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jhauseris there something special with the function of property in Z3?00:23
jhauserI get this error00:23
jhauserForbiddenAttribute: ('data', < object at 0x3b2f1b0>)00:23
jhauserFileDataValue subclasses File00:23
jhauserIf I use File directly it works at least with data00:24
jhausernot with further attributes I set at the File() instance00:24
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jhauser_Hi J1m, have you a short moment of time?13:11
jhauser_ForbiddenAttribute: ('data', < object at 0x3b301b0>)13:11
jhauser_I have this error, if I try to set the data attribute in an subclass of File()13:12
jhauser_Where is the error coming from, so I can look what it is?13:13
J1mdid you make security declarations for FileDataValue?13:13
J1mThat's your problem.13:13
jhauser_ah ok, than I will solve it :-)13:13
J1mForbiddenAttribute errors happen when you try to access at attribute for which there is no declaration.13:14
jhauser_the declarations need to be for the object, or the attribute13:16
jhauser_in file/configure is the declaration for the schema13:16
J1mdeclarations are made for attributes defined by classes.13:16
jhauser_this is then for all the schema defined attributes, right?13:16
J1mIt doesn't matter how an attribute is defined.13:17
J1mPlease see the tutorial. It is explained there.13:17
jhauser_ok thanks13:17
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jhauser_ah works :-), thanks13:43
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J1mjhauser_, see my 2 responses to Roger13:57
J1mjhauser_, do you understand my desire to combine data, mime type and encoding into a single field?13:59
SteveAdata is meaningless without the other two14:00
SteveAwhen is python going to do that for strings?14:01
J1mwhy should it?14:01
SteveAthat old bytes-of-data vs encoded string thing14:01
J1mThis is pretty application domain dependent.14:01
SteveAi'd really like to see a "bytes" or "data" or "bytesdata" type14:02
SteveAand an encodedstring type, which is a str that knows its encoding14:02
J1myou mean, when is Python going to add a "bytes" type and merge str and unicode?14:02
SteveAyep, pretty much14:02
SteveAit's caught people out on my project a number of times14:03
J1mI think that encoded string shoul dbe something above python.14:03
SteveAit's caught people out on zope3 before14:03
J1mIt could, of course be a standard library module.14:03
jhauser_J1m I understand what you want, I approach this slowly, need to pick up some things on the way14:04
jhauser_the only thing I do not see, why there should be suddently a text edit field for a special mime type14:05
jhauser_I think this can be done by a custom widget14:05
J1mtext files are very common.  People want and expect to be able to edit these.14:07
J1mIMO, this should be default behavior.14:07
jhauser_I learned yesterday again, that not the field is the file data, but that I need to define a fieldvalue also14:07
jhauser_so the field can put the fieldvalue at the cobj14:07
jhauser_ok to text edit form input14:08
J1mHowever, once you have a text area, you have unicode and you need to know the etxt encoding.14:08
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J1mI don't know what you mean "not the field is the file data, but that I need to define a fieldvalue also so the field can put the fieldvalue at the cobj"14:08
jhauser_I started with subclassing FileData from File, which was wrong14:09
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jhauser_FileData is the field class14:09
jhauser_That's like subclassing DateTime field from datetime :-)14:10
J1mok.  I think this is more general than files, which is why I suggested a name like "mime".14:10
jhauser_sure I change this to mime14:10
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J1mWhat we are really talking about is a non-multi mime part.14:11
J1mI sugest then that the mime standard should guide us.14:11
J1mI suggest then that the mime standard should guide us.14:11
jhauser_:-) phew14:13
jhauser_I will read there and come back with questions :-)14:13
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srichterJ1m: I am contemplating whether I should merge my branch today17:21
srichterJ1m: it has still several XXX and does not work yet, but the longer I wait the harder it will be17:22
srichterwhat do you think?17:22
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J1mI think it's important not to break people's sandboxes.17:23
srichterthen these people have to send my code examples17:23
J1mSo, if checking something in would break sandboxes, then I think it should wait.17:23
srichterthere is no way I can guess what they need17:23
J1mThen you should not have embarked on this project.17:24
J1mwe have to maje a reasonable attempt to preserve apis that people use17:24
J1mwe have to preserve their data17:24
J1mwe have to make a reasonable attempt to preserve apis that people use17:24
srichteryou talk about data or code?17:24
J1mIt's a safe assumption that nobody is writing configuration directives.17:25
J1mNow, presenattion is tricier.17:25
J1mWe know that persistent modules don't work.17:25
J1mThat makes it somewhat unlikely that anyone is doing TTW adapters and presentation components (page folders).17:26
srichterthat's all peanuts17:26
srichterthere are problems with respect to view classes reuse17:26
J1mI think it would be reasonable to send a note to the list and ask if anyone is using TTW adapters or views.17:26
J1mChanges are, no one will say they are.17:26
srichterone of the bugs that was filed by marius (I think) was that he used a view class that is not there anymore17:26
srichterother examples include a probable dependence of RegistrationStack behavior17:27
J1mIf you don't get any response after a few days, then I think it would be safe to start ripping thise code out.17:27
J1mIt's a judgement call.17:27
srichteror what about the case that someone wrote their own Authentication sErvice?17:27
J1mThat's harder.17:27
J1mYou can ask.17:27
srichterSurely their custom authentications ervice is still registered, but it will not be used17:28
J1mI think that's a pretty serious problem.17:28
srichterright, I agree17:28
J1mIN any case, you need to send a heads up message a day or two before the merge as this is likely to be very disruptive.17:29
srichterok, I will do that17:30
srichterI'll send a mail asking for code snippets that should still work or other information17:30
srichtershould I send the mail beyond zope3-users and zope3-dev?17:31
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J1mI wouldn't ask for code snippets.17:31
J1mI would ask some very high-level questions like:17:31
J1m- Is anyone using TTW views or adapters?  Page folders?17:32
J1m- Has anyone written their own services?17:32
J1mAnd then ask more focussed questions based on their answers.17:32
srichterwill do17:33
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regebroHi all! Are there any way to get menuItems only defined with for="*"?18:05
regebroobject=None gets everything, of course....18:06
J1mwhat do you mean by "only" above.18:07
regebroI should say "get only menuItems" I guess.18:07
regebroI.e. I would like the menuItems that have "*" specified for interface. "Global" menuitems if you want.18:08
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regebroHang on, I'm not sure I need it...18:13
* regebro looks confused.18:13
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regebroNope, didn't need it, I got things backwards. Thanks anyway.18:22
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Speedjethi everyone19:52
Speedjetanyone played with zsync/fssync?19:52
SpeedjetI'm looking information if it could be back-ported to zope2...19:55
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J1mI'm sure it could be20:03
J1mThere are some securuty issues with it20:04
J1mwhich is why we're not really using it in z3 yet.20:04
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