IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-02-28

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projekt01srichter, cool this submenues00:54
srichterprojekt01: does it work well?00:56
projekt01I didn't try, is there a sample?00:56
jdz_srichter: awsome book! :D00:56
srichtersee menu.txt00:56
srichterjdz_: thanks!00:56
projekt01In the apidoc?00:57
projekt01I was looking in the pulisher/browser /menu.txt00:57
srichterI thinkit is in apidoc as well00:57
projekt01Ah, you mapped it to the book00:58
srichterthere are also the tests for the directive00:59
projekt01I don't see the menu in the book01:00
srichterincluding tests/menus.zcml01:01
srichterprojekt01: I have not written any ZPT using the getMenu output yet, so I do not know how usable it is01:02
projekt01It looks useable if I take a menu.txt sample pprint01:03
projekt01...It looks useable if I take a look at the pprint sample in the menu.txt01:05
projekt01I will checkin some onlinehelp cleanup and the skin mookup in the next couple minutes01:06
srichterwell, you have to write some recursive ZPT code, because submenus can be nested deep01:06
projekt01I get some errors from apidoc01:08
projekt01File "D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\apidoc\codemodule\README.txt", line 305, in README.t01:08
projekt01Failed example:01:08
projekt01    root.info01:08
projekt01    File01:08
projekt01    "/opt/zope/Zope3/Zope3-Fresh/src/zope/app/apidoc/codemodule/configure.zcml",01:08
projekt01    line 1.0-53.001:08
projekt01    File "D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\apidoc\codemodule\configure.zcml", line 1.0-53.001:08
projekt01Could this be, windows path?01:08
projekt01And also some ftests failed01:09
srichterI fixed th eunit test01:12
srichterwhat ftests are failing?01:12
projekt01Also windows paths:01:12
projekt01Failure in test testInterfaceDetailsView (
projekt01Traceback (most recent call last):01:12
projekt01  File "D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\apidoc\ifacemodule\", line 50, in testInterfaceDetailsView01:12
projekt01    basic='mgr:mgrpw')01:12
projekt01  File "D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\testing\", line 371, in checkForBrokenLinks01:12
projekt01"%s contains broken links:\n" % path01:12
projekt01  File "C:\Python23\lib\", line 270, in fail01:12
projekt01    raise self.failure01:12
projekt01  /++apidoc++/Interface/\app\traversing\configure.zcml/index.html?line=4:   NotFound: Obje01:13
projekt01ct: < object at 0x059201F0>, name: u'zope\\app\\traversing\\configure.zcml'01:13
projekt012 unittests and 2 functional tests are still broken01:33
srichterprobably all due to the same mistake01:33
projekt01Could be, all from the codemodule01:34
srichtercan you paste the unittest errors?01:34
projekt01Running UNIT tests at level 101:35
projekt01Running UNIT tests from D:\projektCompiler\trunk01:35
projekt01  40/3184 (  1.3%): D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\apidoc\codemodule\REA01:35
projekt01Failure in test D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\apidoc\codemodule\README.txt01:35
projekt01Traceback (most recent call last):01:35
projekt01  File "D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\testing\", line 2187, in runTest01:35
projekt01    raise self.failureException(self.format_failure(new.getvalue()))01:35
projekt01AssertionError: Failed doctest test for README.txt01:35
projekt01  File "D:\projekt01:35
projekt01Soory this was wrong01:35
projekt01Try again:01:36
projekt01Failure in test D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\apidoc\codemodule\README.txt01:36
projekt01Traceback (most recent call last):01:36
projekt01  File "D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\testing\", line 2187, in runTest01:36
projekt01    raise self.failureException(self.format_failure(new.getvalue()))01:36
projekt01AssertionError: Failed doctest test for README.txt01:36
projekt01  File "D:\projektCompiler\trunk\src\zope\app\apidoc\codemodule\README.txt", line 001:36
projekt01File "D:\projektCompile01:36
projekt01Argh, I send you a mail01:36
srichterthat's better01:36
srichterprojekt01: ok, I think I fixed one more01:40
srichtertry to upload01:40
projekt01Still the same01:43
srichtermmh, it is too hard to debug without a Winows bix01:43
srichterI know what the reason is, but I do not want to guess and ass stupid code all over the place01:44
projekt01I can try, where do I have to look01:44
srichterbasically whereever I get a path and convert it to a URL there is a problem01:45
srichterprojekt01: finish your stuff first01:45
srichterwe do this debugging soemwhen next week01:45
projekt01Ok, I will checkin step by step, It will take a while because I have to change the svn props after checkin01:46
projekt01Ok, I checked in some widgets in for provide samples in the onlinehelp02:00
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projekt01You can find them in the onlinehelp Samples/Widgets TextWidget02:00
projekt01Is this usable?02:01
projekt01srichter;...and see boston02:01
srichterprojekt01: hold on; I have to make a checkin and then I check it out :-)02:09
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srichterprojekt01: ok, what do I need to do to see the demo?02:18
projekt01Boston is just a layout sample in
projekt01In the onlinehelp you can see Samples/Widgets/TextWidget02:19
projekt01As a default sample, others will follow02:20
srichterI love the boston mockup02:20
projekt01I think if we add for all widgets samples we can better find missleading widgets02:20
srichterit is very clear02:20
projekt01Cool, I think till the end of the week I can implement it in HTML02:21
projekt01One question I whould like to use pagelets for let others register javascripts. What  do you think?02:22
projekt01Pagelets offers a generic way for register content in slots.02:22
srichtersure, we can make boston use all the experimental stuff02:22
projekt01This is wat we need for e.g. javascripts for custom widgets02:22
projekt01Ok, If we find out a better way we can change it02:23
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projekt01Does the contextual apidoc work? You send me once code for refactoring the classBrowser.html view. I didn't change it till now ;-(02:25
srichterno, but I will do that too02:26
srichterI will completely deprecate introspector and write this view to forward to apidoc02:27
projekt01Right to the information we need02:28
srichterI am also going to work on the user preferences system some more tomorrow02:28
srichterok, I gotta go02:29
projekt01Oh, I think there is a function in the view where you can add interfaces (markers). I think this should be available again.02:29
projekt01Ok, see you02:29
srichterI'll talk to you tomorrow02:29
srichtergood work!!!02:29
projekt01Thanks, same to you!02:29
srichterJim says he does not want this anymore.02:29
projekt01Ok, ....Roger is now happy to have submenues......02:30
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tarek_i need to implement a memory cache, and i've been told that I should avoid the _v_ prefix on attributes.16:47
tarek_what would be the best way to have an attribute list in a persistent object16:48
tarek_this list would be not persistent, but will hold any king of elements, like peristent ones16:48
SteveAdo you want to cache the result of some calculation?16:50
tarek_i need to cache mail parts that i have retrieved from the server16:53
tarek_those are used in a mail view16:53
tarek_for optimisation, i want to avoid calling the server twice for the same part16:54
SteveAwhich server?16:54
tarek_mail parts are objects, that are adapted in the view16:55
srichtertarek_: there is a caching framework in Zope 3 with the RAMCache as sample implementation; this should be what you want16:56
tarek_srichter: do you know if it's usable through five in zope 2 ? (i'd say why not but...)16:57
srichterit is in Zope since X3.0, so it should16:57
srichterit is justa  couple of adapters and utilities as far as I remember16:57
tarek_ok thanks, i'll try this16:58
SteveAsrichter: do you know much about the ftp / dualmode server code?16:58
srichterI used to16:58
srichterbut it has been a very long time16:58
SteveAI'm investigating timeout problems in my ftp server16:59
srichter(knew, because I wrote it)16:59
SteveAi think i know what is happening now16:59
srichterdo you know the problem with the ActiveMode stuff too?16:59
SteveAwhat i think is going on is that, first of all, the control connection times out after some inactivity.16:59
srichterit would take me a long time to figure all this out again16:59
SteveAsecondly, a data connection doesn't tell the control connection "I'm still receiving data"16:59
srichterright, I read your mail/issue report16:59
SteveAso, if there's a long upload, then the control connection times out17:00
SteveAeven though the client is still sending data17:00
srichtermmh, that's bad17:00
srichterso we need some sort of callback there17:00
SteveAin my problem report, this is about the control connection never having its activity timeout timer reset on activity17:00
SteveAthis is a separate issue that occurs even when the first problem is patched17:01
srichteroh, I see, right17:01
SteveAi now know the code moderately well ;-)17:01
SteveAmaybe a solution is to have the abstraction of an "activity timer" that can be passed to other tasks17:02
SteveAand then, if a task is passed such a thing, it pokes it from time to time17:02
SteveAthis timer can be shared between tasks17:02
srichtersounds good17:02
SteveAit would need to be able to be updated safely by concurrent threads, but that's okay, because it just has a "last used" value17:03
srichterI was about suggesting something similar; before the timeout happens, the code checks whether the task is still active17:03
SteveAi'll put this together for my server, and test it17:03
SteveAhmm, i guess that would work too, but it doesn't deal with tasks timing out17:03
srichterbtw, do you have troubles in active mode as well?17:03
SteveAthe overall issue is that the server wants to disconnect when there has been inactivity at the client end17:04
SteveAand "inactivity" is measured over a bunch of tasks17:04
srichterI see, I so cannot remember a lot of this :-)17:05
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mgedminbreadcrumbs question: AbsoluteURL.breadcrumbs returns a dict with __name__s and absolute URLs18:20
mgedminI want to display object titles18:20
mgedminwhat about changing breadcrumbs to add actual objects18:21
mgedminthen I could try adapting them to IZopeDublinCore or whatever18:21
SteveAdon't see why not. the objects are loaded anyway18:24
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SteveAalthough, what about URLs that don't have an associated object as such, and just a view?18:25
SteveAso, maybe you need a special breadcrumb item view18:26
SteveAthat allows an object to present itself as a breadcrumb step18:26
SteveAdefine an interface for what a breadcrumb step offers: URL, presentation name, presentation title (for tool-tip thinggie)18:33
SteveAadapt object+request to that interface18:33
mgedminno time now18:34
mgedminlooks like I'll have to reinvent breadcrumbs for schoolbell -- rc1 branches tomorrow...18:34
SteveAi'm not using the zope standard ones on launchpad18:34
SteveAbut, if they were more like i described above, i might18:34
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srichterphiliKON: thanks for the note22:25
srichterI also wacked menus pretty bad; have you seen the addd menu? :-)22:25
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mgedminwhy oh why does SelectWidget render two <div> elements?23:08
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