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VladDracannoying how 90% of traffic on idle freenode channels is leaves/joins/disconnects16:03
Theuniyou can disable them so you don't see them16:14
VladDrachmm might be an idea16:24
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Theuniin some clients that's called conference mode16:32
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runyagaanyone know where I can find ZODB in cvs/svn (3.2.x) ?17:32
SteveAzope3 is on 3.3.x17:33
SteveAso, zope2 SVN trunk ?17:33
SteveAhmm, isn't zope2 on 3.3.x too now?17:33
runyagazope 217:33
runyagaoh i meant 3.317:33
runyagathere are so many ZODB repo's17:33
SteveA3.3 is in zope3 trunk, and i think zope 2 trunk too17:33
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* mgedmin ping srichter19:42
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mgedminI got tired of scroolbars in the top-left ++apidoc++ frame19:43
mgedminyou can get rid of the vertical one by increasing the frame height by 20 pixels (works for me, not sure about others)19:44
mgedminand you can get rid of the horizontal one by removing width: 98% from div.apihead in apidoc.css19:44
mgedminI want to commit this change -- is that ok with you?19:44
mgedminI can't actually test it with internet explorer, though19:44
* mgedmin about to get a forced 3 minute break from typing19:45
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* mgedmin admits that he doesn't understand the reason for width: 98%19:53
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* mgedmin is trying to write his first functional doctest21:15
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* mgedmin learns how to make sense from the huge diffs that functional doctests give21:23
* mgedmin wishes ftests did not need an eternity to parse ftesting.zcml21:26
srichteron my new machine, Zope (and thus ftests) start up in less than 3 secs21:33
srichterwhich is not that bad21:33
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mgedminnot fair!  primary zope 3 developers should have the slowest machines so they will have incentive to optimize :-)21:38
mgedminRan 4 tests in 1.407s21:38
mgedminreal    0m17.343s21:38
mgedminuser    0m14.060s21:38
mgedminsys     0m0.870s21:38
mgedmin15 seconds of setup to run 1.5 seconds worth of tests21:39
* mgedmin stops whining21:39
srichterrunning the tests is not what costs time, but the startup legacy is annoying21:39
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mgedminsrichter, do you have any objections to me removing width: 98% for apidoc.css?21:40
mgedminuhh, too late21:40
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mgedminError in sys.excepthook:21:58
mgedminOriginal exception was:"21:58
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jhauser_whats the right svn command to enable the $Id:$ expansion for new files?22:22
philiKONsvn propset svn:keywords Id <somefile>22:31
philiKONnote that it only works if it really reads "$Id$" in the file22:32
jhauser_sure, thanks22:37
jhauser_without ':'?22:37
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