IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-03-16

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mpI know that ZopeX3 is not yet ready for "deployment" (ZopeX3300 page says it's for developers).. however - is it ready to make complete working sites? for example non production, medium traffic non-commercial private sites?01:18
srichtermp: actually Zope X3.0 is production quality01:19
srichtermp: it is ideal for Web applications01:19
srichtermp: Web-sites are a bit harder, since you do not have any of the high-level TTW scripting capabilities yet01:19
srichterI need to change the ZopeX3300 page, if it really says that01:20
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fdrakesrichter: can I get interfaces that are directly provided by an object any more?01:27
fdrakethe old introspector let me do that01:27
srichterI know01:28
srichteras I said it is up to other people to provide a new instance-specific screen01:28
fdrakeseems like it was a bad decision to toss the old one prematurely  :-(01:29
fdrakewell, I doubt I'll have time to address this one today.01:29
srichterno, it was not; the old code was a very shaky shack01:30
fdrakeI didn't read the old code for that view, so I can't disagree.01:30
fdrakeIt's just really valuable to check all the interfaces that an object provides.01:31
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srichterwe almost never use directly provides anyways01:32
fdrakedepends on the "we" involved  :-)01:32
srichterwell, with the new public API doctool API it should be very easy to do01:32
srichterits not more than an hour of work01:33
srichter(including tests)01:33
fdrakefor debugging (the only use case for the introspector) it doesn't even matter how rarely that information is needed, so long as it's available when it is.01:33
fdrakeperhaps I can look at it tonight, then01:34
fdrakewhere do I look to find out about the "new public API doctool API"?01:35
srichterit will direct you to the other TXT files01:35
fdrakeok, thanks01:35
srichterthere are several files with detailed isntructions01:36
srichterbasically instead of introspecting a class, you want to introspect an instance01:36
srichteryou might want to add a new public method in this regard to the API01:36
fdrakeI think your hour estimate assumes that you know the existing API.  :-)01:45
fdrakeIt feels like the right UI would be for the Introspector view to show specific information about the object, and let you navigate to the class information.01:45
fdrakeDoes that make sense to you?01:45
srichterin fact the easiest might be to just show the provided interfaces and have them linked to the apidoc01:46
srichterand also link to the class reference to the apidoc version as well01:46
fdrakeI don't want iface/class details inline; links are fine.01:47
srichteror even easier just provide a link to the class01:47
srichterand only list all directly provided interfaces01:47
fdrakethat's what's missing from the existing view01:47
mpzope3 does not pass all tests (fresh from svn) - is it normal?02:01
srichterno, all tests should always pass02:02
srichterwhich fail?02:02
srichterare you on Windows?02:02
mpHelp Topic definition /home/maciej/fun/prog/zope/Zope3/build/lib.linux-i686-2.3/bugtracker/browser/help/tracker_overview.rst does not exist02:03
mpno files in help02:03
mpdid I forget about something?02:03
srichtermmh, please send a report to the mailing list02:03
srichterno, but we sometimes forget to run the tests under src before making checkin02:04
srichterit should be easy to fix though02:04
mpSo, there's no help for now and reference in config file should be removed?02:07
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mpAnd other silly thing - but annoying and makes curious people go away - broken ui, at least in my Mozila (rather standard).. but I'll post details later, because it is very late ;)02:24
fdrakesrichter: i have a rough patch, but need to update/extend the tests02:26
fdrakei'll have to catch that later02:26
fdrake(but before I commit, obviously)02:28
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fdrakesrichter: do you know why there's a test of the introspector in
fdrakeit jsut checks the HTTP response code21:36
fdrakeok, in that case :-), I'm going to remove it as redundant and out-of-place21:39
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