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kiorkyhi seems down causing various buildout problems11:34
kiorkysomeone can fix it ?11:34
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_mup_Bug #1080662 was filed: Missing version requirement <zope.ramcache:New> < >14:19
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jakkecan someone give me some pointers how to use the component.xml to add extra loggers to a zope application17:57
jakkeI'm kind of lost how to use the sectiontypes and sections17:57
jakkeI defined a section for my logger in component.xml, but zope cannot find it, so I must be missing part of the configuration somewhere17:58
jakkeor some naming convention or so17:58
fdrakeCan't you just use <logger> sections?17:59
fdrakeYou shouldn't need to touch the schema.17:59
jakkenot in the zope.conf, but I might be in the component.xml though18:00
jakkeI'll try18:00
fdrakeIs this for a Zope 3 app?18:00
jakkesorry, zope..1318:01
jakkeas far as I get it now, I need in my component.xml a <component> <sectiontype> <section type="logger"> nested in that order18:02
jakkejust <logger> in component.xml is not recognised18:02
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koshhi freaks18:03
fdrakejakke: You should only need to include <logger> sections in your configuration; there shouldn't be any need to touch your schema or any component.xml.18:09
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jakkeif I add <logger someLoggerName> section in the zopeconf, the instance complains it cannot find any sections for someLoggerName18:10
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fdrake  name ...18:15
fdrake  more settings here18:15
fdrakeShould work in all modern Zopes.18:15
jakkeError: no matching section defined for type='logger', name='None'18:16
jakkereading how the access logger was added, I thought it would work that way :s18:17
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jakkeand I can see the SectionInfo is not loaded for this logger section, don't understand why so far18:18
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fdrakeWhat version of ZConfig are you using?18:23
fdrakeWhat package is providing the top-level schema?18:25
fdrakeZope 2 might need to have the schema extended; I'm a little surprised, though.18:30
fdrakeTry this in schema.xml:18:30
fdrake  <import package="ZConfig.components.logger" />18:30
fdrake  <multisection type="logger" attribute="loggers" name="*" required="no">18:30
fdrake    <description>18:30
fdrake      Additional loggers for specific subsystems18:30
fdrake    </description>18:30
fdrake  </multisection>18:30
jakkea schema.xml of my package or zope2 schema.xml?18:31
fdrakeWhatever schema you're using for the application config; you can create a new schema to extend the zope2 schema if you need to.18:32
fdrakeI'm not familiar enough with recent Zope 2s to know how to hook that in, though.18:33
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jakkeI understood that by using %import <mypackage> I could extend the schema, is that correct or a misunderstanding?18:35
jakkein zope.conf18:35
mgedminI doubt that18:36
fdrakeThat can include new concrete types, but doesn't get them used in the schema.18:36
fdrakeIt's usually used to load types for which the abstract types are already loaded.18:37
fdrake(And used.)18:37
fdrakeLike new storage implementations.18:37
jakkeabstract logger types are loaded18:37
jakkewe have an access and eventlog18:37
jakkehow to define a concrete type (like access logger)18:37
fdrakeWhy do you want a new concrete type?  There's a logger concrete type; you just want to be able to use that.18:38
jakkeI just want to add an extra logger to my application, to avoid spoiling eventlog or accesslog18:39
jakkeand I hope to be able to do that without touching the top schema.xml18:39
fdrakeCheck the Zope 2 schema to see if there's a multisection similar to what I showed earlier; if there is, you can use that.18:40
fdrakeYou'll be able to define all the loggers you need.18:40
mgedmin ?18:41
jakkeno multisection for loggers :s18:42
fdrakeThat's... unfortunate.18:42
fdrakeSo yesteryear.18:43
jakkewith the multisection the <logger name> would work in zope.conf I'd guess18:43
fdrakeZope 3 supports that.  :-)18:44
jakkelol, no easy upgrade here ;-)18:44
mgedminyou could deploy zope2 through wsgi and configure logging externally18:44
mgedminor so I have heard18:44
fdrakeSorry; your problem is one of straightening out the schema definition, which is going to offer some b/w compatibility issues.18:45
mgedminhm?  that's a new feature, surely18:45
mgedminwhat compatibility issues?18:45
fdrakeThe existing schema already uses the name "logger".18:45
jakkethat's a naming issue, another name that's documented should do the trick18:46
fdrakeRight where you pointed me to (line 14).18:46
jakkelogger is used for accesslog18:46
mgedminthat's <sectiontype>18:46
mgedminoh, we need a different section type?18:46
mgedminah, for specifying the logger name18:46
fdrakeRight; the sectiontype for <logger> is ... "logger"!18:46
mgedminso it would conflict with
jakkeit's the same sectiontype as in zope218:49
jakkebut a multisection with name="additionalloggers" or so would do the trick, no?18:50
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fdrakeThe section type in Zope 2 doesn't share a definition with that of the same name in ZConfig.components.logger/logger.xml, which is the problem, as mgedmin points out.18:54
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jakke*sigh* a pitty, but thanks guys19:00
jakkeI think I'll go for the zope-conf-additional parameter to get a dynamic way of accessing my var/log folder that is available at import time19:00
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jakkean xml like config in buildout would have been sweet, but short term not feasable apparently19:01
jakkethanks for thinking and debugging with me!19:01
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mgedminso you didn't like the wsgi idea?19:10
jakkeI think the guy who's in charge of the deployment would kick me if I did that ;-)19:10
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