IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-01-16

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Damascenewhat could cause     menu="zmi_views" title="Preview"05:01
Damascene to not show a preview menu when i look at the content object?05:01
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Damascenei remember running into this before, but i forgot how i resolved it.  i have an implements cause... hm.05:02
Damasceneoh wow... i didn't realize zope.public isn't a superset of managecontent, they are just explicit perms05:13
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jhausersorry for committing to the trunk20:19
jhauserhave removed my stuff there20:19
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jhauserJ1m does the buddy example actually use the schema?21:46
jhauserthe __init__ of buddy looks like it sets attributes directly21:46
J1mjhauser, sure it does21:56
J1mActually, the buddy class doesn't "use" the schema. It "implements" it.21:57
J1mA class that implements a schema has to provide the atributes specified by the schema, which is wht __init__ sets them.21:58
J1mgotta go. See you later.21:58
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