IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2014-11-04

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vortechi there. is installing zope 2 via pip a bad idea?14:56
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vortecwhen running 'mkzopeinstance' i get this: pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (ExtensionClass 4.0 (XX/site-packages), Requirement.parse('ExtensionClass>=4.1a1'))14:57
mgedmininstalling zope2 via pip might not work14:58
mgedmin(which is a bug imho but I'm not going to go and fix it so there)14:59
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mgedminiirc people built entire alternative package indexes so you could pip install -i https://... Zope2 and have it work14:59
mgedminit should be documented somewhere14:59
vortecin the official docs15:00
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mgedminhm, only talks about the buildout method15:03
mgedminok, this seems to be the same document15:04
mgedminI guess the custom package index went away some time back15:05
mgedmin(protip: don't use zope 2, it's dead)15:08
do3ccyou can generate a pip requirements file easily from a buildout configuration15:20
do3ccbut then you have already lost your quest for simple installation15:20
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bowehey zopers... i'm trying to put zope behind Pound, and remember from years ago that there was a directive that could be put in zope.cfg to cause genereted URLs to be https instead of http.... my google foo's not good this morning, does anyone remember what i'm talking about, or know where i can find a commented/docs on zope.cfg?15:46
boweHTTP_SSL or some such, but I don't remember the file context either... <environment>?15:46
mgedmingoogle for VirtualHostRoot15:46
betabugpound, is that thing still around?15:47
boweyeah... i tired nginx, but can't get session affinity for it...15:48
do3ccpeople nowadays use varnish15:49
do3ccthere are good docs on how to configure varnish in plone land15:49
do3ccthey apply to zope15:49
do3ccthere might still be docs to pound too15:49
bowedo3cc: digging through varnish now... thanks for pointer!15:52
* bowe appreciates the simplicity of pound15:54
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bowehmmm... varnish doesn't seem to handle SSL...16:06
vortecmgedmin: erm, i would love to, really do, but i do have a ton of old legacy code that i'd have to migrate16:07
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vortecok i found a way, in a fresh virtualenv you can do this:16:33
vortecpip install pytz && pip install --index-url= Zope216:33
vortecthanks mgedmin16:33
mgedminyay, so the old indexes still exist except they're undocumented now16:34
* mgedmin also loves the 'http://' URL16:34
vortecnow, let's see if my legacy code runs with it...16:34
vortecnop :]16:35
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ThiefMasterhi, does anyone know how i get the actual changes made in a certain ZODB3 transaction?17:59
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