IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-03-14

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projekt01srichter, the submenu implementation demo is really cool.03:57
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srichterprojekt01: thanks, be back in 3014:28
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dreamcatcherhey srichter17:55
dreamcatcherlong time no see17:55
srichterdreamcatcher: no kidding :-)17:55
srichterdreamcatcher: hey, would you be able to fix the WebDAV madness before the 3.1 release?17:56
dreamcatcherwhen would that be?17:57
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srichterthe release will be probably in May, si I would say fix it in the next month17:57
dreamcatcherthat may happen yes then17:57
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srichterdreamcatcher: it is not too much work, just some failures due to deciding how to handle namespaces17:58
srichterbut you are more into this stuff than me17:59
dreamcatcheryeah, absolutely17:59
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goopotHello.  I'm just off to start looking at X3.  Anyone know of an "apt" package for x3 anywhere?22:55
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srichtergoopot: I don't; but it might be best to work with the trunk at this point23:15
goopotYou mean grab it off the subversion repos?23:17
goopotok. Got some svn learning to do also then :-)23:17
srichterdownload the svn client23:18
srichtersvn co svn:// Zope323:18
goopotWill do thanks.  Got your zope 3 book btw.  4 chapters in and very interesting so far.23:18
srichtergoopot: I am very glad you like it! :-)23:20
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