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davetooIs there a way to use zcml without zope?04:09
davetooI have an idea where I'd like to register adapters for a tool that can't run as a daemon/web app.04:10
davetoo(I have developed in zope3 a bit.. making plugins for an existing zope product)04:11
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mgedmindavetoo, pyramid can optionally use zcml too09:12
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deuteriumhia, i just tried to install zope.cachedescriptors for a certain zope2 instance only16:42
deuteriumi tried doing '$ZOPESOURCEDIR/bin/zopepy install --home $ZOPEINSTANCE > $LOGDIR/setup.log 2>&1'16:42
deuteriumwith the as available in the downloaded zope.cachedescriptors archive16:43
mgedminare you using buildout or virtualenv?16:43
deuteriumhowever, no files were installed16:43
deuteriummgedmin: buildout16:43
mgedminrunning by hand will lead to pain (as you've discovered)16:43
mgedminedit buildout.cfg, find the list of eggs, add zope.cachedescriptors to it, re-run bin/buildout16:43
deuteriummgedmin: yes, but the whole server currently uses buildout.. it's the default way we currently use16:43
deuteriummgedmin: ok, will try this, thanks!16:44
deuteriummgedmin: would adding the zope.cachedescriptor egg there make it being installed?16:44
mgedminyes (if you add it to the right place)16:44
deuteriummgedmin: ok16:45
deuteriummgedmin: got this currently in buildout.cfg:
deuteriumso it's only listed under [test]16:46
mgedminthis is a buildout.cfg for zope.cachedescriptors16:47
deuteriummgedmin: yes, the default one16:48
mgedminit's not the one you want16:48
mgedminwhen I asked "are you using buildout or virtualenv?", I meant for your zope 2 instance16:48
deuteriummgedmin: ah, ok.. there we use plain buildout as well16:48
deuteriummgedmin: i'm afraid if i redeploy the whole zope using buildout, just for the zope.cachedescriptors egg, the data.fs and customizations in the zope instance might be changed/deleted?16:52
mgedminthey shouldn't be, but make a backup, just in case ;)16:52
mgedmindoes data.fs live under parts/?16:52
mgedminparts/ gets removed when you do stuff16:52
mgedminI don't think any sane zope buildout puts the data.fs under parts/16:53
deuteriumand there's no way to just buildout the zope.cachedescriptors egg and copy it to that special zope instance's directory for extensions? or to the site-packages directory of the relevant python version?16:54
mgedminyou can probably find a way to jam it in by force, if you know what you're doing16:55
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davetoomgedmin: thanks.19:11
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