IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-02-23

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mgedminUnauthorized shows me the attribute and permission01:23
mgedmine.g.     Unauthorized: ('__getitem__', 'zope.View')01:23
mgedmincould it show me the object too?01:23
mgedminwish:    Unauthorized: (<....Foo object at ...>, '__getitem__', 'zope.Whatever')01:23
J1mok w me01:25
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philiKONmgedmin, +101:26
mgedminsrc/zope/security/_zope_security_checker.c, line 9801:27
mgedmin      r = Py_BuildValue("OO", name, permission);01:28
mgedminI guess it needs to be changed to01:28
mgedmin      r = Py_BuildValue("OOO", object, name, permission);01:28
J1mIt's not that simple01:29
philiKONmgedmin, python impl. needs to be changed too01:29
J1mI think that exception has a specific constructor01:29
* mgedmin looks01:30
J1mYou don't want to screw up existing clients of the exception.01:30
philiKONJ1m, Unauthorized is just a dumb subclass of Exception01:30
J1mhm, ok01:30
mgedminyes, no special constructors01:30
J1mwhat about the exception view?01:30
mgedminI should check if any views touch Unauthorized.args, though01:30
philiKONthe default one doesn't use them01:31
philiKONbut maybe the one in the debug layer01:31
philiKONheh, it only does   <p tal:content="context"/>01:31
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mgedminok, later01:34
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mgedminphiliKON, are you traveling between Mexico and Phillipines all the time?02:47
mgedminsrc/zope/component/README.txt has DOS-style line endings and no svn:eol-style property, this causes a ValueError in doctest02:54
philiKONmgedmin, *grin* :)02:54
philiKONmgedmin, ouch, but i guess that's easy to fix with recode and the svn property02:55
mgedminouch, it also used 2.4 pythons @decorator syntax02:56
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mgedminwaah, the diff is unreadable:
mgedminI committed the Unauthorized change02:59
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philiKONsrichter, you have auto-props enabled for eol-style?03:18
srichterlet me check03:18
philiKONi think zope.componet/README.txt was added by your blow-services, right?03:18
philiKONEgon supposedly changed something ("Prompt added") which seemed to invoke the windows line endings03:18
srichterno, auto props are off03:19
srichterwhat do I need to do?03:19
philiKONenable auto-props in general03:19
philiKONand then set svn:eol-style="native" for *py *txt *zcml03:20
philiKONegon added a >>> prompt for the 2.4 decorator syntax03:23
philiKONdamn, i don't have recode installed03:24
philiKONah, you can do it in emacs03:25
philiKONsrichter, should i fix this?03:26
philiKONwe need to go through the z3 sources and set svn:eol-style on all text files03:27
philiKONbasically do svn propset svn:eol-style native *py *zcml *txt *pt in every directory03:27
srichtercan you auto-do this?03:27
philiKONi can try03:29
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__gotcha /msg NickServ IDENTIFY celodor03:38
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philiKONsrichter, ok, i'm having a simple shell script run over my workingcopy03:49
philiKONphilipp@bender:~/dev/Zope3/src/zope$ svn st03:49
philiKON M     app/component/fields.py03:49
philiKONthat's all :)03:49
* philiKON wonders about new stuff like pytz, or stuff like zwiki03:50
philiKONpytz is ok03:50
philiKONsrichter, btw, still working ont he bugtracker?03:51
srichterhave not in a long time03:52
srichterI have been busy with apidoc lately03:52
srichtercool changes about to arrive03:52
philiKONi think my script wasn't working right03:53
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philiKONi was just wondering coz it's been sitting there for some time now...03:54
DamascenephiliKON:  you are in europe?03:55
Damascenewow, so it's about 3 AM there?03:55
philiKONsrichter, ok, all checked in now04:00
philiKONdamn, as a committer you know have to be subscribed to z3-checkins in order for your commit email to be delivered to the list04:03
philiKONi subscribed as but checkin messages get sent as so they were held for approval04:04
philiKONanyway, i'm off to bed04:04
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philiZZZmgedmin, i found your entry in CHANGES.txt a little bit misleading. it's really not a feature of the unauthroized exception to show the objecdt but of the Attribute CHecker... other place where Unauthorized is thrown, it doesn't show anything at all13:34
mgedminphiliZZZ, true13:36
mgedmincan you suggest a better wording?13:36
philiZZZ"WHen raising the Unahtorized exception, the security checker now passes the object in question in addition to the attribute name and missiing permission. This should make debugging easier."13:39
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mgedminI'll take the libery of replacing "WHen" with "When", though ;)13:42
philiZZZyeh, a couple of typos in there :)13:42
* philiZZZ wakes up13:42
* philiZZZ philiKON13:42
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philiKONthere we are13:42
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mgedminboo, when I try to profile the tests of my z3 app, I get an assertion error in /usr/lib/python2.3/hotshot/stats.py14:53
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zagymgedmin: I had those too, until upgrading to python 2.3.514:55
* mgedmin checks14:56
mgedminI'm running 2.3.5 here14:57
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regebroHmmm.... Right now, I'm trying to do a "read-only" field that has it's data set in update, and not from a form.15:50
regebroDoes that even make sense?15:50
regebro...not from a form inut I should say...15:50
* regebro has had too little cofee.15:51
philiKONso, it gets updated on edit but it doesn't have a widget rendered?15:52
regebroWell, it has a widget (or will have) but you can't edit that widget.15:52
regebroInstead, I want the widget to change depending on the values of the other fields.15:53
regebroHmmm. Think if it as a search form, and what I'm trying to do is a result widget. ;)15:53
philiKONhmmm. ok15:54
philiKONyou could mock this up as an input widget15:54
philiKONthat gathers its data from other field inputs15:54
philiKONit's not "kosher" but it should do what you want15:54
regebroYou can't get that data from the widget code if I understand it?15:55
regebroInstead I'd update the fields data during the views update(), I imagine?15:55
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Workbliawhat is the standart procedure of signing the contributors agreement ?16:07
Workbliai mean whom shold i send it to ?16:07
Workbliai got it on paper and in png now16:07
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J1mYou can email me the png.
J1mOf course, the agreement itself has mailing instructions.16:19
J1mYou did read the agreement, right? :)16:19
Workbliait doesn't say anything about the email part ;)16:23
Workbliaand will you handle a 400kb png16:24
Workbliaor should i give you the link to it ?16:24
J1mjust email it16:25
rejjDid you get a chance to think about what I asked the other day, J1m?16:26
rejjre, non-urgent work that would be appropriate for learning how/where to dive into z316:27
J1mSorry, no16:28
J1mActually, srichter might be a better person to ask.16:28
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srichterrejj: there are several cleanup nd UI tasks to do16:31
srichtercleanup: Ensure that all modules are restructured text16:32
srichtercleanup: Update the headers to 2005 (we have a script)16:32
srichterUI: you should coordinate with Roger (projekt01 on IRC)16:32
srichterrejj: other than that, do you have an area you are more knowledgable in than others? like i18n, rest, ...16:34
srichterrejj: oh, another task would be to support an "order" attribute for online help topics16:35
rejjThat's hard to judge without knowing how knowledgable everyone else is ;)16:35
srichterthen topics would not be sorted by name but take the order into account first16:35
rejjI'm interested in learning how the core works and fits together, but I guess anything is good as a start16:36
srichterwell, I don't want to compare yourself to other people but compare your knowledge among topics you know16:36
srichterwell, if you want to get to know the core, write a README.txt for the Publisher API16:36
srichteri.e. zope.publisher, and zope.publication16:36
srichterthis is probably the oldest issue in the collector :-)16:37
rejjBut also a bit of a Catch 22, surely16:37
rejjTo be able to write it, I'd first need to go read something that would probably have what the contents of that README would want to be ;)16:37
WorkbliaJ1m, you got new mail ;)16:38
srichterwell, actually I can give you a starting point and while you learn you write your ideas down16:38
srichterwe help you correct it16:38
rejjthat sounds workable16:39
srichterrejj: this way you get a lot of feedback and you are constantly corrected16:39
srichteryes, it is the oldest issue (Issue 10)16:39
rejjheh, since 200216:41
srichteryes, this issue had been issued right after we rewrote the framework to use the component architecture, but noone got around doing the docs later16:41
regebrorejj: One thing that slowly teaches you how Zope3 internals work is extending Five.16:42
regebroThat's what I have been doing.16:42
regebroHmm. I have a widget and a field now that is a "mocked up" input widget. So far so good.16:43
regebroBut what is the actual "correct" way to get that data when I render?16:44
regebroI can find the data in widget.context.context.adapted.<fieldname>, but that's just silly...16:44
srichterthe widget should do all this for you16:45
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regebroYes, but how?16:46
regebroaha, found it.  _getFormValue()16:48
regebroEverything is so split up on millions of little bits and pieces it's darn near impossible to find anything...16:49
srichterregebro: I think I will implement a general browser:form directive this  or next week; then most of this should not be necessary anymore16:50
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regebroThat might help a bit. (I'd still need to implement the widget, I guess.)16:52
regebro In any case, for this for it's actually quite nice to have an editform.16:52
regebroI create a little "helper object" by adapting my object to a helper interface, and the helper objects contain the methods that the form needs.16:53
regebroKeeps the main object less cluttered.16:53
srichteryou can actually do this using an adapter16:54
regebroWell, I am. or what you do mean with "this"?16:54
srichterfor the editform you can specify for which interface the editform is for but specify a different interface for the edit form16:54
regebroExactly what I'm doing. Very nice.16:55
srichterthe adapter from the "for" to the "schema" interface is automatically looked up16:55
srichteroh ok.16:55
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tarek_hello, I have a question about installers :17:00
tarek_I have a Five Product that i need to run an installation process, so i do it the CMF way . Is there any thing / principle in Zope 3 that can be used yet to prepare my product for future migration ? (apis, interfaces, philosophy)17:03
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srichtertarek_: don't use services directly; don't use presentation API (use adapter API instead)17:12
tarek_srichter: ok, I will focus on that17:13
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philiKONsrichter, that's not really useful advice if you're working with X3.0 (which Five requires)19:09
philiKONyou can't just substitute a getView class with a getMultiAdapter19:09
srichterthat's sad19:12
srichterso the semantics in Five are different :-(19:12
* tarek_ has a hard time to make choices in his Five product, especially in this subject19:13
tarek_when i start to code things to make it work in my CMF env. i try to keep in mind "do it as muche zope3-ish you can" but....19:14
philiKONsrichter, no19:15
philiKONsrichter, they're not19:15
philiKONsrichter, they're like X3.019:15
philiKONX3.0 has two separate services... Presentation and Adapters19:15
philiKONso, Five has that too19:15
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philiKONtarek_, the installation stuff that CMF needs you'll have to replicate in your Five-based product, too... some things can't just be done the z3 way, especially when it's about pleasing an older framework's wishes (e.g. CMF initialization)19:17
tarek_philiKON: ok.19:17
* tarek_ will look upon the setup framework in the future Z3 CMF / hoping that this will be thaught and done on the first steps19:19
tarek_install -> setup19:19
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mgedminum, am I stupid, or does OrderedMultiSelectWidget completely ignore setRenderedValue?22:09
* mgedmin peering at the source22:09
mgedminsetUpEditWidgets works with this widget -- or so I assume, seeing that Pluggable Auth Utility edit form uses it22:10
mgedminsetUpWidgets(..., initial={...}) doesn't22:10
* mgedmin prepares to file a bug22:10
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* mgedmin finds the names of doctest option flags extremely hard to remember22:58
srichtermgedmin: yeah; I alsways activate NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE these days, so I can copy and paste23:11
srichterand ELLIPSIS finally sticks23:11
srichtermore I don't need23:11
mgedminREPORT_NDIFF is sometimes useful23:15
mgedminbut yeah, I also primarily use NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE and ELLIPSIS23:15
mgedminwhy can't I comment out >>> lines in doctests?23:25
mgedminif I write #>>> foo, I get an "inconsistent leading indentation" error23:25
srichterPut them at the beginning of the line23:26
srichterthe # I mean23:26
srichteralso put an empty line before the comment23:26
mgedmindoesn't work23:26
mgedminactually, I'm wrong23:26
mgedminsince there was no empty line after >>>, the next line is supposed to be either a statement, or output23:26
mgedmin>>> #foo works though ;)23:26
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mgedminit is a pity that -1 is ignored when I explicitly specify doctest options in test_suite()23:32
srichterdarn :-(23:34

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