
jpicmcdonc: why is themap.connect(book1, author1, refname) different from themap.connect(author1, book1, refname) ? it's the same refname02:59
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jpici might not even need that, so i'm going to try without first - after all you're doing without - so ... it works great ! thanks that looks like exactly what i needed ... My plan is to make an ObjectMap that handles UUIDs, make a repo/package of that and move on, thankssss !03:09
jpichowever i got an idea, maybe ReferenceMap could know what object type is source and what is object type is target automatically, that would be cool - of course for relations to self you'd *have* to know if you want source of target03:11
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jpicFTR as promised, a little docs about what you've taught me: thanks again !03:37
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jpicmcdonc: maybe there's a typo in this docstring, i think it should be "given" rather than "give":
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mcdoncjpic: thanks!04:00
mcdoncfwiw, in referencemap relations are directional04:01
mcdoncso connect(foo, bar, reftype) is not the same as connect(bar, foo, reftype)04:01
mcdoncbecause reftype is directional04:01
jpicyes, in practice that shouldn't be a problem in my case04:08
jpicbut you could easily make a SymetricalReferenceSet that knows what class should be source or target04:09
mcdoncthats true04:09
jpicactually, it looks like you'd set for example book.authors, register that in a ReferenceMap. Then use book.authors, or the ReferenceMap to get books of an author, so you don't need to store symetrical relations at all ?04:22
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mcdoncjpic: yeah, i use e.g.
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mcdoncclass Book(Persistent):09:42
mcdonc    authors = multireference_source_property(BookToAuthors)09:43
mcdoncb = Book()09:43
mcdoncb.authors = [author1, author2]09:43
mcdoncetc (see "Multireference" class in there for the API of "b.authors")09:44
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jpicneat, thanks10:38
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TuomasTI run Zope 2.10.11-final. I am unable to set "Cache-Control: max-age=xxx" tag. It seems zope removes max-age always from cache-control header21:16
TuomasTDoes this make any sense?21:16
TuomasTFor example, if in a python script at root of zope I specify: context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.setHeader('Cache-Control','max-age=300, must-revalidate'), then wget -S shows "Cache-Control: must-revalidate"21:17
J1mI'm sure Zope isn't stripping such headers.  Some other product you're using may update them.  I'm not saying I know what's going on, I just don't think Zope would do that.  I'd bet .05$ that it'21:19
J1ms some 3rd-party thing.21:19
TuomasTJ1m: Ok. Will check my Products dir21:19
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TuomasTJ1m: Ok. The problem is my wget setup and proxy its using. Duh.21:22
TuomasTI spent 1-2 hours debugging this21:23
J1mYou got off cheap then. :)21:24
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J1mbenbangert, did we decide to use a namespace for python-zk-related projects?21:44
J1mI'm about ready to (have a student) start working on porting zc.zk to ise kazoo.21:45
benbangertJ1m: nope21:47
benbangertJ1m: I think the only thing he needs to add is the service stuff21:48
benbangertI have children/data watchers and the rest of the recipes21:48
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* fdrake is in favor of namespaces; maybe zk.* would be cool. :-)21:53
J1mright, but I want to name the new thing.  It won't be zc.zk.21:53
J1mright, I was thinking zk21:53
J1mso zk.service21:54
J1mbenbangert, were you suggesting that he add the service stuff to kazoo?21:54
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benbangertno, separate package should be good21:55
J1mbut no agreed namespace.21:56
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benbangertI think zk is fine for a namespace for additional packages22:02
J1mThen I'll start zk.service22:06
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J1mactually, I think I'll split the propery-related bits from the service-registration bits.  So
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J1mand maybe the text-import/export into zk.textrepresentation.22:18
J1mand the testing bits into zk.testing.22:19
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