IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-02-06

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alienoidhi, everybody22:42
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alienoidi'm wondering if i would like to start to work on blog software for zope3 is there any open svn repository for third-party products, so that i can put code there?22:43
philiKONthere are two22:44
philiKONthere's the 'sandbox' area in the officla ZC repository for which you have to be a committer first in ordre to commit22:44
philiKONthe contributor agreement makes you assign half of the IP to ZC22:44
philiKONthe other one is the z3base on codespeak,
alienoidhow can i get permission to write to because 'sandbox' seems is not for me for the moment :)22:46
philiKONplease subscribe to ( and write an email to the list in which you describe the project you're undertaking and that you'd like it to be hosted in the z3base22:47
philiKONdo you have a codebase already?22:47
alienoidphiliKON: not yet22:47
alienoidphiliKON: i'm working on blog for z2 and as i'm newbie to z3 i'd like to start write it for z322:48
philiKONok, so maybe you can include a short description what kind of features you'd like this software package to provide22:49
alienoidphiliKON: thanks for hint, i'll subscribe to that mailing list22:50
philiKONthis email is basically a formality. we just like to know who's working on what and what they're trying to accomplish22:50
philiKONalso, codespeak is a place where we are trying to strengthen collaboration, so there might be others interested in working with you and we encourage you to do so viceversa22:51
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alienoidphiliKON: thanks for information, i've subscribed and sent mail to the list23:23
alienoidphiliKON: sorry for disturbance, but did you get my mail sent to list? it's strange, but i didn't get yet copy of my mail from mail list, though quite time passed...23:48

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