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philiKONsrichter, RE #370: the trunk does "have" etc when you make an isntance01:01
srichterwho does that!01:01
philiKONwe all should do that IMO01:01
philiKONIMO, a zope checkout shouldn't be runnable01:01
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philiKONanybody got any idea why won't be served locally but is going to zope when having the following virtualhost config in apache:02:16
philiKON        RewriteEngine On02:16
philiKON        RewriteRule ^/files/(.*) - [L]02:16
philiKON        RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:10080/++vh++http:%{SERVER_NAME}:80/++/$1 [P,L]02:16
Damascenewhat was the problem?03:02
philiKONi changed it to RewriteRule ^/files/ - [L] and it miracously worked03:03
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srichterphiliKON: still there?04:32
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viyyerI've been trying to run i18n translateable text using ZPT.. what am I doing wrong ?08:35
viyyer<p i18n:translate="" > sometext </p> fails on macro expansion..08:36
d2mviyyer: how does it fail -- doesn't it translate the content ?08:39
viyyerd2m it doesn't translate the content.. and.. if i click the expand macro checkbox and.. I get this error [Macro expansion failed08:41
viyyer exceptions.AttributeError: 'ZopeContext' object has no attribute 'request']08:41
viyyerd2m, actually.. most of the ZPT examples I'm trying out are failing on the dynamic content..08:45
d2mviyyer: give me some more info -- which ZPT examples ?08:45
viyyerd2m, ZPT examples on the zope3 developer hand book ..08:46
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srichterviyyer: note that the developer's book talks mainly about filesystem development; we are not supporting TTW development yet. The few examples that are meant for TTW ZPT Pages should work though13:12
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viyyersrichter, they work fine. except that the example on title didn't mention about the metadata page13:22
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srichterphiliKON: do you have a test case where fails?18:37
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th1aHi all.  When I do "bin/zopectl start" I expect that the process should run in the background, but it doesn't.  Am I missing something?19:47
mgedminth1a, does it work (in foreground) when you do bin/zopectl fg?19:49
mgedminhave you looked at the log files?19:49
th1aIt just runs in the foreground, at least insofar as I can't use the console until I hit ctrl-c.19:50
mgedminis this from a zope 3 checkout, or have you used mkzopeinstance?19:51
th1aIt is a checkout of the version that SB 1.0 is pinned to.19:52
mgedminafaiu running zope3 straight from a checkout is officially not supported and "not supposed to work"19:56
mgedminalthough we all do that and it works ;)19:56
mgedminI believe you have to change zdaemon.conf a little bit19:56
th1aSo I should make an instance.19:56
mgedminwell, running mkzopeinstance straight from a checkout is also not supported19:57
th1aOr just change zdaemon.conf :-)19:57
mgedminth1a, add "daemon true" to the <runner> section of zdaemon.conf19:58
mgedminalso add something like19:58
mgedmin  directory $INSTANCE/var19:58
mgedmin  socket-name $INSTANCE/var/zdsock19:58
mgedminI'm not sure those two are strictly necessary19:58
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mgedmin(replace $INSTANCE with the actual location19:59
mgedminor add %define INSTANCE /path/to/somewhere at the top)19:59
th1aadding "daemon true" seems to do the job.20:01
th1amgedmin:  So do we need to tell people to use the same revision as we did, or should we assume that the trunk will work until the release of 3.1?20:02
mgedminsb 1.0 will work with the revision that jinty chose20:05
mgedminsb trunk will work with zope 3 trunk, I think20:05
mgedminI don't know what changes there are planned on zope 3 trunk before 3.120:06
mgedmin(actually I could just look at the TODO file)20:06
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philiKONsrichter, the test for #298 was that i added a local role (this is x3.0 though) and tried to view the grant view.20:30
philiKONthat's where it failed20:31
philiKONbecause the grant view ( expects role titles to be message ids20:31
philiKONi guess i could record a functional test for you20:32
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* philiKON is off to dinner20:32
projekt01philiKON, I think dominik was fixing this.20:34
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projekt01philiKON, Dominik was adding a default (title) value for roles where do not have a translation. The return was None in this case, which ends in the error described in issue 29820:44
projekt01philiKON, See zope/app/securitpolicy/browser/rolepermissionview.py20:45
projekt01... Line 3620:45
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philiKONprojekt01, was this also fixed for x3.0?20:59
projekt01I think just in the trunk21:01
philiKONsrichter, projekt01, i'll verify the bug myself and if it doesn't exist anymore, i'll close it21:02
philiKONotherwise i'll make a note21:02
projekt01Ok, it was revision 2921321:02
philiKONwell, point is that the easy way to fix this is to fix the line in question21:03
philiKONi guess that's what dominik did21:03
philiKONmy point is that we local roles really need to ahve message id attributes21:03
philiKONand we need a special widget that deals with that21:03
philiKONof course, that raises some issues21:04
philiKONi guess i should write a proposal21:04
projekt01Yes, I see this in the issue now. Should we do that to the TODO list21:04
projekt01Ok, or a proposal21:04
philiKONwell, the question is: what domain would this msg id be in?21:04
projekt01???, good question21:04
philiKONi'll write an RFC email to the list21:05
philiKONasking whether we actually need the titles and descr of local roles translated21:05
projekt01A empty domain how everybody has to implement by itself?21:06
philiKONi didnt' understand anything in that sentence21:06
projekt01Let's call the domain "custom"21:07
philiKONno, that sucks21:07
philiKONif we have msg ids, the domain needs to be specifyable21:07
philiKONotoh, maybe this is all too much effort in case we get to see local configuration through ZCML21:08
projekt01Local roles are very important. Theres no option to use global roles on a server with different projects21:10
philiKONbut maybe upcoming versions will support local configuration through zcml21:11
philiKONso that you can specify local roles thorugh zcml21:11
philiKONi would very much like to see that21:11
projekt01Yup, this would be nice;-)21:11
philiKONin fact, right now we have the following equations:21:11
philiKONfilesystem == global21:12
philiKONTTW == local21:12
philiKONthis is very arbitrary21:12
philiKONthere's no reason why we shouldn't be able to do global stuff TTW21:12
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philiKONhowever, nobody here really wants TTW anymoer21:12
* mgedmin wants the ability to add users TTW, but that's it21:13
projekt01I think jim likes this, I saw something like generate zcml TTW or generated from definition in the workflow.21:14
projekt01mgemin, Yup, a little bit grant and add users21:15
philiKONthanks to PAU that's very much external to everything21:15
philiKONa global PAU could get users and their grants from LDAP21:16
philiKONwhich allow syou to manage users anywhere21:16
philiKONcoommand line, TTW, whatever21:16
philiKONzope would sometimes do good if it outsourced to well-known technologies21:16
philiKON(of course, that "external to everything" is meant literally; even a PAU could manage principals that are even content objects; that has no effect on how we do global/local config)21:18
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mgedminhm, why must I have write permissions to the index file if I want to open a FileStorage for read-only access?21:58
mgedminactually, not the index file per se, but the directory containing the index file21:59
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* bradb hears the need for verbose security :)22:44
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srichterphiliKON: I actually tried what you described and it work; so we can close the issue then22:45
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