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projekt01Is somebody using ListWidget, TupleWidget or SequenceWidget?00:20
projekt01srichter, Did you know that the SequenceWidget is broken! Need your suggestion for a solution! Or is anybody listen with skills to discuss this here?00:55
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projekt01J1m, Ah I got someone where I can ask. ;-) Did you see that the ListWidget Is broken?01:00
J1mAre there tests failing? Or are there no tests?01:02
projekt01Dman did change the constructor attributes to work with CoustomWidgetFactory at 15.1.1005 in the SequenceWidget01:02
projekt01No he changed the tests too01:02
projekt01Should I fix it?01:02
J1mThat would be great. :)01:03
projekt01Hes target was to use a simply constructor for working with (sel, context, request, subwidget) but it's a multi adapter01:03
projekt01With (self, context, field request, subwidget)01:03
J1mI don't really follow that.01:04
projekt01Ok, should I add a CustomSequenceWidgetFactory ?01:04
J1mI don't know.  You may know better than I.  I'd have to study the code and I don't have time now.01:04
projekt01Ok, I will fix it and write a mail later to the list how we can use custom widget factory with sequence.01:05
J1mI haven't kept up with the custom widget work.01:06
J1mI've got to go.01:06
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rejjis anyone alive?15:04
rejjtoo late, heh15:17
rejjI was trying to enter a follow-up to an issue in the collector15:17
rejjI've registered an account and logged in, but it still wouldn't let me15:18
rejjI guess that's a permissions issue15:18
rejjso I just mailed z3-dev instead15:18
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srichterphiliKON: what was the preferred way again to call macros?15:40
srichterview/macroname or context/@@macroname ?15:41
rejjHmmm. is the zope3-dev list moderated?15:43
philiKONbut you have to be subscribed in order to be able to post15:49
rejjI am.15:49
rejjbut I haven't seen my mail come back to me yet through the list15:49
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rejjaha. error on my end. heh16:08
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projekt01Do you mean, the select box misses the id attribute in the tag?16:43
projekt01Do you = Workblia or somebody-else16:44
Workblia<select name="field.recurrence_type" size="1" >16:45
projekt01In wich use case, within a Chioce Field?16:45
Workblia<input class="textType" id="field.title" name="field.title" size="20" type="text" value=""  />16:45
projekt01Where can I see this as a example?16:45
Workbliaa sex16:46
Workbliaa sec16:46
Workbliaall widgets inheriting from ItemsEditWidgetBase should miss it16:46
projekt01Do you have a sample in the ZMI?16:47
Workbliaset of choices in schema16:48
Workblianot a set of choises16:48
Workbliajust a Choice16:48
Workbliawith a vocabulary16:48
projekt01Do you know a sample schema which uses a choice and produce this selectbox?16:49
projekt01I think there is another bug with Set field described by Jim, but that's another thing.16:49
projekt01I will check it and fix it.16:49
Workbliaprojekt01, i know of that bug, i fixed it, marius commited it (at least part of that set bug)16:49
Workbliathe part that was geting in my way16:50
projekt01Is the Set field fixed?16:50
Workblianot exactly16:50
Workbliato much to fix there16:50
Workbliaat least you can use a Set of Choises now16:51
Workbliaand it kind of works16:51
Workbliaas much as i tested16:51
projekt01Hm, I like to fix all widget bugs now.16:52
projekt01But I have to know more about this bug.16:52
projekt01What exactly can't we do with a Set field?16:53
projekt01Or better what was the problem before and after marius fix?16:53
projekt01And what's still missing?16:53
projekt01Do you have time to explain?16:54
Workbliawell the small fix that was made16:54
Workbliafixed issue - the field was expecting a set16:54
Workbliaand was given a list16:54
Workbliaso it would stay invalid all the time16:55
Workbliaa small def in the right place fixed it16:55
Workbliayet what was noticed -16:55
Workblia1 of the three multi value widgets is not used/tested anywhere at all16:55
Workbliano zcml for it too16:56
Workbliathe other two are poorly tested16:56
Workbliathey are rendered yet no one tries to pass values to them and see whether they would work in  a form16:56
Workbliaand there are 3 proposals about fixing the widgets16:56
Workbliaso some of the tasks are described in there16:57
Workbliayet some are not16:57
Workbliakind of - no consistency, lack of discipline, and lack of use because everyone who tries using widgets decides that writing custom ones is easier than debuging zope ones ;)16:58
projekt01I agree, we really have to cleanup the widgets part in z3. I totaly not happy with the situation right now.16:58
projekt01I started already writing Style Guide in the onlinehelp16:59
projekt01Or better say I added templates for writting Style Guides16:59
projekt01Next step whould be to cleanup the widgets part16:59
projekt01I really need all help which I can get.17:00
Workbliathe part that seems difficult to me is - i don't know how should they work if they would work in a right way ...17:00
projekt01I'm able to fix this part but I have to know what's wrong.17:00
Workbliawidgets are wrong, and nobody seems to know how should they be ;)17:00
projekt01Please start writting mails to the dev list if you see little mistakes or inconsistent widgets.17:01
projekt01What do you mean with widgets are wrong?17:01
Workbliawell i tried using them (though my coleagues tried to convince me that i should not try ;)17:01
Workbliaand i encountered a lot of problems in - crossvalidation17:02
Workbliatesting widget code17:02
Workbliaand som ebugy widgets17:02
projekt01Do you mean XHTML validation? Or what do you mean with crossvaildation17:03
Workbliaif checkbox1 is checked then fields a,b,c are required17:03
Workbliaa) widget has a required field which is not used17:03
Workbliab) widgets have no nice way of seting their error17:04
Workbliayou can set self.date_widget.required = True17:04
Workbliaand it will have no effect whatsoever17:04
Workbliabacause widget is using self.context.required instead17:05
projekt01Errors, this is propossed in the proposal? Right?17:05
Workbliayes it is porposed in one of the proposals17:05
projekt01Uhhh, What you describe is really bad, I know there are some bugs, but I didn't realized, that there are so many17:05
projekt01Can you add some issuse in the bug tracker? I pormisse to solve the problems!!!17:06
projekt01Or at least can you send ma a mail with describing or give some hints?17:06
projekt01About the bugs17:06
Workbliawell I don't know which parts are the bugs17:07
Workbliathe code seems raw and untested17:07
projekt01No, I mean just describe what's not correct17:07
projekt01It's ok if you can describe, that some tags are not valid or you missing some id's etc17:08
projekt01I will checkin another fix for the broken SequenceWidget, ListWidget and TupleWidget17:10
projekt01All of them are broken17:10
projekt01Waht do you think about to add a demo with a class and interface/schema where all fields are used?17:10
projekt01Waht, what17:11
projekt01In the package?17:12
projekt01Then we can write functional tests for testing the demo edit.html view17:12
Workbliawould be kind of nice17:13
projekt01I think that's the quickest way for find out which widget is working17:14
projekt01And then we can fix the widgets step by step and refactoring the proposals17:14
projekt01Implement the proposals17:14
projekt01Ok, I think I add a demo17:15
Workbliaand give me your mail ;)17:15
projekt01Dev at or roger at projekt01.ch17:16
Workbliaso i could send you a short summary of the problems i have encountered (and can remember at the moment)17:16
projekt01Great, that would be very nice and welcome17:16
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projekt01mgedmin, we, Workblia and I were talking about widgets/bugs, he was talking about a Set bug?17:24
projekt01Do you know something about it?17:24
mgedminI was just reading the irc logs17:26
mgedminI wanted to say that I did not commit anything widget-related to zope 3 last week17:26
mgedminWorkblia sent me a patch, but I didn't have the time to look at it yet17:26
projekt01mgedmin, and what do you think about to add a demo which uses all widgets in
projekt01Can you send me the patch17:26
mgedminthe set bug, I believe, is
projekt01Ok, I see17:27
* mgedmin looks17:28
mgedminthe patch is really simple17:28
mgedminit adds two lines to class MultiSelectWidget17:28
mgedmin+    def _toFieldValue(self, input):17:28
mgedmin+        return sets.Set(ItemsMultiEditWidgetBase._toFieldValue(self, input))17:28
mgedminand an 'import sets' at the top17:28
mgedminthere are no unit tests :-/17:28
* Workblia hides under a big def ...17:29
Workbliathe test that test for the bug - breaks other widgets17:30
Workbliaand the test for the function would be ducktape + cover17:30
* Workblia hides under the def again17:31
projekt01Ok, I will take a look at this17:32
projekt01Where is a Set used?17:33
* Workblia looking17:37
Workbliaduno if it will help yet i can give some directions ... Zope3/src/zope/schema/tests/test_setfield.py17:39
Workbliathe first test17:39
Workbliatests for input being a Set, and later after tracing a lot i found where the sets should be generated (_toFieldValue)17:40
Workbliathe bug was - a list was being generated from the form inputs instead of a Set17:40
projekt01Ok, I have to go, I will check it later, please send me mails if you see more widgets problems. Thanks a lot.17:45
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* mgedmin was reading zcml sources and noticed that you can <include> the same package more than once without getting errors18:45
* mgedmin is pleasantly surprised18:45
philiKONmgedmin, you can import the same *file* more than once actually18:47
mgedminthe other day I was dreaming about dependency management for packages18:48
mgedminsay, package foo.x needs package foo.common18:48
mgedminand package foo.y needs package foo.common18:48
mgedminI thought that if I added <include package="foo.common" /> in both foo.x's and foo.y's configure.zcml files, I'd get errors18:48
mgedminso I had to copy like seven different zcml slugs into package-includes when deploying the foo app18:49
philiKONjim changed the zcml machinery to allow importing a file several times18:50
* mgedmin is about to commit the implementation of <meta:provides feature="apidoc" /> and <foo zcml:condition="has apidoc" ...>18:50
philiKONabout 6 months ago :)18:50
mgedminI would like to test it functionally before committing18:50
mgedminwhich package currently breaks if I remove apidoc?18:51
philiKONwhy don't you find out by removing the slug? ;)18:51
mgedmindo you think I should commit a usage example as well?19:01
mgedminI mean, meta:provides in apidoc's meta zcml and zcml:condition="have apidoc" in zwiki and bugtracker's configure.zcml files19:01
philiKONmgedmin, why not?19:02
* mgedmin nods19:02
philiKONi think z3 shoudl definitely be looked through for things like that19:02
philiKONapidoc, onlinehelp, etc...19:02
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bskahanI'm trying to map an annotation to something easily usable from tal20:12
bskahancreated an interface for an object to be stored in the annotation and added a property for it to the object to be annotated20:15
bskahanfrom the python interpreter, everything seems kosher, sets/gets, etc20:15
bskahanobj.anot.val1 works fine20:16
bskahanfrom tal I can get to obj.anot no problem, but tyring to get to val1 raises a "ForbiddenAttribute" error20:17
bskahanany ideas what would raise that?20:18
srichtermgedmin: hey, what does the name in feature do?20:24
srichternothing? is it just for XML compliance?20:24
srichtermgedmin: nevermind20:25
philiKONbskahan, it's not really common practice to expose annotations through attribute20:30
philiKONbskahan, usually, adapters that use annotations on objects, like IZopeDublinCore, are *trusted* adapters20:31
philiKONbskahan, which means they work with non-security-wrapped objects but have security declarations for themselves20:31
bskahanphiliKON: thanks, I'll look at DC20:32
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