IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-02-14

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Tirangood morning08:44
zagymoin Tiran08:46
Tiranhey zagy ;)08:47
TiranI'm waiting for a response to
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Tiranhey SteveA09:19
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SteveABjornT: ping09:52
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TiranI'm still waiting for a response on Has anybody time to verify my code?12:58
J1mI don't have time to review this in detail.13:02
J1mDid you try to reproduce the C API?13:02
J1mHave you verified that the pickles are the same?13:02
Tiranaccording to the unit tests13:02
J1mIn that case, I'm good with it.13:02
Tiranall tests are passing when I remove the c module13:03
Tiranthere is a test for __reduce__(). I think that is a test for the pickle?13:03
J1mYou might try to twist Philipp's arm to take a look at it.13:03
Tiranhehe, good idea :)13:03
J1mSo, if the C and Python version's __reduce__ return the same thing, then that should be good.13:04
J1mThanks for doing this.13:04
Tiranyou're welcome13:05
Tiranit needs some unit testing13:07
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mgedminI heard that is (informally) deprecated, is that right?16:01
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srichterJ1m: does a descriptor know its name in a class instance?16:52
TiranJ1m: I've added pickle tests to i18nmessage16:52
J1msrichter, not unless someone tells it (e.g. in it's constructor)16:57
J1mTiran, cool16:58
srichterJ1m: ok; its not that bad right now; it would be just a nice feature to have anyways16:58
srichterJ1m: I am almost done, btw16:58
srichterso I think today or tomorrow is the day of days :-)16:59
J1mWe'll hold on to our butts. :)16:59
srichterhe he... you better are :-)17:00
J1mPlease make a tag before the merge.17:01
srichterok, will do17:01
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srichterJ1m: I found a bug in your fixed implementedByFallback(cls) function17:42
srichterJ1m: this method assumes that cls is an object that has a name17:43
Tiranhey philiKON :)17:43
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philiKONhi Tiran17:43
srichterbut for some reason that does not seem to be true all the time17:43
philiKONTiran, J1m, haven't got much time, but i was still wondering... when we decided to reimplement Messages as immutable objects, we realized that it had to be a non-python implementation because true immutability cannot be achieved in python, right?17:45
philiKONso, having a fallback impl is always nice, but we should definitely state that it doesn't give you true immutability17:45
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srichterJ1m: I take that back; getattr(cls, '__module__', '?') returns None for lambda functions17:46
philiKONTiran, also, I don't think your Message implementation should derive from MessageID. we want to rid MessageID at some point and unnecessary dependencies on it wouldn't be good then17:47
srichterJ1m: so changing the code to getattr(cls, '__module__', '?') or '?' works17:47
TiranphiliKON: already fixed17:47
J1msrichter, O don't really know what you are talking about.17:48
J1msrichter, I don't really know what you are talking about.17:48
srichterJ1m: :-)17:48
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srichterJ1m: you changed the method implementedByFallback() recently to support all types of callables17:48
srichterJ1m: at some point when you create the specification for the object, you set the name17:49
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philiKONTiran, have you tested whether the C implementation and yours have compatible pickles?17:49
srichterJ1m: there you call getattr(cls, '__module__', '?')17:49
philiKONTiran, i assume the doctest passes for your impl17:49
TiranphiliKON: I've added pickle tests to the last version of my fix17:50
srichterJ1m: this will return None for lambda functions, since they have a '__module__' attribute but with a None value17:50
srichterJ1m: but this call must return a string17:50
srichterJ1m: so I appended `or '?'` to the call, in case it is None17:50
TiranphiliKON: I'm able to pickle and unpickle pyMessage with pyMessage, pyMessage with cMessage and cMessage with pyMessage17:50
philiKONTiran, great17:53
philiKONTiran, then I'm +1 for your impl. the documentation should state the immutability issue though17:53
TiranphiliKON: what about pointing to the message.txt file in the doc string? It should be sufficiant, shouldn't it?17:54
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srichterphiliKON: what is the best way to merge a branch with many changes in SVN?18:26
srichterI made a checkout of the trunk and want to merge the branch into it18:27
srichterbut I need to specify revision numbers18:27
srichterI want to avoid specifying rev numbers, simply because I do not know them18:27
srichterI just want to say: "merge all changes made in the branch onto the trunk"18:28
Tiransrichter: meld?18:28
srichterI guess the simplest approach would be to simply copy the branch? The history should be conserved because I merged all changes from the trunk18:29
srichterTiran: is meld a SVN command?18:29
mgedminsashav, meld is a nice gtk+ app for doing all sorts of merges18:29
Tiranit's a nice diff utility like vimdiff18:29
Tiranpython and wx18:30
srichterdiffs are not the problem!18:30
srichterI can deal nicely with it using the command line tools and Emacs18:30
srichterI want to avoid missing any revisions being merged18:30
srichterand the diff utilities break down anyways, since there are too many changes18:31
srichterJ1m: do you have any suggestion?18:33
srichter(if I cannot find a better solution, I look for the revision in which I first created the branch18:33
gintassvn log --stop-on-copy?18:37
srichterok, so merging does not work, because I temporarly deleted a package and readded it18:37
srichterwhat can I do about that?18:37
srichtergintas: thanks18:38
srichteris there something like a force option?18:38
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srichterok, --ignore-ancestry is the right flag18:42
srichterugh, 73 conflicting files :-(18:46
philiKONsrichter, i know it's too late for this now, but i think for the future one should avoid merging the trunk to a branch and then everything back.18:51
srichterok, but that's really a hard requirement18:51
philiKONit's not18:51
philiKONyou create a branch18:51
philiKONthen you want to see what happens when you merge it18:52
srichterif you have a long living branch, then this is unpractical18:52
philiKONso, you create a new branch off of the trunk18:52
philiKONand merge your branch into this one18:52
philiKONresolve all conflicts18:52
philiKONand merge the 2nd branch to the trunk18:52
srichterI see18:52
philiKONthat way you should only have to resolve conflicts once18:53
srichterright, ok, good to know18:53
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philiKON(assumming of course the conflict resolving branch is short-living in comparison to the original branch)18:54
srichteroh man, this merge will be sooooooooooooo painful; I even get 5 failures in zope.component, which merged fairly well :-(18:54
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J1msrichter, do you still have a question for me?20:21
mgedminwould anyone mind if I updated to use getopt.gnu_getopt instead of getopt.getopt?20:28
mgedmingnu_getopt lets you intermix options and arguments20:28
mgedminI find that I sometimes do ./ -pv foo -1, and -1 is interpreted as a regexp instead of as an option20:28
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benji_yorkHi GaryPoster!21:08
GaryPosterHi benji_york ;-)21:08
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olinghello... is there any way zo do virual hosting insider zope3, without the help of an external (apache) web server? like the virtual host monster in zope221:56
SteveAyou can do it by writing your own HTTPPublisherRequestFactory21:58
SteveAhttp = ServerType(PublisherHTTPServer,21:58
SteveA                  HTTPPublicationRequestFactory,21:58
SteveA                  CommonAccessLogger,21:58
SteveA                  8080, True)21:58
SteveAthat's how the basic http server is defined21:58
SteveAoverride the HTTPPublicationRequestFactory21:59
SteveAto set the virtual host information on that port21:59
srichterJ1m: not yet, but I will later22:00
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olingSteveA: Thx, i hoped there is some more intuitive way. but it's still ZopeX3 and not Zope3 :-)22:10
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SteveAoling: this is actually only a very few lines of code required.22:12
SteveAof course, the hard part is determining exactly which lines you need to write22:13
SteveAI'd estimate around 15 lines of code, and a zcml declaration, and a hook-up in your zope3.conf (or whatever conf file you use)22:14
SteveAand most of those lines of code are just in the imports and subclassing22:15
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mgedminI wrote a short HOWTO on Zope 3 generations22:55
mgedminit is here:
mgedminI'd appreciate any comments (mail them to <>)22:55
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srichteryipee! all tests pass!23:53
projekt01Cool, I'm wonder who much work we have till TIKS is running again.23:53
srichter:-) I guess you will figure this one out soon :-)23:54
projekt01Yeah, Do you merge now?23:54
srichterI am about to, yes23:54
projekt01Great, then we can make a migration session tomorrow23:55
srichterI hope it will nto be too bad23:55
projekt01Perhaps we can try out the generation HOWTO from mgedmin, Thanks marius ;-)23:57

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