IRC log of #zope for Saturday, 2014-05-10

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mcdoncdon't condemn the poor guy.. that irc message was sent in 2000 and there was some latency01:02
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cariveriHi there. Im looking for an introduction video of zope. I consider using it as alternative to coldfusion.12:51
betabugis this some kind of joke?12:52
cariveriwhy? I might be ignorant but I dont joke.12:53
cariveriI was looking for alternatives and read about zope could be one.12:53
betabugif it was 10 years ago, sure12:53
cariverihow abtou today?12:54
betabughave a look at pyramid12:54
betabugzope is pretty much in maintenance-only mode12:54
betabugI wouldn't recommend someone new to start with it12:54
betabugyou can find pyramid here: - it's up-to-date, well maintained, very well documented12:56
betabugyou're welcome12:57
cariveriIll come back sometime when I had a look.13:02
betabugsure, there's also #pyramid13:03
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smjeez way to go betabug, we'll never achieve world domination at this rate19:10
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