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MtEveresthi, question regarding zeo..13:47
MtEverestCan I invoke zeopack on any server running zeo, as it requires only server name and port...13:47
MtEverestI mean it doesn't need any authentication.....13:48
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MtEverestWhat stops it from someone else running this command who is not authorized to do so....13:53
MtEverestI mean issuing a pack command for any server from my system...13:53
MtEverestin case I don't have any authentication system in place for zeo client and server13:54
mgedminwhy are you worried about packing, specifically?13:54
mgedminif you don't have any auth, then anyone who can connect to zeo can read/write any data in it13:54
MtEverestquestion comes in general for authentication between zeo client and server13:54
mgedminah, ok, packing lets them destroy data13:54
mgedminwhat I do is use unix sockets to talk to zeo -- this lets you protect them with unix filesystem permission so only the zope user account can talk to zeo13:55
mgedminofc this only works when everything's on the same server13:55
MtEverestSo you mean to say that if we have zeo on separate server then authentication is a must13:56
MtEverestIt is not highlighted in documentation anywhere13:56
mgedmindepends!  maybe you have an isolated network13:56
mgedminbut yeah, exposing zeo on the internet is a Bad Idea Don't Do It13:57
mgedminit's perhaps worth mentioning that pickles are a remote code execution vector13:57
MtEverestSo but the whole purpose of zeo is high availability and load balancing13:58
MtEverestand if that server is not callable from my clients on different servers  or rather with some care then it should be mentioned in examples or documentation13:59
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mgedminI mostly use zeo to make zope restarts less painful13:59
mgedminbut yeah13:59
MtEverestI am using zeo with pyramid and zodb13:59
mgedminthese days relstorage is popular13:59
mgedminalso gives you high availability/load balancing13:59
mgedminplus postgres gives you auth options14:00
mgedminwait a second14:00
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mgedminHA/load balancing?  zeo?  no14:00
mgedminah, on the zope side14:00
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MtEverestmgedmin: My connection got reset14:02
MtEverestIf you have answered then please answer again....14:03
MtEverestshould I go for relstorage or zeo14:03
mgedminI cannot make this decision for you14:03
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MtEverestthanks mgedmin14:22
mgedminsince your connection dropped14:22
mgedminyou probably didn't miss anything important14:23
MtEverestI figured out.. thanks14:24
MtEverestwil evaluate both and then decide14:24
MtEverestactually the problem comes from the fact that being a startup these decisions sometimes consume a lot of I thought experts here will bail me out somewhat14:25
MtEverestright now none of my traffic stats suggest me to load balance14:25
MtEverestbut I thought if I can decide between zeo / relstorage from the beginning it would be great14:26
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