IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2016-02-19

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regebromgedmin: Sigh, seems I have to set up a local Travis CI.11:03
mgedminis that possible?11:03
mgedminat some point they had vagrant images, but those got stale11:04
mgedminmaybe they have docker images for their current container-based infra?11:04
regebromgedmin: Yeah, they do, I'm not sure how to set it up though, but I'll try.11:04
mgedminthere's a way to get ssh access to a travis node temporarily11:04
* mgedmin never tried11:04
regebroOh, OK, I'll dig for that first then.11:05
mgedminmaybe two ways: one's where you contact support and ask them, the other is where you basically install a reverse shell in your .travis.yml11:06
mgedminone useful trick for debugging travis: commit random stuff then git push origin HEAD:travis; when done git push origin --delete travis11:06
regebroOh, pft, I'm stupid. travis.yml has the wrong command.11:07
mgedminno need to pollute pull requests/real branches with experimental checkins11:07
mgedminwrong command how?11:07
regebroAh, ok.11:07
mgedminwasn't it 'python test'?11:07
regebroYes, so if I want to debug THAT, it's the right command. :-)11:08
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regebromgedmin: But I still need to make a pull request to have Travis test it, right?11:10
mgedminno, travis tests all branches11:11
mgedminthat's the best part11:11
mgedminand you can keep git commit --amend'ing and git push origin --force HEAD:travis until you get it right; then git push the correct fix to the usual destination11:12
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agroszerping mgedmin16:06
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