IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-03-15

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SteveAI'd vote to remove :method.   Don't like :int much either.  Too much coupling between form processors and the rendering of templates.  Prefer to see it done in widgets anyway.00:53
J1mwe certainly don't use it any more afaik00:53
J1mIf we did, it wouldn't work correctly.00:54
J1mAlthough the incorrect working can be hidden with absolute_url00:54
J1mI take it back01:07
J1mwe are setting the base href, but only if there is a head01:07
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J1mOh heck, I don't know what we're doing01:14
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* J1m waves back16:42
run|sonythink i may have found something.. going to send you a email.. extensionclass funniness with cygwin16:42
run|sony<class 'OFS.DTMLMethod.DTMLMethod'>16:46
run|sony(Pdb) !klass.__new__(klass, *args)16:46
run|sony*** TypeError: RestrictedDTMLMixin.__new__(DTMLMethod) is not safe, use Persistence.Persistent.__new16:46
J1mThat sounds familiar.16:47
J1mWhat version of Python?16:47
run|sonypython2.3.5 on cygwin16:47
run|sony'2.3.5 (#1, Mar 15 2005, 12:59:49) \n[GCC 3.3.3 (cygwin special)]'16:47
J1mI think this is due to a Python big16:47
J1mPerhaps it was never fixed.16:48
run|sonyit works for everything but cygwin, it appears16:48
run|sonyfile collector issue in zope/zodb/python ? where should it go16:49
run|sonyi.e. it works on linux x86/osx ppc/windows (with vc++)16:49
J1mZoep I guess.16:49
J1mI don't remember what the issue was.16:49
J1mWe had to work around this in the interface code.16:50
run|sonyright.. so if I could guarnatee the Persistent.__new__ was called it works fine16:50
J1mI'm gonna have to get back to the new EC code in a few weeks.  I'll look at it then.16:50
run|sonyok i will log a bug. thanks jim16:50
J1mI thought I fixed this in Python, but maybe I only checked in the fix on the head.16:51
J1mIt has to do with how __new__ is inherited from object.16:51
J1mCan you test this with Python 2.4 on cygwin?16:51
run|sonyit seems that Acquirer is getting __new__ and somehow Persistent is not getting it or something?16:51
run|sonyi am almost positive I had the same problem16:52
run|sonybut even stranger something about a method_descriptor being passed a RequestContainer16:52
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J1mMaybe this is different from what I ran into with interfaces.16:52
run|sonyok no worries, i will put it in collector with ZODB/ExtensionClass keywordsw16:53
run|sonythanks again16:53
J1mJames Knight did a veru good job of narrowing that one with non application classes. (hint hint ;)16:53
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regebroAnybody know if there is a reason that <include package="khkjhK"/> doesn't load the meta.zcml?20:38
regebro(Not a problem, just curious)20:38
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srichterregebro: yeah20:59
srichterregebro: because meta.zcml is often evaluated much earlier than the other configuration21:00
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srichterregebro: the site.zcml specifically loads all meta configuration first and then all real configuration21:01
srichterregebro: once you think about it for a while it makes sense21:01
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