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jakke1ok, I've been reading and reading and searching but haven't found a way yet12:29
jakke1is there a way to ask to the connection or transaction manager to give you the matching transaction for a given tid?12:30
jakke1something like: interesting_transaction = transaction.get(interesting_transaction_tid)12:30
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mgedminjakke1, why do you need that?14:15
mgedminI'm asking because it seems like a strange thing to do14:15
mgedminthe transaction package deals with transactions in progress14:16
mgedminI'm not sure they have tids before they're committed14:16
mgedmindo you want to inspect previously committed transactions?14:17
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jakke1mgedmin, because I'm having trouble with transactions :)14:49
jakke1we're having for some reason transactions that corrupt data14:49
jakke1we don't know what the trigger is14:49
jakke1I can identify the broken object, and the related transaction, but I want to know what else in that transaction is happening14:50
mgedminwe're talking about ZODB, right?14:50
mgedminFileStorage or something else?14:51
jakke1of course14:51
jakke1relstorage, but that doesn't matter that much14:51
mgedminwell then I can't suggest :)14:51
agroszerhey mgedmin14:51
mgedminhey agroszer14:51
jakke1we've used that, but only on an export14:51
mgedminI wanted to ping you sometime about the failing winbot task -- it runs something-reportlab-related on python 2.6 but needs to do so on 2.714:51
mgedminjakke1, I wrote zodbbrowser so I could see what's happening in my database; I tried to add some introspection into transaction records to it14:52
mgedminbut the APIs I found are rather inconvenient14:52
mgedminbasically you can iterate over all transaction records from the start14:52
mgedminthere's no better way to find a record with a given tid14:52
mgedminbut this is all based on filestorage14:53
agroszerpretty darn busy nowadays, you-know-why14:53
mgedminI don't know how relstorage keeps its data14:53
mgedminI'd be tempted to look at the SQL tables14:53
mgedminagroszer, sure14:53
mgedminagroszer, oh, I also wanted a deployment of my updated build status images; that at least should be trivial (if I knew where to cd and git pull on winbot)14:54
agroszerthat's easy, I'll do that now14:54
jakke1mgedmin: zodbbrowser is too superficial for what I need, I've already looked into it14:56
jakke1sqltables do the trick14:57
jakke1but it would be convenient to do it from the debug console14:57
jakke1cause I can get tot he broken object, fetch the tid, then fetch oid's for that related tid, and then I have to fetch all objects in the debug console14:58
agroszermgedmin, done14:58
jakke1if I could do that directly from the debug console, that would make my life a bit easier14:58
mgedminif you find a way, I want to know it too!14:58
jakke1I should do a blog post about this I suppose ;-)14:58
mgedminwell, with relstorage it might be easy14:58
jakke1don't know, haven't checked the relstorage api yet14:59
jakke1hoping for a non-storeage-specific solution14:59
mgedminwith filestorage you'd have to build an index of tid -> file position, or tid -> list of oids, because I don't think currently filestorage does that14:59
jakke1without looping over all transactions14:59
jakke1there already are some mapping classes, don't know exactly what they do though15:00
mgedminthey slice per object, I believe15:01
jakke1have to read some more code15:02
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J1m_mgedmin, the file storage iterator lets you specify a start tid.  It walks over transactions to get to the start, but that's faster than reading the database records themselves.15:23
mgedminright; my use case in zodbbrowser was "show me the last N transactions" with links going into the past; which is a completely wrong iteration order for the current APIs15:27
mgedminand it was a low-priority wishlist item so I never worked to improve the API (or build a transaction index myself)15:28
mgedminI think the filestorage format actually allows backwards traversal (i.e. record size is repeated at the end of each record)?15:28
jakke1just thinking of it, I think the Undo functionality should have some15:29
jakke1cause you can select and undo transactions15:29
jakke1probably also backwards, but worth a check15:29
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J1m_mgedmin, yes, and in fact the file-storage iterator will search from the back if it things the start tid is closer to the end.15:35
J1m_I agree that a reverese iterator would be nice and straightfoward.15:35
jakke1but no such thing as: here is a tid, please give me the transaction J1m_ ?15:38
mgedminoh, cool!15:40
mgedminit's just that I don't know (in the "last 10 transactions" use case) what the tids are :)15:40
jakke1mgedmin, you can get them from the undo log, if it's just the write transactions15:41
jakke1>>> conndb.undoInfo()15:42
jakke1if I remember correctly it takes an argument: last=-2015:42
jakke1    def undoInfo(self, first=0, last=-20, specification=None):15:44
jakke1but you'd have to convert the undo_tid to "normal" tid's15:44
J1m_jakke1, you get that more or less from the file-storage iterator.15:50
jakke1our dataset is quite big, like 10Gb datafs and 40Gb blobs15:52
jakke1won't that be terribly slow? that's why I haven't tried that path yet15:53
J1m_10G isn't very big.15:53
jakke1and it wouldn't work on relstorage ...15:53
jakke1which is our production environment15:53
J1m_I haven't studies the relstorage schema, but there is likelt an sql query that would give you what you need.15:55
jakke1yeah, I know15:55
jakke1but it's an annoying move back and forth between debug zope and sql15:55
jakke1fetch a broken object, get the tid, then get the matching oid's for the broken tid in sql, and fetch oids back from the debug instance15:56
jakke1I have found the procedure, just hoped there was a more straightforward way instead of this pingpong15:56
jakke1but relstorage also implements an itereator, there might be hope15:57
J1m_jakke1, you also might be able to use the before option in DB.open16:07
J1m_It alows time travel.16:07
jakke1and I do have the timestamp, so that could work as well16:08
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mcdonchow did your zodb python dc meetup presentation go jim18:47
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J1m_mcdonc, it went very well.22:30
J1m_Nice crowd.22:31
J1m_There was someone from Foundation DB and we has some nice discussion comparing approaches taken.22:31
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