IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-02-03

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tvonbeagled --fg --debug should be producing a bunch of output, yes?04:02
tvonIt's been quiet since a cvs build today04:02
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VladDrachey.. I didn't know srichters book was printed11:52
VladDrac(already, that is)11:52
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apauleyhi all14:30
apauleydoes anyone know of zope-based software that uses zope as an appserver, but that's not using a web interface by default?14:33
apauleyzope-based software that uses a QT or GTK interface, for example14:33
srichterthere are some people playing with wxWidgets to write specific Zope clients14:36
srichterjust send a message to zope3-dev/users14:36
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regebroHi all, I'm gonna create "proxy-objects"...20:03
regebrobut that means I would like to proxy the attributes that are a part of the schema.20:03
regebroIs there a way to do this without getters and setters? (Which I think I can't use, since it's Five...).20:03
regebroEvidently not. Hmm. I can hook the "Saving" in the view/update method, but the other way around?20:10
regebroAnone? No ideas? Maybe I can fudge them with a computed attribute thingy. Ugly, ugly, ugly.20:13
Vobliawhy can't i crate a enw issue in the Collector ?20:25
mgedminVoblia wants to say that the Zope3-dev collector says "111 Connection Refused" when he tries to submit a new issue20:27
jhauser_regebro, do you not like that the proxy has getters and setters?20:28
VobliaI tried again, and it worked now20:28
jhauser_or one general __getattr__ __setattr__?20:29
regebroNo, I'm using Five, and my objects are (at least for the moment) old-style, so I have no getters and setters.20:29
jhauser_but __getattr__ in the proxy20:29
regebroI have gotten __gettattr__ to work befor. But it usually gievs me a headache. But maybe I'll try with it again...20:30
regebroIs there any methods to find out what the schema is on an object?20:30
jhauser_the proxies are persistent right?20:30
regebroYup, they are persistent.20:30
* J1m hates proxies.20:31
jhauser_        for iface in implementedBy(obj.__class__):20:32
jhauser_            for name, field in iface.namesAndDescriptions():20:32
jhauser_                print name, type(field)20:32
regebrojhauser_, thanks.20:33
jhauser_J1m but content reuse and also to some degree versions suggest proxies20:33
regebroJ1m, proxies work fine for this situation in CPS3, so I'll go for it.20:33
J1mSometimes proxies are necessary20:33
jhauser_CPS has a central repository of objects and the versioning is done there20:33
J1mBut they tend to cause much pain20:34
jhauser_jepp :-)20:34
J1mThey are seductive and invite use20:34
jhauser_I opted to handle them explicit20:34
jhauser_like reference objects20:34
dreamcatcheruhm, just like brazilian woman20:34
jhauser_the app needs then to get the referenced object before doing something with it20:35
jhauser_but that's also not ideal20:35
jhauser_i do know nothing about brasilian women :-)20:36
regebroIn this case I want the proxies to be the real object, except that it should get all information that are in the schemas from a central object.20:36
regebroI knew a brazilian girl when I lived in Sweden: Damn, I say, damn. Whooosh.20:36
* regebro sweats20:37
regebroSo it's a mini-proxy, I guess. :-)20:38
regebroMaybe I can make a __getattr__ that only cares for the attributes in the schema. That would be nice, and work fine. I'll try that tomorrow.20:39
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mgedminsuppose I have a traverser (a view providing IBrowserPublisher) for IPerson objects21:19
mgedminthat returns me ICalendar objects when traversing to 'calendar'21:19
mgedminso if I go to /persons/foo/calendar, I get the default view for a person's calendar21:19
mgedmin<menuItem for=".IPerson" title="Calendar" action="calendar" /> does not work21:20
J1mThat's odd21:20
J1mHow does it not work?21:21
mgedminbecause BrowserMenuItem.available() traverses to 'calendar', gets back a Calendar object, assumes it is a view, and tries to access view.__call__ to see if it is allowed by the security checker21:21
J1mah, provide a permission21:21
J1mIt was a mistake to allow permissions to be ommitted in menitem directives21:21
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projekt01Jim, stefan told me that you have ideas about sub menues. Do you?21:54
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J1mprojekt01, Uh, I did22:28
J1mI don't remember what they were at the moment.22:28
J1mI'm sure I could remember if I thought about it a bit, but I'm in the middle of something else at the moment.22:29
J1mCan I send you something tomorrow?22:30
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projekt01Jim, of corse, take time and let me know if you have any plan.23:19
J1mYou are Roger?23:19
projekt01Jim, perhaps, if you find time, it whould be nice to take a look at the IFile branch23:22
projekt01and tell me what you think23:22
J1myup, that's on my to-do list23:23
J1mThanks for your contributions23:26
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projekt01That's ok, but I'm stocking right now, just let me know if you where looking on it and let me know what I can change.23:28
projekt01The widget don't work with session right now, that whould be the next step23:28
projekt01Stocking, means I don't know if I'm doing it the right way23:29
J1mah, ok23:29
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