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Maijin_Plop Hello all, I'm looking for some infos about ZODB, is it a good idea to use it for a directory?, Second question, I saw that it's just SQL. But can i perform all SQL operations ?02:25
Maijin_thanks ;-)02:25
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nandehey guys i'm looking about how to deal with broken objects, anyone with experience in that'03:32
koshusually I fix the object03:37
koshas soon as you fix the object enough that it loads you can deal with it more easily03:37
nandekosh: good to see/read you again.03:40
nandehow do you "fix" the object,03:40
nandei just changed the location of the classes03:41
koshthat is kind of a bitch to fix03:41
koshpretty much broke one of the basic rules of pickles03:41
nandei'd like to do obj.__class__ = newmodule.Class03:41
koshthere is a way to do it but darned if I can remember the method since it is serious black magic03:42
koshI think it has something to do with __setstate__03:42
koshyou best bet is to ask on the zope or zope-dev email list03:42
nandemmm i'm not freind of mailing lists.. but thanks :) maybe i'll solve it by recreating the objects03:43
koshif you have only moved the files you can symlink to the original location and have them work again03:43
nandeon windows, cant.03:44
koshin general though never rename or move these files once you have objects created from them03:44
nandeyeap, but im kind of an arsehole, if my code doesnt look perfect i want to refactor it.03:45
nandebtw, broken module is great :) i think i'll recreate the objects and copy base attributes03:45
koshthen you are going to have a lot of misery03:45
nandei am as for today i am.03:46
koshit is just that if you keep doing this you will break things a lot03:46
nandei'm having a philosophical question about how to name my imports, and that's almost stupid.03:46
nande < kosh sorry dude, but, what do you think of this?03:48
koshsee what happens03:48
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nandesys.modules['db.models']=banta.db.models < easier to do actually04:05
nande>>> banta.db.DB.products.values()[0]04:08
nande<banta.db.models.Product object at 0x01F7FEB0>04:08
nandethe thing now is to actually save it to zodb04:08
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nandehey kosh do you know why i cant use ZEO.ClientStorage.ClientStorage or transaction ==1.3 on mac?04:33
koshnot a clue I don't use macs04:34
nande < i found about broken module, really cool.. i fixed the import with several codes, like faking the module path and creating a classFactory (which btw is cool)04:35
nandebut how can i tell zodb to change the class of an object?04:35
nandei commit and nothing happens, next time is still broken04:36
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nandeanyidea ? (i've set the _p_changed val)04:39
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nandeis there a way to tell zodb to re-pickle everything?04:49
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koshsorry I need to get to bed05:09
koshjust kind of fried from too many other things going on so not much help05:09
koshchemical engineering classes are hard :)05:09
nandeyeap they are05:14
nanderest well :) thanks05:14
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nandefound the solution, it was pebkac by sleepness, i just lacked to put the _p_changed somewhere else05:33
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jpichi all, i have no idea why transaction.commit() does not commit to the database file on my production server ... when it works locally ... any idea ?16:14
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jpicmcdonc_: /win 1619:15
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jarr0dszhi everyone im trying to install plone on top of zope with an plone add-on and get a zope related error     ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'for', "ImportError: Couldn't import, No module named publication.interfaces in Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.IPloneSiteRoot   <-- is that zope related and fixable?20:31
jarr0dszhavent been able to find anything on this online for the last 20 minutes20:32
betabugjarr0dsz: ask in #plone, people who use zope without plone won't have that problem20:33
betabugI guess you might have a mis-match of the zope and plone versions, but only the plonies could help you there20:34
jarr0dszokay thx betabug20:35
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jpichi all, i don't understand when to use PersistentMapping and when to use OOBTree20:59
LeoRochaeljpic: most of the time, OOBTree21:00
LeoRochaeljpic: you'll want to use PersistentMapping when you *want* to have ConflictErrors if unrelated keys of the dictionary change21:01
LeoRochaeljpic: and yes, sometimes you want that21:01
LeoRochaeljpic: also, a PersistentMapping is always loaded from the ZODB at once, for all keys and values (although keys and values could be loaded as ghosts only, if they're persistent objects themselves).21:02
LeoRochaeljpic: which could be bad or good depending on your application21:03
LeoRochaeljpic: but if you frequently write to it, then it'll be horrible21:03
* LeoRochael has nightmares of Localizer MessageCatalog objects, which store data on trees of PersistentMappings. Very fast for lookup, but constant source of ConflictErrors and a huge performance hit whenever one had to be reloaded from ZEO storage21:05
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betabugI'd answer "use *always* OOBTrees"21:11
betabugif one day you achieve true master status to do differently to this advice, you will know it yourself21:12
betabugwhen I saw someone in my team use PersistentMapping, I flagged it as a bug21:13
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koshI would recommmend always OOBTrees also21:30
koshbetabug: so how goes the apocalypse?21:31
betabughey kosh!21:31
betabugdunno, spend the afternoon on the beach, eating and drinking... so the apocalypse is definitely "not now"21:32
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koshyeah that does not sound like much of an apocalypse unless you where on a nude beach filled with overweight americans21:32
koshso how have you been?21:33
betabugfine, a bit too much work, but ok after all21:35
betabugworked with Zope 3 and pyramid lately21:35
koshI am on track to graduate in two more years just very very busy21:35
koshchemical engineering + work is a lot21:35
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betabugI can imagine21:41
betabugand you're doing it for real, not just slacking in school21:41
koshthis semester I have thermodynamics, kinetics (heat transfer), physical chemistry and a engineering statistics and experimental design class21:41
koshyou can not slack through an engineering degree21:42
koshyou have to work your ass off just to pass21:42
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jpicwow, thanks for answering21:57
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suptonjpic: one quick thing of note, BTrees keys/values/items methods return mutable iterators, which is like Python 3, but unlike default dict type in python 2… this can create real head-scratcher issues if you are not aware of it22:48
suptonjpic: so lesson is, use (appropriate-to-data-type-of) BTrees, and always cast calls to keys/values/items to tuple, list, or set if you plan to mutate anything during iteration22:49
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jpicahh good to know, thanks supton23:08
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