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mgedminidea: a server type (RecordingHTTP) that stores all requests and responses as strings in memory14:50
mgedminyou add a <server> type RecordingHTTP; port 8081 </server> to zope.conf14:50
mgedmingo to localhost:808114:50
mgedmindo some stuff14:50
mgedminthen go to, say, ++etc++process/RecordedSessions.html or wherever14:51
mgedminand can download a .txt file that after some editing will become a functional doctest14:51
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projekt01mgedmin, Oh, yeah this sounds nice.14:52
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SteveAcool idea marius.  i guess there would be ++etc++process/start-recording and ++etc++process/stop-recording pages too16:44
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SteveAactually, that RecordingHTTP server should be a "decorator" that points to an existing server instance, and adds the recording function.17:11
projekt01Does anybody have a edit view on a trusted adapted object? Is it still working since the setupEditWidget changes?17:26
J1mprojekt01, Gary is responding to your email17:36
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GaryPosterprojekt01: just sent you an email17:37
GaryPoster(and the Zope 3 list ;-) )17:37
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projekt01Gary, hi18:41
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projekt01Gary, it seems that's only a problem with the LocationProxy which decorates the trusted adapter as proxied.18:43
projekt01Hm, does anybody have edit views registred (editform) using a different schema attribute then the for attribute18:45
projekt01And uses trusted adapters for render the edit form18:45
projekt01I'm wonder if this works?18:45
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mexiKONmgedmin, cool idea :)19:07
GaryPosterprojekt01: Sorry, just saw this19:09
GaryPosterIt will work if your adapter implements ILocation. :-)19:09
GaryPosterThat's the easy work around for now.  I'm a bit distracted with a number of tasks right now, but trying to get a test for this and see what I can do about it.19:10
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benji_yorkHi Jim19:13
benji_yorkHi, Jim, *AGAIN*19:13
J1mhi benji19:13
* benji_york seems insane.19:14
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tarek_hello, i was wondering if anything has been done yet, about caching policies in zope 3 ?22:51
J1mThat's a pretty broad question.23:08
J1mZope 3 does lots of caching.23:08
J1mI'm sure it will do more in the future.23:08
tarek_mm sorry23:10
tarek_let me get more precise23:10
tarek_I am talking about all mechanisms used to add cache headers to reponses for squid and apache23:10
tarek_cache-expire and things like that23:11
J1mThere are cache objects that can do this, as in Zope 2.23:11
J1mThe Zope 2 caching framework was ported to Zope 3 very early on.23:11
J1mFile-system based resources set caching headers as well.23:11
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tarek_Ok thx, i need to get deepeer in these things23:12
tarek_Is there anything comparable to CMF Cache Policy ?23:12
J1mI don't know23:12
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tarek_Does anyone knows how to programmatically invalidate squid cache from zope ?23:17
J1mI think the HTTP cache objects know how to do this.  They do in Z2, and I think this was ported to Z3,23:24
tarek_ok thank you23:26
tarek_(the idea is to be able to invalidate for example a forum entries list from the 'addPost' method, thus making some kind of POST on squid)23:28
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