IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-02-13

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srichterbenji_york: are you there?05:30
srichterdo you know how to have a variable in a module that behaves like a descriptor?05:30
benji_yorksrichter, sorry, been AFK06:12
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benji_yorkAs for your question, no.  Descriptors have to be on an instance.  I don't think it is possible to have a discriptor on a module.06:14
benji_yorkYep, I double checked, and descriptors only work with new style classes.06:15
benji_yorkBTW, I was browsing through our local book store and came uppon your book.  I think I'm getting a copy this week and look forward to reading it.06:16
rejjDoes x3 from svn work with python 2.4? (and if not, is there any interest/work in making that happen?)06:24
rejjThe developer documentation on only mentions 2.3.406:25
rejjwhich makes me think that it probably overdue an update, since we now have 2.3.5 :)06:25
benji_yorkrejj, the head works fine with 2.3.5, and the next release should too, but there are still some test failures with 2.4 that noone has had time to address.06:44
rejjWell, I think I'm interested in z3 development.. mainly because I think I'm interested in z3 -usage-, and the best way to get a product I want to use would be to help out.06:46
rejjWould it be worthwhile to tackle this?06:46
benji_yorkSure.  Do you have a current checkout?06:46
rejjNot yet06:46
rejjI was holding off on waiting to hear on if it would work with 2.4 or not :)06:46
rejjDoes z3 do any hidden pythonpath magic, or is it easy enough to point it at different installs to make sure that changes don't break existing compatibility?06:48
benji_yorkIt's pretty easy to redirect.  There are probably docs somewhere on it.06:49
benji_yorkI'd just follow the instructions on the wiki to get started:
benji_yorkWhat OS are you on?06:49
rejjI have access to XP, netbsd, and linux06:50
rejjand probably some others easily enough06:50
benji_yorkOk, it'll probably be easier on Linux, if you're fairly comfortable with it.06:51
benji_yorkRunning non-releases on Windows takes a few more steps.06:51
rejjXP would probably be my first preference, manily because that is what I run on my notebook06:52
benji_yorkThat's OK, the same page has Windows instructions too.06:53
benji_yorkYou'll just have to download Tim's pre-compiled dlls.  Let me find that link.06:53
rejjI have visual studio..06:54
rejjmy day job involves c# hackery :/06:54
benji_yorkOk, if you feel froggy, you can do it yourself.  :)06:54
rejjIs tortoise still the reccomended svn client for windows? Last time I installed it, it did nasty things to SSL06:56
rejjsvn would work, but I could no longer do anything over SSL06:56
rejjuninstalled tortoisesvn, and it worked again.06:56
benji_yorkHmm, that's strange.06:56
rejjI stuck with cvs ever since ;p06:56
benji_yorkI'd just use the command line svn client.06:56
rejjHappened to a collegue as well, so it wasn't just me being a fool ;)06:57
rejjThis was a while ago, however06:57
benji_yorkNo, you both are!  :)06:57
rejjThis is possible ;)06:57
benji_yorkWell, it's midnight and I'm getting up early for church tomorrow, so I need to be going.  If you have any parting shots let me know.06:59
rejjnot as yet. I'll spend a while just getting everything set up06:59
rejjthanks for the pointers06:59
benji_yorkI probably won't be back on IRC until work Monday.06:59
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srichterJ1m: why does a proxy not expose __dict__ of an object?16:49
srichterif a DeprecationProxy is put around a module, proxy.__dict__ == {}16:50
srichterwhich means that no doctests can be found (for example)16:51
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J1msrichter, what sort of proxy are you talking about?17:00
J1msrichter, ping17:09
srichterJ1m: zope.proxy.ProxyBase17:23
srichterI figured out a workaround though17:23
J1mwould you like to know what the problem is?17:28
J1msrichter, would you like to know what the problem is?17:28
srichterI would rather not have this workaround or at least understand why17:32
srichterI guess it has to do with the C Python API17:32
srichterJ1m: yes17:32
J1mYour subclass, by default, provides it's own __dict__ attribute.  This hides the proxied object's __dict__.17:32
J1mThe easiest way to work around this is to use __slots__ to inhibit creation of a __dict__ in your proxy.17:33
srichteroh, ok17:35
srichterthat would work.17:35
srichterI only have one attribute anyways17:36
srichterJ1m: works like a charm!17:37
srichterJ1m: btw, I have successfully converted a fairly complex Data.fs and fixed the deprecation code17:38
srichterso now I only have a couple XXX left to fix and write a couple more deprecation warnings17:38
J1mThis is a monumental task you are finishing.17:38
* philiKON is really looking forward to seeing these changed merged to the trunk17:40
philiKONJ1m, btw, would it be possible to get commit emails for other z3 related projects located in the repository root, e.g. psycopgda, delivered to zope3-checkins?17:41
J1mYes, on a case-by-case basis.17:42
J1mSomeone has to tell me which ones they want.17:43
* J1m needs to figure out a way to automate this.17:43
J1mUnlike CVS, svn doesn't use itself to manage it's admin scripts17:44
philiKONright now i'd say ldap*, psycopgda, mysqldbda, photo17:44
J1mPlease send me email17:44
philiKONat codespeak we have a nice .ini style config file that makes this easy17:44
J1mIs it managed by the repository it controls?17:45
philiKONi'll has holger where he got it17:45
J1mThat's the main problem.17:45
philiKONyou still have to edit it on the server17:45
J1mI'm a bottleneck.17:45
J1mIt doesn't matter what format the configuration is.17:46
J1mI think I can arrange to automate this though.17:46
philiKONyeah, a post-commit hook could alter the configuration file17:46
philiKONso, if a certain part of the repository is changed (IOW, the mailing configuration), the post commit hook script updates the config file17:47
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