IRC log of #zope for Thursday, 2016-02-18

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regebromgedmin: Thanks for the code review, looks much nicer now.16:59
regebroNow it should be all done, I think.17:03
mgedmindid you see me insisting on __eq__ ? ;)17:04
regebromgedmin: Oh, no, right, I wondered about your comment on test. I can take your tox.ini instead.17:04
regebromgedmin: Yes, I just added that as well.17:04
mgedminbtw are you reading github comments over email?17:04
regebromgedmin: But I'm unsure of the problem with test-17:04
regebromgedmin: Both. :-)17:05
mgedminthe test problem looks like this:
mgedminand I've no idea why it fails to work on travis17:06
mgedminmaybe your newer builds will work?17:06
mgedminanyway, red travis == bad pr no merge so ...17:06
mgedminit's hard to debug stuff that works locally but not on travis17:07
mgedminso usually I didn't and instead tried a different approach -- like having .travis.yml run tox, perhaps via
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regebromgedmin: Yeah, that was a missing dependency, I think.17:09
regebroSee ya,17:09
regebroWe need to have a Zope sprint at my place, where we smoke meats, drink whiskey and complain.17:12
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donkey_hoteihas anyone here worked on erp5?18:02
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