IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-02-27

_projekt01Hi, is it possible to compare html (rendered widget) in functional doc tests (ftests)? I need to compare the spaces in front of a html tags?00:09
mgedmin_projekt01, I'm not sure I understand your question00:14
mgedminyou do not need to get the exact same number of spaces in your doctests00:15
_projekt01I need to count the intend in HTML00:15
mgedminfunctional doctests by default have the doctest NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE flag set00:15
mgedminif you want you test to fail if the indent is wrong, you can turn that flag off00:16
_projekt01And I can't compare something like "   <div>", it's the same like "<div>"00:16
mgedmin>>> code code code  # doctest: -NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE00:16
mgedminyou can00:16
_projekt01Ah, Ok a minus, I'll try00:16
mgedmin- turns that option off, + turns it on00:17
_projekt01And do I need to write ... In fornt of the compared string? Or just empty00:17
mgedminnote that when NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE is on, if you have other mismatches, you will get a diff that shows the differences in whitespace too00:17
mgedminthe diffs are often misleading :-(00:18
_projekt01Ok, I saw this00:18
mgedmin... will match any sequence of characters00:18
mgedmin(however you cannot start the expected output with ..., because it looks like a continuation line)00:18
_projekt01Especialy the description in the fields if you write the description in """some text and line break """ you get some wired empty spaces00:19
_projekt01Ok, I think it's no that important to compare the whitespace form widgets. I'll ignore it.00:20
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