IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-03-20

J1myes, are you?00:28
projekt01What's up00:29
projekt01I bugfix right now00:29
J1mI'm at the PyCon sprints.00:34
J1mHm, I should have notes this on the sprints page. Dang00:34
J1mAnyway, Garrett Smith is here and he's working on PAU. So you are off the hook for now.00:34
projekt01I move the StaticTree to the Rotterdam Skin, this can solve the xmltree bugs00:35
projekt01Is this OK?00:35
J1mI'm not really the one to ask00:35
projekt01The xmltree doesn't work in Opera and other linux browsers like konquerror I guess00:36
J1mIsn't StaticTree useful in other skins?00:36
projekt01The StaticTree should work in every skin00:36
projekt01Point our browser to http://localhost/++skin++Boston00:37
J1mI don't really know what you are asking00:38
J1mAre you asking if you should use thye StaticTree in the rotterdam skin?00:39
J1mAre you asking if you should use the StaticTree in the rotterdam skin?00:39
projekt01Yup, for the next release00:39
J1mRather than the current tree00:39
J1mok w me00:39
projekt01The xmltree is bugy00:39
projekt01And don't work in every browser00:39
projekt01We are working on a new Skin for 3.2 called Boston00:40
projekt01There you can change the tree00:40
J1mWhy Boston?00:40
projekt01The skin was born more or less in Boston00:40
J1mwere you in the us?00:40
projekt01BY a IRC session from me and Stephan00:40
J1mI should have connected Staephan and Boston00:41
J1mI should have connected Staphan and Boston00:41
J1mI should have connected Stephan and Boston00:41
projekt01Btw Did you see the Reportlab implementation from Stephan00:41
J1mHe showed me something.00:41
J1mI didn't fully "get it".00:41
projekt01You can write views which produce PDF00:42
projekt01With normal page templates and view classes00:43
projekt01It's really cool00:43
projekt01What's about the security policy?00:44
projekt01Should we change it to privilege?00:44
projekt01It think it's a small different in the naming, but if I think about role and privileg. I think there is a difference between them and I like to use privilege for what roles stand right now.00:46
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projekt01regebro, is getUtility() not working? Should also work from one utiliity to it's sibling utility. Make sure you use  "context=self" in zapi.getUtility(... context=self)01:00
J1mprojekt01, I suggest we wait until 3.2.01:06
projekt01Do you have other important issuse or wishes for 3.1?01:07
* J1m looks at the todo01:09
projekt01What do you mean, is the issue 313 really important for the release?01:10
projekt01* 313: ignores assignment to module attributes01:10
projekt01If so, why?01:10
* J1m doesn't know what projekt01 is taking about :)01:11
J1mI think Stephan is the main manager of the todos01:11
projekt01Yes, but he is in holliday? Now you are the manager ;-)01:11
J1mI think PAU UI improvement is the only feature thing01:12
projekt01But all with * marked issues in the TODO should be fixed.01:13
projekt01See the comment at the bottom of TODO.txt01:13
projekt01Bugs starting with * represent bugs that must be fixed for the 3.0.x branch as01:13
projekt01And I don't  know why 313 is important for the release. Do you know why?01:14
J1mI think Martijn wrote import checker01:15
J1mWe should assign the bug to him :)01:16
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J1mI don't consider this urgent at all01:16
J1mWe really should pass it on to Martijn01:16
projekt01I don't say anything about this.01:17
projekt01Can you write a mail to him?01:17
projekt01Ok, I make the static tree ready for the rotterdam skin01:18
projekt01I contact you if I need more work or advise01:18
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tarek_hello, i have a conceptual problem on interfaces.01:49
tarek_i have made a pure python module that uses interfaces and adapters01:49
tarek_but i have this zope.interface in it01:50
tarek_does python have similar mechanisms ?01:51
projekt01No, but there should be a  release for only the interface package somewhere. I think.01:51
tarek_that would made my package work in zope and also independantly01:51
tarek_projekt01: ok thx, i'll look for it01:52
tarek_thanks d2m01:52
d2mi have a rendered version of the docs here
tarek_this mechanism would be great integrated in Python01:54
tarek_i guess there is/were some taughts on this01:55
d2min the core ?01:55
tarek_i have seen some SIG but it's kind of old01:55
d2mdid you see the event framework paper ?
* tarek_ reads...01:58
projekt01d2m, cool collection at webforce01:58
d2mhmm, far to few -- but a lot of feed items (15k+)01:59
tarek_very interesting01:59
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projekt01J1m, I don't like that everybody can access URL's like ++etc++site, should we change the permission on the namspace "etc"?02:13
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regebroMornin, anybody awake?12:39
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regebroIs anybody good at local uitilities?14:05
regebroThis is SO annoying. ;I It's my punishemnt for trying to work during weekends, I guess.14:07
mpwhat do you mean?14:13
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regebromp: There is nobody here to naswer my 1uestions, becuase it's weekend. :)14:45
* regebro can't spel14:45
mpbut what is the question? :)14:46
regebroThe question is how you register and queary localutilities so they can find each other.14:48
regebroI have (so far in unit tests only) two local utilities.14:49
regebroThey need to be able to find each other. can't get it to work.14:49
regebroA dark silence descendsmover the chat....14:57
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regebroIt seems I register them inorrectly... :-/15:08
regebroOr maybe thet need to implement something they don't implement. fidge, i don't know.15:25
regebroI give up.15:27
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SteveAJ1m: ayt?21:43
Theuniwe're just coming back from lunch22:01
SteveAhi christian22:01
SteveAis there a sprint going on?22:02
Theunidifferent ones22:19
Theunipycon time :)22:19
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regebroEvenin' everyone!23:52
regebroI'm trying to do in zope 3 what you in Zope2 would do by overriding bobo_traverse and returning an object wrapped in self.23:53
regebroHow would one go on doing that?23:54
regebroI'm overriding traverse() now, and that seems useful, is that right?23:54
regebroBi5 of I just return the non-persistent object, it doesn't have enough context...23:55
SteveAregebro: in zope3 we have two kinds of traversal:  URL traversal, and object graph traversal.23:55
regebroOh, object graph traversal, that sounds interesting.23:55
SteveAi'm not sure what you mean by "overriding traverse()"23:56
SteveAbut, in general, you'll want to provide adapters to override how traversal works23:56
SteveA__bobo_traverse__ in zope2 is most like URL traversal23:56
SteveAthat is, traversal specific to a particular kind of request.23:56
SteveAyou need to provide IPublishTraverse to override URL traversal for a particular kind of thing23:58
SteveAyou may also want to override IBrowserDefault23:58
SteveAwhich seems to have disappeared23:58
SteveAhmm, need to find out what's happened to that :-)23:58
SteveAfor object graph traversal, provide an ITraverser adapter23:59
regebroy head is exploding.23:59
SteveAnote that in many cases, the default URL traverser adapters ask the object graph traverser adapters what to do23:59
regebroIs this explained somewhere or do i have to read all the code again=23:59

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