IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-02-24

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fdrakesrichter: can I make a suggestion for z.a.apidoc?00:47
srichterplease, please, please00:47
fdrakethere should be a meta.zcml and configure.zcml at the top (z.a.apidoc), and "interested" configurations should be able to include those00:47
fdrakebut they should never need to reach down deeper (like into the old classmodule package)00:48
srichtercan do00:48
fdrakethat way the package can continue to evolve but other prods are less sensitive to internal matters00:48
fdrake(yes, I just got bit by an update)00:48
srichterno problem00:50
fdrakeit looks like that would be a good place for the 'provides' as well01:03
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srichterfdrake: yeah, I have to do the entire feature thing stiil01:18
srichterI also have to move the book chapter registrations to the right packages01:18
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srichtermexiKON: still around?02:44
mexiKONsrichter, little bit03:48
mexiKON2 minutes03:48
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srichteractually I just went ahead03:48
srichterI thought of a very cool preferences system03:49
srichteruser preferences that is03:49
srichterand I was wondering whether there would be enough interest to have it in zope.app03:49
srichterright now I am developing it for apidoc03:49
philiKONwill there be a proposal?03:51
srichternope :-)03:53
srichterno time for that03:53
Damascenenothing wrong with the "just do it" model.  ;)03:53
srichterI agree03:54
DamascenephiliKON:  he can do the proposal afterwards!  ;)03:54
srichterright now I strongly believe in "the first time you get it wrong anyways"03:54
Damascene"hey guys like this idea?  yeah?  okay it's done.  here."03:54
philiKONjust do it is great for smaller things. not sure how big this thing is supposed to be03:56
philiKONi guess for apidoc it's ok03:56
philiKONif this is supposed to become a standard for zope3, i'd like to see a proposal03:56
srichterespecially since we have no experience with the subject03:56
philiKONplone poeple have lots03:56
philiKONthat's even more of a reason to write proposals03:56
Damasceneactually zope3's dev team has been workign with the plone group, havent' they?03:57
DamascenephiliKON:  hmm true.  they can spot out problems fromthe get-go if they already have such a system.03:57
Damasceneso it's kind of ships inthe night, but you do a look-see and say good idea and incorporate it?03:57
Damascenekind of like ships in the night03:57
philiKONdunno what that is03:58
srichterphiliKON: but I think Zope 3 offers some cool opportunities that were impossible before03:58
philiKONmaybe so03:59
philiKONotoh, other people have lots of experience that we don't have03:59
philiKONplone, cps, silva people... there out there. they actually deal with "users"... and i'm talking about 60 year old secretaries for crying out loud03:59
srichterI think I am much more interested in the low-level part of all of this04:00
srichterI do not care too much about the UI04:00
philiKONthat's probably true04:00
philiKONi don't mean to pee on your parade04:00
* philiKON is tired04:00
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srichtergood night04:02
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bskahangary poster's mail to zope3-dev list mentions some problem with pickling UTC and pytz06:18
bskahananyone know what problem he's referring to?06:19
srichternope, but just try it yourself in the python prompt :-)06:25
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Damasceneifyou say morning, i know i'm up too late haha08:50
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robohello, i installed ZopeX3 and got 1 failure when running the test after make11:20
robomay i just continue, or is it something critical?11:21
roboI want to test the Five Product later on and don´t want to have a malefunctional server, i think i am not able to fix this myself or at least i would need lot´s of help, it is my first approach to Z311:26
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vladozdaemon is not required by five, so go ahead11:33
robo^^ oki thanks a lot, now i am happy :)11:33
robojust want to have that good feeling of clean install ^^11:34
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roboschreib mal ne mail und bedank dich, das endlich mal wieder was los ist, wir würden uns dann mal revanchieren17:24
robosorry that was wrong channel, it´s somewhat chaotic here at the moment17:25
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mgedminstrange: if I replace a doctest output line that consists entirely of <BLANKLINE> with a line that consists entirely of ..., that test fails (and yes, I have ELLIPSIS enabled)23:12
mgedminI assume ... never matches an empty string23:13
mgedminso 'foo\n\nbar' is not acceptable when I expect 'foo\n...\nbar'23:14
mgedminanyway, can I raise an exception to cause a redirect without rendering the whole page?23:15
mgedminI see publisher tracebacks that end with "error: (32, 'Broken pipe')"23:16
mgedminand I assume they are caused by Firefox closing the http channel as soon as it sees a redirect23:16
J1m|awayanybody else getting a test failure on the trunk?23:29
mgedminJ1m|away, which test?23:33
* mgedmin wonders why ++etc++site is not available in his stripped-down z323:34
J1m|awayThe new zapi test23:35
J1m|awayTraceback (most recent call last):23:35
J1m|away  File "/home/jim/z3/3/src/zope/app/zapi/", line 26, in test_izapi23:35
J1m|away    self.assert_(verifyObject(zapi.interfaces.IZAPI, zapi))23:35
J1m|away  File "/home/jim/z3/3/src/zope/interface/", line 96, in verifyObject23:35
J1m|away    return _verify(iface, candidate, tentative, vtype='o')23:35
J1m|away  File "/home/jim/z3/3/src/zope/interface/", line 51, in _verify23:35
J1m|away    raise DoesNotImplement(iface)23:35
J1m|awayDoesNotImplement: An object does not implement interface <InterfaceClass>23:35
J1m|awaywhat's weird is that if I just run that test, it passes23:36
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mgedminJ1m, I see that too23:43
J1mThe deprecation proxy is hiding the interface declaration :(23:44
J1msrichter, ayt?23:44
J1mIf I run just that test, the deprecation proxy must not be in place.23:44
* J1m tries23:44
srichterJ1m: in amoment23:45
J1mNo, it's there then too.23:45
J1mweird, there's a deprecation proxy in both cases, but when I run all of the tests, the proxy hids the interface declaration23:47
srichterJ1m: back23:53
J1mwe have a failing test on the trunk23:54
J1mIt is very odd though23:54
srichternot because of me :-) It must have been Amos23:54
J1mAmos, but it's somehow related to deprecation proxies.23:54
J1mHe wants to veryfy that zapi provides IZAPI23:55
J1mThe deprecation proxy is sometimes hiding this.23:56
J1mIt feels as though some other test is doing something to deprecation proxies that is somehow changing their behavior.23:56
srichtermmh, that does not ring a bell23:56
srichtertry running all tests but zope.deprecation23:57
srichtermmh, I remember the hiding problem, but I thought I fixed that with the __slots__ stuff23:58
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