IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-03-19

_projekt01srichter, what do you mean with "the main outstanding feature issue is a better PAU UI"00:24
J1m_projekt01, I need to respond to your email00:35
J1mI can lay out details.00:35
J1mWe dicussed this stuff a few weeks ago00:35
J1mEither in email or here, I don't remember.00:35
J1mIn any case, I'll right up some notes in the next day or so00:36
J1mwrite :)00:36
_projekt01Ok, I take the time for work on this next week00:36
_projekt01Do you mean the form part or some impleentation stuff of the PAU00:37
J1mThe UI is waaaay to difficult00:37
J1mI have a bunch of ideas for making it simpler.00:37
J1mBut, again, I'll write this up in email.00:37
_projekt01But you don't mean the Registration for utilities? Right?00:37
_projekt01We speak only about the PAU00:38
J1mOnly about pau00:38
_projekt01I think the same could be done for the Registration framework, but we can do this after refactoring the PAU00:38
_projekt01Ok, I'm looking forward to your mail00:39
J1mI think that can happen in 3.200:39
J1mI really want to improve the user experience for 3.100:39
J1mIt's really not acceptable now.00:39
J1mOK, later00:39
_projekt01Just for insiders00:39
_projekt01See you00:40
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PapaPimp hello01:02
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J1mprojekt01, ayt?18:09
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WebMavenOK, got a question: how do I restart Zope3 TTW?20:00
projekt01Jim, now20:05
projekt01J1m, I'm back in about 2 hours.20:10
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regebroHi peoples! I have two local utilities. How do I find one utility from the other? what should I use for context?20:14
regebrono? It can't be THAT hard can it?20:17
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regebroNo surprise I can't figure out how then... :)20:21
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projekt01J1m, ayt?23:40

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