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Workbliaif anyone could look at 376 an fix it, he would save me a lot of time00:09
Workbliaissue 376 in zope collector00:09
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_projekt01Workblia, you don't have committ permission on the zope3 trunk?01:26
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srichterJ1m: Is it now possible to compare dicts in doctests?15:46
srichter(I really like how the new apidoc API turns out)15:48
J1mI don't know what you mean.15:49
J1mIt has always been possible to compare dicts in doctests.15:49
J1mDoctest doesn't place any restrictions on comparing dicts.15:49
srichterbut if I do:15:49
srichter>>> {'1': '15:49
J1mAre you asking whether there is a way to consistently show dicts?15:49
srichter>>> {'1': 'one', '2': 'two'}15:50
srichterI cannot expect this order back15:50
srichterbecause items are not ordered15:50
rejjbut you can be explicit about the contents you expect15:50
srichteryes, I guess so :-)15:50
J1mfrom doctest.doctestunit import pprint15:50
srichterahh, I used my own homebrewed one till now15:50
J1mwill sort the dict15:50
srichterthat's what I need15:51
J1mThis simply uses pprint with a widgth of 1.15:51
J1mpprint doesn't sort unless it wraps. :/15:51
rejjpprint has some oddness though15:51
srichteryeah, I remember this discussion15:51
J1mrejj, how so>15:52
J1mrejj, how so?15:52
rejjthe tests that fail under python 2.4 are because layers in a skin come out ordered differently than under 2.315:52
rejjand the test is using pprint15:52
J1mI didn't know we still has tests failing in 2.4.15:53
J1mI didn't know we still had tests failing in 2.4.15:53
rejjthere's a patch in the collector (somewhere, I can't remember the number) to define __lt__ and explicitly call .sort() to resolve this15:53
rejjbut the author stated that they weren't sure this was the optimal solution15:53
rejjTwo tests fail under 2.415:53
srichterbut this was not because of that15:53
J1msrichter, you haven't fixed those yet?15:53
srichterand these two failures were fixed recently15:53
srichternot by my but by the guy who reported them15:54
rejjhow recent? they failed when I checked .. a few days-ish ago15:54
srichterrecently; I dunno when15:55
rejjI guess I should update15:55
srichterJ1m: can I also allow globally to ignore whitespace?16:00
J1mWhat do you mean globally?16:01
srichterright nwo I always say: #doctest:+NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE16:02
J1mYou can pass flags to DocFileSuite16:02
srichterBut I would like this flag on for the entire TXT file16:02
srichteroh, cool16:02
rejjThere seems to be both a "readme.txt" and a "README.TXT" in src/zope/security/16:05
srichteryou are on windows16:06
rejjwhich does not work under windows16:06
srichterdelete them both and update16:06
rejjsvn update complains16:06
srichterthere is only one16:06
srichterit's just Windows that sucks16:06
rejjit restores readme.txt, and then fails on README16:06
srichterno way, readme.txt is gone16:06
rejjit's restoring it.16:06
srichterwell, then the Windows SVN client sucks16:07
srichterdelete the entire security dir16:07
rejjthat worked16:09
rejjI guess README.TXT must have been added while readme.txt still existed16:10
rejjheh, my first collector submission.16:39
rejjprobably wasn't even worthy of using collector, but I'm not sure what other methods exist16:39
srichterrejj: don't you have checkin rights?16:45
srichterYou should get them :-)16:45
rejjNot unless anon can checkin (which I'm sure is not possible)16:46
srichterso why don't you get them, if you plan to hang around for a while?16:46
rejjHmmm... I guess I'm still evaluating. :)16:47
rejjWhen I find myself doing something more substantial than fixing spelling errors, I'll apply for rights16:47
srichterspelling fixes are also very important16:49
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rejjare there any issues in the collector that would be appropriate for someone attempting to learn/get started?17:31
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rejjIt's hard for me to judge what's involved for most of them presently.17:32
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tarek_palawas lower case notation for modules that contains a class was introduced by Zope 3 or it's more likelyto be a change in python code style ?18:34
mgedmintarek_pala, PEP 8 recommends lower case names for modules18:50
mgedminsome older modules in the Python standard library do not follow that convention18:50
mgedminbut all newer ones do18:50
tarek_palamgedmin: ok thx18:52
tarek_palain pep 8 guido make a difference between two cases :18:52
tarek_palalibrary-style modules, that are lower case18:53
tarek_palaand class module, that has the same name as the class18:53
tarek_palain caps18:53
tarek_palain zope 2 those "class modules " are CapsWords18:54
tarek_palanot in Z318:55
tarek_palaso i was wondering if this was specific to zope 318:55
mgedminah, it's been a while since I last read PEP-818:55
mgedminthere was a great namegeddon in zope 318:56
tarek_palawell, that's how i understood it, since i'm french, i'm not sure at all18:56
mgedminpeople decided that there were too many modules and they were nested too deeply18:56
mgedmincode was full of imports like from import SomeName18:56
mgedminso zope 3 sources were restructured to use a flatter module hierarchy18:56
mgedminand dropped the 'one class in one module' rule18:57
mgedminso you could say there are no more "class modules" in zope 318:57
mgedminand if you find a module that contains only one class, it's just a coincidence18:57
mgedminthere simply weren't any other classes/functions that needed to go together18:57
tarek_palaok, very interesting18:57
tarek_palathx for this explanatuon mgedmin18:58
rejjWhat's the rule deciding when the classes should be grouped into the same module?18:58
tarek_palaimho, i split thing when module gets too big19:00
tarek_palabut this is a bad rule i guess :)19:00
mgedminthat's the same one I use ;)19:01
mgedminunless classes are clearly unrelated19:01
rejjI would tend to do it based on how tightly coupled the classes are19:01
rejjbut I was just wondering if anything had been formalised for z3 dev somewhere19:02
rejjI don't really like the one-class-in-one-module rule, personally. If I create a (for example) custom container class, that holds custom items (and raises its own exceptions), I'd put the container class, item class, and exceptions in the same module. (assuming it made no sense to define one of those items outside the context of that container)19:03
tarek_palai think the efficiency of how it is organized is told by how messy are the import section19:05
tarek_palazope 3 is a model on this19:05
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J1msrichter, ayt?20:11
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projekt01Workblia, did the fix from last night solve your problem?23:54
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