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philiKONalienoid, i didn't get an email either01:27
philiKONthat's strange01:27
alienoidphiliKON: not sure, but maybe my provider screwed things up.., can i send copy directly to your mail?01:30
philiKONwell, i know what you want to do but the others don't ;)01:32
alienoidphiliKON: i subscribed from another address and sent mail again01:47
alienoidseems like my local provider really makes bad...01:48
philiKONalienoid, got the msg now02:01
philiKONalienoid, i think we can give you access tomorrow, I'm going to bed now :)02:02
philiKONalienoid, we're usually hanging around #z3-base02:03
alienoidok, thanks02:07
alienoidgood night :)02:07
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* VladDrac 's noticing that the code he's writing somewhat depends on an architecture as offered by zope314:52
VladDrac(a non-zope project)14:52
VladDracI wonder *if* zope3 can be of use here14:53
VladDrac(and how :)14:54
SteveAdon't see why not14:55
SteveAyou can use adapters and utilities14:55
SteveAand events14:55
SteveAyou can use the server and publisher14:55
SteveAalthough, you'd probably want to use jim's (not checked in yet probably) bobo publisher14:55
VladDracdon't need a publisher - it's not web based14:56
VladDracjust need a component architecture14:56
SteveAshould be easy thne14:56
VladDracwell I need to 'boot' some stuff... some examples would be nice14:56
SteveAyou can even do without zcml if you want by using usedfor() (or similar, can't remember) like an implements()14:56
VladDracI recall that martijn had some sample code14:56
VladDracactually, I just noticed that zcml would be cool14:56
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philiKONSteveA, adapts()15:04
SteveAphiliKON: ta15:05
philiKONwhich means what in lithuanian?15:05
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VladDracdoes anyone know of an example of running zope3 stuff standalone?15:18
SteveAyou'll have to specify what subset you are interested in15:22
VladDracinterfaces, adapters, utilities, zcml15:22
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VladDrachmm five seems to be a good starting point15:57
VladDracor I could just bug srichter - he knows everything >:)15:57
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philiKONVladDrac, i would look at five16:03
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VladDrachmm, the code example on page 283 in my Zope3 devguide pdf is missing 2 columns16:34
VladDracresulting in 'ass GlobalSmileyTheme'16:34
VladDracI hope this is fixed in the printed version >:)16:34
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srichterVladDrac: I am pretty sure it is; there were several reviews; also SAMS uses very different layout techniques than waht I used to generate the PDF16:52
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* mgedmin stares at AttributeError: 'LocalPAU' object has no attribute 'authenticate'17:53
mgedminthat's what happended when I tried to use a Data.fs file made with rev 28873 with Zope 3 rev 2907317:58
mgedminthe Data.fs file has a local auth utility in ++etc++site17:59
mgedminwas there a recent change without backwards compatibility with existing instances?17:59 was renamed to
mgedminI saw jim's email about that18:03
mgedminhe also said he will add module aliases so that old pickles will continue to work18:03
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mgedminapparently he didn't:18:05
mgedmin<persistent broken instance ...>18:05
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philiKONhe didn't; i don't recall ever saying that he would, though18:06
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philiKONmgedmin, yes, but then in a later mail he said he had done the change w/o providing the aliases since srichter didn't do it either when converting pas to pau18:12
J1mmgedmin, if you need me to, I will, but I'd rather not18:13
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srichterit will make development almost impossible, if we keep BBB even during releases on the trunk18:21
srichterthe risk of working with the trunk is that pickles will break18:21
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srichterfor mgedmin:18:21
srichterit will make development almost impossible, if we keep BBB even during releases on the trunk18:21
srichterthe risk of working with the trunk is that pickles will break18:22
srichterI think this is a reasonable request/assumption...18:22
* mgedmin nods18:24
mgedminhow can I add the module alias myself?18:24
mgedminI'd rather not rm this specific Data.fs18:24
mgedminIIRC there was a zcml directive, wasn't there?18:24
J1myes, but you need more than that.18:25
J1mBecause a class name changed also.18:25
J1msrichter, do you have a recommended way to do this now?18:26
srichterhere is what I did on the branch18:27
srichter(so I think it is not ideal)18:27
srichterI created a module with the old name18:27
srichterand imported the class from the new location18:27
srichterthen I use the deprecated method18:28
srichterso, in this case:18:28
srichtercreate a package called pau18:28
srichtercreate a module called pau.py18:28
srichterfrom import PluggableAuthentication18:29
J1mcreating fake packages is unsatisfactory18:29
srichterPAU = PluggableAuthentication18:29
srichterwell, at least it was a workable solution for the branch18:30
srichterI think a fake package is a million times better than crunching all the BBB code in the new package and creating module aliases (which would not work all the time anyways)18:31
srichterJ1m: you should look at the branch; I think it is very clean there18:31
J1mI've never had a module alias fail for me18:31
J1mI don't want extra packages18:32
J1mHow about this.18:32
J1mHow about this:18:32
J1min, add a module18:32
J1mHave that module create the necessary module and class aliases18:33
J1mhave import that18:33
srichterI tried this at the beginning and I ended up with so many circular imports that I gave up18:34
J1mwhy would create circular imports?18:35
srichterI cannot think of a case off the top of my head; ahh, her is one I think18:36
srichterso will import something else from this package, like a class18:36
srichterbut you call from the file18:36
srichterso it circles around18:37
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srichterbasically, when is read, it is not part of sys.modules18:37
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J1msure it is18:37
srichterso the cannot import anything from this package18:37
srichterwell, try it18:37
srichterI went crazy over this18:37
J1mok, I'll try it18:40
srichtersorry, for not being easily convinced, but I tried for a long time to juggle around, cheat imports, etc. before creating fake packages as a last resort18:41
J1myup, I'm having a similar problem18:48
J1mwe really need a better solution to this problem.18:48
J1mFir now, I'm for hacking the BBB into
J1mFor now, I'm for hacking the BBB into
J1mI really hate the idea of creating extra packages18:49
J1mWe really need a way to fix this at the database level, dagnabit18:50
J1mDag dag nabit18:50
srichterwell, at the DB level we can use generations; no problem there.18:51
J1mI'll ponder this and brainstorm with Tim on Wednesday18:51
J1msrichter, not conveniently, because we can't iterate over the database.18:52
srichterbtw, I will make an announcement today that I am getting ready for the merge18:52
J1mcool (gulp)18:52
srichterJ1m: Right, but I added already a few tools that make it a little bit easier18:52
srichterI have only the database generations stuff left to do18:52
srichter(relatively easy, I think ;-)18:53
J1mMaybe the extra packages aren't so bad18:53
J1mI retrack my objection to them18:53
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regebroHi all!18:56
regebroCould somebody point me to an explanation of multiadapters. I *think* they may be what I need, but I'm not sure. And I don't know how to make them. ;)18:56
regebroA code example of an adapter and it's usage would probably work fine.18:57
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J1mit sure is silly to have the management nav tree on non-management pages20:25
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regebroHmm. I tried to register an adapter (programatically, as this is part of the unit tests), and got a werid error.20:42
regebroThat turned out to be because the register makes tuple(required)20:42
regebroand tuple(IMyInterface) returned a list of the attributes of the Interface.20:43
regebroThat can't be how it's supposed to work, can it? ;)20:43
J1mregister requires a sequence20:43
J1mfro requires20:43
J1mfor requires20:43
J1mYes, that's how it's supposed to work.20:44
J1myou should use component.provideAdapter, and20:44
regebroOK, so that error message should be a bit better, then, register should complain if it doesn't get a sequence, I think. Minor issue, I know...20:44
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J1mif you use component.adapts to say what yoo adapt in the class statement, then you can omit the requires argument to provideAdapter20:45
regebroOK, cool.20:45
J1mHaving those kinds of checks really clutters the code.20:46
J1mHaving those kinds of error checks really clutters the code.20:46
regebroWell, ok, then. ;)20:46
regebroHmm. Is provideAdapter new? I can't seem to find it.20:46
J1myes, see component/README.txt20:47
J1mon the trunk20:47
regebroWell, I'm stuck with 3.0.0, so...20:47
J1mif you are using 3,0, you'll have to use ztapi.provideAdapter20:47
regebroOK, thanks, I'll try that.20:48
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tvonbrain check, the way to use AttributeAnnotation is to call "foo = AttributeAnnotation(instance)" and then just treate 'foo' as a dict?21:35
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tvonwhere instance is IAttributeAnnotatable21:36
J1mYou call annotations = IAnnotations(ob)21:39
J1mThen get particular annotations with an app key:21:39
J1mmydata = annotations[myappkey]21:39
J1mthen mydata is whatever you put into it.21:39
tvonhrm, okay21:42
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SteveAJ1m: thought we were going to use named adapters for annotations22:00
J1mNot that I remember.22:00
J1mI think we may have discussed the idea recently,22:00
J1mOf course, that's still doable.22:01
J1mThat is, you could register a named annotation adapter and use it22:01
SteveAidea was to allow different handlers for different annotation types22:02
J1mI didn't implement it. Did you?22:02
SteveAi still don't particularly use annotations for anything22:03
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J1msrichter, ayt?23:29
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srichterJ1m: yeah23:43
J1msrichter, I'm getting an intermittent functional test failure from apidoc:23:45
J1mFailure in test testInterfaceDetailsView (
J1mTraceback (most recent call last):23:45
J1m  File "/home/jim/p/jicpac/11/src/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/app/apidoc/ifacemodule/", line 49, in testInterfaceDetailsView23:45
J1m    basic='mgr:mgrpw')23:45
J1m  File "/home/jim/p/jicpac/11/src/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/app/tests/", line 377, in checkForBrokenLinks23:45
J1m"%s contains broken links:\n" % path23:46
J1m  File "/usr/local/python/2.3.4/lib/python2.3/", line 270, in fail23:46
J1m    raise self.failureException, msg23:46
J1mAssertionError: /++apidoc++/Interface/ contains broken links:23:46
J1m  /++apidoc++/Interface/ from /home/jim/p/jicpac/11/src/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/app/demo/pageletchooser/browser/firstlevel_pagelet_1/pt/index.html:NotFound: Object: < object at 0xbca6a7cc>, name: u'PageletClass from '23:46
srichtershrug, it seems to not correctly detect the name of the PageletClass class23:47
srichterit thinks it is "PageletClass from"23:48
srichterwhen did this failure start to appear?23:48
J1mIt's probably a stale .pyc file thing23:48
srichterJ1m: did you mess with any directive handlers?23:49
J1mactually, I first saw it after an up in an otherwise clean checkout23:49
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srichterI do not know of any direct solution; if the problem persists, I can look at it23:50
srichterit is certainly an extremly weird one23:50

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