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* kosh hands betabug a pan galactic gargle blaster14:28
koshso how is life going?14:28
betabugnice and easy14:28
koshso what kinds of stuff have you been up to? do you still do any zope stuff?14:30
betabugnot really14:45
betabugI do pyramid and some ruby stuff (not directly web related)14:45
betabugI had a customer with Zope 3, but after their project was paused for a while, I didn't have the time to work for them any more14:46
koshI still have zope 2 customers but I am not really doing anything new anymore14:46
koshjust maintenance while I am doing masters and phd14:46
betabugyeah, when the stuff works, it works14:47
betabugthe only question would be if they wanted to have new features14:47
koshI did a project for amgen that uses pyramid and I will do one for a german research institute in pyramid14:47
betabugpyramid is really nice14:47
kosheh I still like zope 2 a lot more14:47
koshbut overall I am mostly done with webdev14:47
koshI am just going to work on a gui for a piece of simulation software and probably be the last gui stuff I do14:48
koshoverall wsgi is still annoying to get setup and working right14:49
koshand debugging why wsgi is not working kind of sucked14:50
betabugdebugging always sucks14:52
koshoverall I found that normal zope startup gives fairly good debug information and when doing proxy stuff the error that webservers give are simpler to figure out also14:53
koshso nginx proxying for zope is fairly reasy to debug14:54
koshwsgi is less easy to debug14:54
koshalthough mostly I just want no web dev again14:54
betabugfor me it is, I just ask the wsgi guy to get his sh*t together and make things work14:54
koshdoing a social event tonight with the other masters students in my degree14:58
koshonly 27 of us14:58
koshso very few people14:59
betabugyou don't need many people to build nano-godzilla-clone armies15:01
koshonly two of us are chemical engineers15:01
koshthe rest are mechanical and aerospace15:01
koshand the other chemical guy is not on the bio side of things15:01
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betabuglunch time, cya!15:04
koshhave fun15:04
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