IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-02-02

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tvonIs there a reason not to put <?xml... at the top of a zcml file? Are they aggregated at some point?00:45
tvonor is it: "I'ts xml based, but not xml"?00:46
SteveAit's an optional dead chicken00:53
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philiKONtvon, put it there if it makes you happy :)01:04
philiKONzcml files are real xml fiels01:05
tvonit makes me happy :)01:05
philiKONactually, IMHO we should probably put it there to illustrate how much xml they are :)01:05
tvonIMO if it's an xml file it should have the xml declaration01:06
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tvonIt's just "proper"01:06
philiKONi agree01:06
tvonDoes zope2 choke when page templates begine with an xml dec?01:07
philiKONi remember something there01:07
philiKONbut then again, ZPT parser isn't really xml nor html01:07
philiKONi never got the hang of it01:07
tvonsome sort of bastard child of the two?01:07
philiKONzcml parser is a standard expat xml parser01:07
philiKONno idea, ask fdrake :)01:07
tvonI'll poke him with a stick01:08
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tvonI guess I'll ask him about that too01:08
philiKONok, i'm outta here01:08
mgedminpage templates use two parsers, actually01:08
mgedminan html one and an xml one01:09
* philiKON remembers01:09
mgedminzpt switches to the xml parser if the page template file starts with <?xml01:09
mgedminyou must explicitly declare the tal/metal namespaces if you use xml01:09
philiKONfor all i care, we could just use a proper xml parser01:09
philiKONand always declare namespaces and such01:09
philiKONdeath to sgml01:09
* tvon really just wants Nautilus to detect the files properly01:10
dreamcatcherfor all i care, we should drope zpt and use xslt pipelines01:10
mgedminI believe the html version supports html'is things like <input ...> without a / before the >01:10
philiKONmgedmin, right, who needs those nowadays?01:10
mgedminI don't, but I'm happy that I don't have to copy dead xmlns:tal chickens to all .pt files that I write01:11
philiKONthey're really not that dead01:11
tvonjust resting?01:11
philiKONresting out of prefix convention01:12
philiKONanyway, gotta go01:13
philiKONg'night all01:13
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`anthonycan anyone explain why ZEO.tests.test_cache.CacheTests needs more than 400M of virtual memory to run? The first time I ran the unit tests, it killed my machine. I've been gradually lifting the ulimit size up (the machine only has 512M, tho, so I'm going no higher). This is on Python 2.3.5c114:42
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mgedminwhat's the status of cookie-based authentication in Zope 3?17:04
mgedminiirc PAU has a cookie plugin17:04
SteveAin launchpad, we're using a session for cookie auth17:06
J1mThat's what the auth utility does17:07
mgedminSteveA, do you mean that you roll your own auth using Zope 3 sessions rather than using the auth utility?17:10
J1mmgedmin, did you work on interactions?17:11
J1mnever mind17:11
* mgedmin did17:12
SteveAmgedmin: yes17:13
mgedminSteveA, why?17:14
SteveAthere was no auth utility at the time17:14
SteveAand, i want to capture more information about auth than one normally would17:15
SteveAit isn't a lot of code17:15
dc|outhey SteveA, is the source for launchpad in some public repo?17:20
SteveAdc|out: no17:20
dc|outcan i get a private copy *wink*17:20
SteveAdc|out: mail me if you want to work for canonical ;-)17:22
dc|outcant i just contribute? :)17:23
SteveAnot at this point.  but, this should be on #launchpad17:23
dc|outk, thanks anyway17:24
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* mgedmin trying to fix the problem with functional doctests and skins22:21
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* mgedmin gets inexplicable errors in xmlrpc fdoctests22:28
* mgedmin realises it is a bug in xmlrpc fdoctests22:30
mgedminhttp://localhost:8080/++skin++Debug/@@contents.html in a browser gives me a 404 NotFound22:33
mgedminthe same thing in a functional doctest works, because functional doctests break skin stripping22:33
* mgedmin suggests using ++debug++errors instead of ++skin++Debug if you want to see tracebacks in the browser22:33
* mgedmin wonders if ++debug++errors works22:34
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mgedmindoes anyone know why subversion shows spurious differences in my Zope 3 sandbox ($Id$ versus $Id: $)22:54
mgedminthese differences do not go away if I do svn revert22:54
srichterno clue22:54
mgedmindoes anyone else see them?22:54
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* mgedmin about to commit fix for #35323:04
* mgedmin notices that he was fixing the bug in a read-only checkout23:07
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VladDracI think svn 'fixes' $Id:$ into $Id$ implicitly23:52
VladDrachad something similar myself23:52
VladDrac(on your branch actually)23:56
srichtermmh, strange23:56

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