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philiKONChickenBrain, i see you've found the right channel :)12:48
philiKONi was too late to see your post on #z3-base12:48
ChickenBrainthx :)12:49
ChickenBrainhmm, is there only this mailing list or is there a real newsserver?12:49
philiKONyou can use gmane12:49
philiKONthe email to news gateway12:49
SteveAwhat is #z3-base?12:50
philiKONSteveA, an irc channel where z3base developers hang out (
philiKONz3base is the place where Five, sqlos, etc. are developed12:51
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projekt01I there a way that we can run functional tests only if we include a specific configure.zcml?15:06
projekt01E.g. a Skin15:06
projekt01If we have a skin package in the src/zope/app and don't include the Skin configure.zcml, the functional tests are broken.15:08
projekt01I would like to support a package with a but then I have problems with the tests.15:08
* mgedmin also needs this15:09
philiKONprojekt01, why are functional tests broken?15:10
philiKONah, because they require the loading of the skin config15:10
mgedminactually, I have a slightly bigger mess15:10
mgedminI have a package with zcml and tests15:10
mgedminthen I have a second package that overrides some views of the first package15:10
philiKONprojekt01, isntead of having package-includes/BLA-configure.zcml, have a package-includes/BLA-ftesting.zcml15:11
philiKONthat's already supported15:11
mgedminif I include the zcml of the second package, some functional tests from the first package break15:11
philiKONmgedmin, hmm, that's a bigger mess indeed :)15:11
philiKONprojekt01, look at ftesting.zcml; you'll see it first imports -meta.zcml and -configure.zcml files, then -ftesting.zcml from package-includes15:11
projekt01philiKON, AH, right, thanks15:11
projekt01mgedmin, I saw also a problem with the authentication, on one test I wasn't able to use the basic manager login (basic='mgr:mgrpw')15:13
projekt01mgedmin, are you testing in the first package something, which get overriden from the override.zcml? Is there a way in ftesting.zcml to override the overriden part?15:18
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* mgedmin shrugs15:23
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DMHardenHi folks - first let me say that I'm enjoying learning Zope 3; much more responsive than Zope 2 and a lot clearer21:20
DMHardenI have hacked together an ODBC DA based off some CVS source I found on Google - srichter's :)21:21
DMHardenWould I be correct in assuming that eGenix is being left to provide a full blown Zope 3 implementation (if they choose to do so)?21:22
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philiKONDMHarden, there's no reason to leave anything to anyone21:46
philiKONif you manage to get the odbcda working, that'd be awesome21:47
philiKONall this code hasn't been touched for months (years probably now)21:47
DMHardenplaying at the moment actually - based on srichter's CVS from 200321:49
philiKONwell, if you think you're producing anything valuable, consider becoming a contributor and checking it into our SVN repository21:50
philiKON for more info21:50
DMHardenphiliKON - do you think Zope 3 is mature enough to use for beta / close to production websites?21:52
philiKONzope x3.0 is used in a few production sites21:56
DMHardenI am fairly proficient in Zope 2 - Zope 3 is COMPLETELY different! :)21:57
DMHardenbut in a good way21:57
philiKONit's a completely different new piece of software21:57
philiKONyes, in a good way :)21:57
philiKONhence, the "X"21:57
philiKON(not hence good way, but hence different)21:58
DamascenephiliKON:  did they add in their own session product if they are using x3.0?21:59
philiKONi don't know22:04
philiKONnot everybody needs sessions22:04
DMHardenso Zope X3 does not have a concept of sessions like Zope 2 (or close) - forgive me if that is a dumb question!22:07
philiKONwell, i wouldn't say concept22:09
philiKONit's true that it doesn't have any builtin support for sessions22:10
DMHardenso can I get to sessions in any way?22:10
philiKON(though the package from the trunk could probably easily be backported)22:10
philiKONas i said, you can try backporting from the trunk22:10
philiKONit probably doesn't rely too much on any new features22:11
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DMHardenI'm not familiar with SVN terms - does trunk = TIP (not X3 label?)22:11
DMHardensorry :P22:11
philiKONwhat's TIP?22:12
philiKONtrunk means the currently developed version22:12
philiKONi.e. the thing that'll become x3.122:12
DMHardenI work in PVCS - or maybe it's the company I work for's terminology22:14
DMHardenTIP to me means the cutting edge of development - sounds like TRUNK to me!22:14
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DMHardenok - it was a struggle but I got Zope 3 to talk ODBC :)22:57
DMHardenhowever there is a section of in which required a change in order to communicate properly with mxODBC22:58
DMHardenthis is the first time I've used this channel so can I talk about stuff here or raise a discussion / point it out elsewhere - some other process?22:59
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srichterDMHarden: for quick questions, this channel is good; if noone responds or the problem runs deeper, we use the mailing list23:07
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DMHarden_sorry - machine crashed... does anyone have any suggestions on how I should raise the issue I encountered?23:14
srichterDMHarden: for quick questions, this channel is good; if noone responds or the problem runs deeper, we use the mailing list23:22
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DMHarden_Thanks Stephan - I will post my findings to the mailing list... hopefully with the feedback I can contribute an updated version of your ODBC DA :)23:25
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