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workerbeetwowhere can I find videos on the an overview of zope ?  I think abtou using it as alternative to coldfusion17:47
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betabugthat's about the most crazy thing I've heard in a year or so22:48
fdrakebetabug: Someone using ColdFusion, or someone wanting to watch a video for technical content?22:50
betabugsomeone wanting to go from CF to Zope22:51
betabug... and ofcoz expecting an overview video about zope is pretty crazy too22:52
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* fdrake expects if they were using CF, they don't really know what they're doing to begin with.23:02
betabugyepp, quite likely23:07
betabugalso they're used to work with a tool that few people use23:08
betabugif you can call CF a "tool", that is23:08
fdrakeI worked one place that hired some consultants to build an app for us, and they used CF.  I'd say they were tools.23:10
fdrakeFortunately I wasn't involved in that project.23:11
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