IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-03-04

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VladDracwhat's a 'hookable object'?11:35
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projekt01Is this correct, a layer is inherited form like IBrowserRequest?17:43
projekt01Then the IBrowserRequest is a IHTTPRequest17:44
projekt01In the directive zope:view is the request used as the attribute type, which is the request type17:45
projekt01Like IHTTPRequest17:45
projekt01There is also a attribute layer in the zope:view directive17:46
projekt01Which is the same like the type17:46
projekt01Do I get it right? Is the layer attribute obsolate since srichter's refactoring on layers?17:47
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VladDracis usable outside of zope3?18:01
SteveAprojekt01: zope:view probably shouldn't have a layer, just a type18:02
SteveAprojekt01: browser:view should have a layer18:02
SteveAbrowser:view should enforce that the layer extends IBrowserRequest18:03
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VladDrachmm guess not - depends on Persistent18:08
srichterzope:view has the layer for legancy reasons18:11
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philiKONVladDrac, has been ripped out long ago18:21
philiKONwhere did you find it?18:21
philiKONah, it's still on the trunk18:22
philiKONlast time i tried it it was broken18:22
mgedminprincipal IDs, titles and descriptions are TextLines, therefore unicode -- but ErrorReportingUtility does str() on them all18:22
VladDracis there anything implementing similar functionality in zope3?18:22
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philiKONVladDrac, you need events to be dispatched only for certain instances, i presume?18:25
philiKONtheoretically, observable is the right direction (annotations). i think it just needs to be debugged18:25
philiKONi can't remember what the problem was18:25
philiKONthere might be emails to zope3-dev, or a collector issue18:26
philiKONin any case, it was reported by myself, that i can remember18:26
* mgedmin files a bug report18:26
VladDracphil: certain instances or all instances of a certain type18:30
projekt01srichter, SteveA, thanks, I see18:36
philiKONVladDrac, well, subscribing to the combination of (Event interface, Object interface) is already possible with subscribers18:41
philiKONVladDrac, only the per-instance thing not (that's what observable does)18:41
philiKONyou might be able to fix it though18:41
VladDrachmm ok18:44
SteveAprojekt01: feel free to write a collector issue for it18:48
philiKONSteveA, projekt01, srichter, the usage of zope:view's layer attribute should just raise a deprecationwarning and that "feature" should be removed from 3.2 or 3.318:51
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SteveAmgedmin: did you try out nevow?18:57
SteveAmgedmin: did you read through the docs on the forms generation stuff?18:59
mgedminI think so18:59
Theuniis it ?19:00
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