IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-03-03

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mohsenXsrichter: Is the PDF version of ZOPE3 book the most updated one?01:27
mohsenXsrichter: I mean the one on zope.org01:27
srichterits all pretty mcuh unedited; I have not been able to upload the revisions from the publisher yet01:28
srichterbest version is the paper one right now01:28
mohsenXalright -- the PDF version is my only choice anyway -- As amazon or other sites do not ship to the place i live. When do you think it will be updated01:31
srichterwhen I get time :-(01:32
srichterif you want to help, I can get you all the access/files you need01:32
mohsenXyou mean by producing a PDF version by those files?01:33
srichterno, update the master TeX files from the Publisher's Word files, so that we can generate updated PDFs01:34
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mohsenXAh, I wish I could, but unfortunately I dont know TeX - But I can produce the PDF version directly from word sources -- if that helps01:36
srichternaeh, that's not helpful01:37
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mohsenXOkay - i have to wait then01:39
srichtermy TeX is not hard01:48
srichterbut you need to setup the compiler of course (which is trivial under Linux and Windows01:48
mohsenXwhy don't we produce a PDF version direclty?01:52
srichterbecause the word version is unmanagable01:53
srichterand does not produce a quality output01:53
Damascenethey didnt' setup their styles properly?01:54
mohsenXtrue -- but if it going to take monthes maybe it's not bad to have lower-quality pdf :-)01:54
Damascenewhat do you mean by a lower quality output?  screenshot/images were compressed too greatly, etc?01:54
mohsenXDamascene: sritcher told PDF direclty from word does not produce high quality output01:56
srichterright, word sucks01:57
Damascenei'm just wonderign what he means.  i've printed out a lot of nice looking pdfs using word.01:57
Damascenebut it's not really a word issue, but the pdfwriter or you can just send it directly to the pdfwriter printer driver or convert to ps first then pdf (in which case it does lose some colors if you had any).01:58
Damascenelatex to ps to pdf seemed okay too though.01:58
mohsenXand I Dont think a PDF zope book needs to be in high-quality...being updated is more important :-)01:59
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tvon|x31is the online html up to date?02:15
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srichterno, same reason02:55
srichterthey are all generated from the tex02:55
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WebMavensrichter: did anything happen with the docbook stuff you were going to experiment with?06:26
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srichterWebMaven: no12:12
srichterWebMaven: I might take a different approach12:12
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* SteveA discovers interesting bug in new-style classes17:34
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MalcolmCSo are you going to tell us what it is, or just let us find it for ourselves? :)17:59
Workbliait is not a bug :P18:00
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philiKONho faassen18:23
SteveAWorkblia: really?18:29
SteveAwith a classic class, it says "__init__ must return None"18:29
WorkbliaSteveA, oh, and what if it doesn't ?18:30
SteveAit __init__ returns a value, or is a generator, then you get an error18:31
SteveAwith a new style class, it just silently fails18:31
Workbliawell i just did an init that returns 518:31
Workbliaand it worked18:31
Workbliaso it would seem that it was designet to be tha way18:31
SteveA>>> class Foo:18:32
SteveA...   def __init__(self):18:32
SteveA...     return 518:32
SteveA>>> Foo()18:32
SteveATraceback (most recent call last):18:32
SteveA  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?18:32
SteveATypeError: __init__() should return None18:32
Workbliapython 2.3.5 - worked for me18:32
Workblia>>> class Foo(object):18:32
Workblia...     def __init__(self):18:32
Workblia...         return 518:32
Workblia>>> Foo()18:32
Workblia<__main__.Foo object at 0x40224bec>18:32
Workbliaso the generator is not failing too18:33
SteveA>>> class Foo(object):18:34
SteveA...   def __init__(self):18:34
SteveA...     print "xxx"18:34
SteveA...     yield 518:34
SteveA>>> Foo()18:34
SteveA<__main__.Foo object at 0xb7e01c6c>18:34
SteveAnote that "xxx" is not printed18:34
Workbliayes it is not18:34
Workbliait is to be expected18:34
SteveAit is printed in the case where you return 518:35
Workbliathe generator is returned18:35
Workbliadef foo():18:35
SteveAso, why do you expect it not to print "xxx" ?18:35
Workblia    yeald 3218:35
philiKONSteveA, because the parser creates a generator, not a function18:35
SteveAyeah, course18:35
Workblia>>> def foo():18:35
Workblia...     print "xxx"18:35
Workblia...     yield 3218:35
Workblia>>> foo()18:35
Workblia<generator object at 0x4022640c>18:35
SteveAthanks Workblia18:35
SteveAI think it is still a bug18:35
SteveAi shall add that clarification to the report18:36
Workbliadon't thank me, it's alga who solved the mistery18:36
SteveAit is a bug because it wasted one of my programmers lots of time working out why his __init__ was never called18:36
philiKONwell, it's a bug about bugs :)18:36
faassena question about traversing in Zope 3..18:37
faassenit seems that ITraverser in is not called if you type a URL into the publisher.18:38
faassenthat is, I'm trying to find out what in Zope 3 makes a view pop up if you do not add the @@ or ++view++ in front of it.18:38
SteveAi very much want to separate the URL traversal and object graph traversal18:39
faassenand I was studying Traverser in, but for some reason, this logic does not appear to be called at all times.18:39
SteveAi had a conversation with fred on the mailing list about this a year or so ago18:39
faassenwell, I don't want to improve anything, I just want to know how it works now. :)18:39
SteveAfaassen: is all about object graph traversal iirc18:39
faassenno, it also calls views if you use a namespaced step.18:40
faassenlike /@@foo18:40
faassendefers to various ITraversables registered in
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faassenhowever, it appears the whole logic is not called if you traverse using a URL from the outside. at least not the logic in Traversing.18:40
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SteveAthat depends on whether a URL traverser is set up to use the object graph traverser18:41
faassenwhere are the URL traversers?18:41
faassenI'm talking Zope X3, by the way, though the trunk seems similar.18:41
SteveAin i guess18:42
SteveAor publication18:42
mgedminfaassen, those are things thar provide IBrowserPublisher (for BrowserRequests)18:42
faassenwell, or :)18:42
SteveAwhich is related18:42
* mgedmin usually recursively greps all zcmls for things providing IBrowserPublisher18:42
faassenthanks, looks like a good place to start looking.18:43
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