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Iljathe problem is actually related more generally to zodb - any event based processing framework should be hitting similar problems00:40
Iljathing is that zodb is a monster and we need somebody with deep understanding of how it works to show where we screwed up00:40
Ilja(the code is open, actually, if somebody's wiling to take a look -
koshyou are probably going to be better off asking tomorrow since today is Sunday and most people are doing other things here00:44
Iljatrue :)00:44
koshI just don't want to get involved in something like that anymore00:44
koshone year left before I am out of any web stuff :)00:45
Iljaactually, the reason for using zodb was to provide a verifying ORM for Twisted (which is not really web) . It was a nice idea, but we've run into sooo many problems along the way that frankly I would suggest to think twice before using ZODB.00:48
Iljakosh, where are you going that doesn't require "web stuff"? music? :)00:49
koshDNA stuff00:50
koshwent back to school and graduating with a degree in chemical and biological engineering00:50
koshgoing to do nanotech and biotech work00:50
koshrecently I have been doing DNA optimization for ecoli for a summer project00:50
Iljawhat does 'dna stuff' mean? (I have bioinf background)00:53
IljaI mean, do you have a concrete plan, e.g. EBI job or smth?00:54
Iljaout of curiosity00:54
Ilja(sorry for offtopic)00:54
koshactually I plan to work on the engineering side to turn lab science stuff into actual shipping products00:54
koshI don't want to work on the actual science side of figuring out how to do stuff intially but on the industrial side of turning the science into a real product00:55
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koshdoing a genetic engineering competition over the summer01:14
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do3ccHi, what is up with
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do3ccI wanted to ask on the ML, but i realized an error in my thinking12:15
gauthierbastienhi everybody12:15
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gauthierbastienI would like to know where is the current CMF repository, is it still
do3ccI think so12:17
do3ccrepos that are being moved are emptied and the readme contains a link to the new canonical source12:17
do3ccthat is not the case for CMF, also I am not sure if the CMF Community wanted to move to github or stay12:18
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gauthierbastiendo3cc: ok, thank you12:24
gauthierbastiendo3cc: are zope SVN access relevant while wishing to contribute to CMF?  Where are plips and so on discussed?12:25
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do3ccI am not aware of any special commitor agreements for CMF. I just committed stuff there with my zope user12:32
do3ccNew stuff is probably discussed on the CMF List. Unfortunately is down for some days already12:33
gauthierbastiendo3cc: thank you :-)12:41
gauthierbastiendo3cc: I will try to spam them when the lists will be available...12:42
do3ccwhat do you want to do?12:43
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gauthierbastiendo3cc: in fact in CMFCore/exportimport/, while using the generic setup "import content" step, it only take care of title and description...12:51
gauthierbastienin _makeInstance12:52
gauthierbastiendo3cc: it explicitly only take care of title/description12:52
gauthierbastiendo3cc: we use a monkeypatch for some time now, that finally take care of every attributes, and it works (in Plone with both AT and dexterity), we would like to see this going back to the core...12:53
gauthierbastienI suppose there is a good reason for only keeping title and description but I do not see why...12:53
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do3ccI guess that CMF wants this method to stay generic and wants Dexterity and AT to implement more specific importers12:56
gauthierbastiendo3cc: I suppose, but why not using every attributes used in the .properties import file...  I mean, if someone, wanting to import any kind of object he wants, add to this .properties file something like "myattribute= My value", why not taking this into account?12:58
gauthierbastiento me it is way to restrictive, I do not see why, and I understand why this is never used ;-)12:59
do3ccI cant tell you, I don't know either12:59
gauthierbastiendo3cc: yes, that is why I would like to discuss this...  I think I will try the mailing list first, thank you for the tip ;-)13:01
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ralxHi everybody! Anybody here can tell why ** is down?18:58
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suptonseems to work just fine for me, now19:03
betabugI've seen some mention that a server from the zope foundation has died19:03
suptonwell, plone patch tuesday is tomorrow… and I know it was delayed from last week for worries about breaking folks' buildouts19:04
nobodydotpysupton, how about "", ""?19:04
suptonnobodydotpy: maybe stalling, dunno19:05
nobodydotpylokks like It's been this way, since before the weekend...19:07
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betabugit was off for a week, then came back for a day or so, then it broke again19:13
betabuga couple of subdomains of are on that machine19:14
nobodydotpyHumm... I'd seen a blog post ( about the download sectio, but actually, my intention was to access the "Products" section to check some products and other docs for learning purposes...19:18
nobodydotpyHope they can get it fixed soon. I'll keep googling about it next coming days.19:21
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nobodydotpyIs there any place where I could download Zope 2.5.*? In there's only 2.12.* and 2.13.* releases21:11
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MatthewWilkesnobodydotpy: Think they're on which is currently down21:22
nobodydotpyMatthewWilkes: I appreciate your response. I actually have been waiting for the server to be up again so I could download that version. So I asked here just in case someone knew somewhere else I could find it.21:24
MatthewWilkesnobodydotpy: The oldest one I have lying around is 2.8.6, sorry21:27
nobodydotpyMatthewWilkes, do you have the source of this 2.8.6? I could try to make use of it.21:28
MatthewWilkesnobodydotpy: Yeah, dunno the best way to get it to you. Could try magnet:?xt=urn:btih:564ac8a9f604e11c7e6ab59e4bfe9be1fdde9fd9&dn=Zope-2.8.6-final.tgz if you have a bittorent client around?21:32
nobodydotpyMatthewWilkes: Yes, I do have on right on! Thank you again!21:34
nobodydotpyIf the files are zipped or in a tar file and they're smaller than 10mb, theres the e-mail option: empadv@gmail.com21:35
MatthewWilkesthat's a point21:40
MatthewWilkesI always forget about email21:40
MatthewWilkesnobodydotpy: sent21:40
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nobodydotpyMatthewWilkes: It'll certainly take some time to come. Thanks!21:44
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MatthewWilkesAn error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:  5.7.0 Our system detected an illegal attachment on your message. Please21:45
MatthewWilkes5.7.0 visit to21:45
MatthewWilkes5.7.0 review our attachment guidelines. fb9sm23944213wid.2 - gsmtp. Please check the message and try again21:45
nobodydotpyThat's ok. The torrent option is still on. Besides that, there might be google drive, if you have a gmail account21:47
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