IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-02-26

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* mgedmin can't fathom ++etc++site00:18
srichteralga: you have to make adpaters that use annotations trusted00:18
srichteralga: then the context and thus the annotations are unproxied00:18
mgedminsrichter, there are no adapters, just an <editform>00:18
srichterbut you have a subscriber, right?00:19
mgedminthere is a default subscriber somewhere, afaiu00:19
mgedminI'll let alga talk, I think00:19
srichter(you can actually look at the DC subscribers how they do it)00:19
algait is in
srichteryou see how the ZDCAnnotatableAdapter is trusted?00:20
srichterso its context will be unproxied00:20
srichterbut you have to make security assertions on the adapter then00:21
algathat's the bug00:21
srichtermmh, this would be a good question for Jim00:21
algawhat about unwrapping though?00:22
algaseems like the right thing to do to me00:22
srichterit would be considered a hack00:22
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srichterbut Jim is more knowledgable and unwrapping let''s you procede00:23
algashould I chase up Jim then?00:23
srichterpoint him to the bug report00:24
* mgedmin understands that ++etc++site gave him 404 errors because getattr(..., None) hid the ForbiddenAttribute error for getSiteManager00:25
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tvonIt's not working08:10
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mgedminI just realized why 'foo\n...\nbar' in my doctest does not match 'foo\n\nbar' in the output18:09
mgedminit's the interaction between ELLIPSIS_MATCH and NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE18:09
mgedminNORMALIZE_WHITESPACE converts the real output to 'foo bar' and my expectation to 'foo ... bar'18:09
mgedmin_ellipsis_match() then returns False18:10
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srichterahh, I see18:15
srichtergood detective work18:15
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mgedminis raising Redirect a good idea?23:05
mgedminok, it is *not* a good idea23:06
mgedmintal:on-error catches it23:06
mgedminand the publisher shows the standard "An error occured" page23:07
mgedmininstead of redirecting23:07
mgedminmust I live with a bunch of spurious "error: (32, 'Broken pipe')" tracebacks cluttering my error log?23:08
mgedminthough I suppose I can hide them if I play with my logging configuration...23:09
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SteveAthe publisher shouldn't really worry about broken pipes23:24
mgedminI'd be happier if it didn't23:29
mgedminhere's how a typical traceback looks:
mgedminah, zope 3 ignores those errors by default23:36
mgedminmy app sets up a root logger and sees it23:36
mgedminwhat does the <eventlog> directive set up?23:37
mgedminwhich logger?23:38

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