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suptonzope.index (well, OOBTree) does not like having a None key mixed with or datetime.datetimeā€¦ so you cannot index objects with NoneType values in zope.index, repoze.catalogā€¦ thoughts on workaround>00:21
mcdoncthis is a feature of datetime, not of the index i think00:22
mcdonc(although the feature is omnipresent in py3)00:22
supton>>> t = OOBTree(); t[] = 1; t[None] = 1  # raises TypeError00:22
mcdoncyes, datetime cant be compared against other things00:22
suptonmcdonc: I'd like to workaround in repoze.catalog?  Use dummy date/datetime value always?00:23
mcdoncbut its about the only thing in the stdlib that behaves this way00:23
mcdoncwell it's pretty nutty to index bare dateime values anyway00:23
mcdoncthey're way too precise00:23
mcdonci'd cast them to integers00:23
supton and
suptonmcdonc: not a bad idea, supposes that I normalize values on query, too though00:24
mcdoncin reality there should probably be a date index00:24
mcdonci'm personally way too lazy for that00:25
suptonjust have to figure out granularity for, I guess00:25
suptonmcdonc: seems extraneous00:25
mcdoncwell our conversation might have been shorter then ;-)00:25
suptonmcdonc: I think people will build higher-level interfaces on top of repoze.catalog, that's what I am doing00:25
mcdoncbleh, i hope not too many, i've already forked it00:26
suptonmcdonc: where's the fork living?00:26
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suptonmcdonc: thanks00:26
mcdoncrationale: default 64-bit datastructures, difference in query language00:27
mcdonc(e.g. catalog['title'].eq('Hello') & catalog['interfaces'].eq(SomeInterface) )00:27
suptonmcdonc: ok, former saves me effort, simplifies something I am already doing00:27
mcdonci also killed the pathindex00:28
suptonincluding an evil monkey patch of repoze.catalog.query.BoolOp I did to force family=BTrees.family64 :-/00:28
mcdoncyeah i wont be maintaining r.catalog anymore for better or worse00:29
supton(I subclassed index types and catalog to change the family, but ended up needing to monkey patch the query for expediency because I did not want to subclass it)00:29
suptonmcdonc: I'll just move to using hypatia before I do a production release of what I'm doing00:29
mcdoncthat's likely wise00:29
mcdoncthat said, there's no release and no promise of bw compat yet00:30
mcdoncfor example00:31
mcdoncas i mentioned, lots more py3 types are incomparable00:31
mcdoncand to get around that, in places that we currently use like OOBTree and OOSet00:31
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mcdoncwe're going to need to use something else00:31
mcdoncbecause some structures (like e.g. _rev_index on kwindex) dont actually need total ordering00:32
mcdoncwe just use OOBTree for it because it's convenient00:32
mcdoncbut it's untenable if we ever get a py3 zodb00:33
mcdoncfor exactly the reason we began talking here00:33
suptonmcdonc: why not (substanced) use vs using calendar?  Is the intent of this to have something that could handle both date and datetime?01:06
supton(for normalizing int repr)01:06
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mcdoncnot sure i cargo culted that code from karl and i was not its original author01:08
suptonmcdonc: ah, ok.  so I suppose I should not ask why 100seconds either...01:09
mcdoncdont know the original reason for that either.. good a choice as any i guess01:10
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_mup_Bug #1076316 was filed: Tales Expression breakage in lates Zope 2.12.26 and 2.13. <tales> <zope.tales:New> <Zope 2:New> < >15:18
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