IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-03-06

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PupenoWhere can I get the ZopeTop skin ?12:52
d2mPupeno: -- don't know itf its working though13:16
PupenoWoa (translations)13:18
PupenoI'm learning Zope 3, would you recomend me to run svn instead of 3.0.0 ?13:32
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PupenoIs it me or Zope 3 is rendering Archetypes useless as well ?21:31
Pupenonobody here ?21:50
strichterarchetypes is designed specificially for Zope 221:57
strichterZope 3 has its own field/widget system21:58
tvonPupeno: If it were me I'd work off of SVN, btw.21:58
tvonthough I think the docs online are for 3.0, someone else would know better21:59
Pupenostrichter: that was what I thought.21:59
Pupenostrichter: I think I'll go on learning with Zope 3.0.0 and then, if I start developing I'll move to SVN.22:00
ignaswell - Zope X3 has had some major refactoring ...22:00
ignasare you sure learning something twice will not take too much time ?22:00
tvonthat was my reasoning22:00
Pupenoignas: oh, I didn't know that.22:01
PupenoBut then, what material may I use to learn Zope X3 SVN ?22:02
ignaswell ;) the book is not *that* outdated, and examples show the way of doing stuff22:02
ignaslooking for projects that are using Zope X3 is a good idea too22:03
ignasif "read the fine source" method of learning suits you ;)22:03
PupenoOk, I'll try.22:03
ignasyet imho geting Zope contributor access to the svn would be a good idea before using Zope X3 for any serious project22:04
Pupenoignas: Zope contriburo access ?22:05
ignasZope Contributor agreement22:05
ignaspersmission to commit22:05
ignasand stuff22:05
ignasit is nice to be capable of fixing bugs faster than in "Send a patch, bug the developers, checkout a new version" way22:06
Pupenoignas: I'll consider that after my second patch, if I ever make a second patch.22:08
PupenoIs there a place to submit a bug report ?22:11
Pupenoor rather, a feature request.22:11
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PupenoIs there a skin that works better than the default one, I can't see the 'buttons' bellow the tabs.22:21
PupenoZopeTop is much better.22:23
PupenoCan I edit ?22:31
ignasand for the bugs23:20
ignaslook for the collector23:20
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