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SteveAso, by default the URLs reflact the way the objects are linked together00:00
SteveAURLTraversal: IPublishTraverse.  in zope/publisher/interfaces/__init__.py00:00
regebroOK, I'll have to read the code again. Sigh. Ah well.00:01
SteveAObject traversal (not specific to particular requests.  as used to process page template TALES path expressions): ITraverser from zope/app/traversing/interfaces.py00:01
regebroThanks for the help, I obviously was barking up a tree in the wrong forest...00:01
SteveAso, to hook directly into URL traversal, provide an IPublishTraverse adapter for the interface your object provides.00:01
SteveAto hook into object traversal, provide an ITraversable adapter for the interface your object provides.00:02
SteveA(I said ITraverser before, but I really meant ITraversable.  They're defined in the same module.)00:02
SteveAhope your head feels better soon ;-)00:02
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projekt01SteveA, ayt?02:31
projekt01J1m, ayt?02:34
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J1mprojekt01, yes, but not for long03:04
projekt01J1m, Is the issue 85 still open (change metadata to another name)?03:06
projekt01This issue is asigned to SteveA03:06
projekt01Long time ago....03:06
J1mFirst, it's not critical, so we can ignore it03:08
J1msecond, we shoould get rid of it because it is moot.03:09
projekt01Get rid of the naming? Or the issue?03:09
projekt01What does moot mean?03:10
J1mCatalogs don't have the data structure they are trying to figure out a name for.03:10
J1mMoot means it doesn't matter.03:10
J1mweird words03:10
projekt01Ok, this means we can close the issue? right?03:10
projekt01I was sending some mails about other issues, if you have time tomorrow...03:11
projekt01There are not important, but some of them are not relevant since different refactorings and could be closed.03:12
J1mI fear I won't, but I'll try03:12
J1mWe should focuss on critical bugs03:13
projekt01How else has the permission and skills for closing issues03:13
J1mI'm waaaay behind and am not having much spare time in the sprints here03:13
J1mThis is cool because there are actually around 12 sprints going on at once, in the same 2 rooms03:14
projekt01But I think we should also cleanup the bugtracker, like now it looks like nobody cares about (at least old issue)03:14
J1msleep is more urgent :)03:14
J1mI need to go03:14
J1mget some sleep03:14
projekt01Some issue are assinged since 2003 and nobody is doing something!03:14
J1mI agree that we should clean them up, but we should do so when we have more time.03:15
J1mI'm really pressed for time myself.03:15
J1mgood night (morning, whatever)03:15
projekt01Ok, I know, see you03:15
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mpzope3.css is broken04:22
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mpwhoa, someone just fixed it04:36
mpit was fast04:36
mpI'm impressed04:36
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viyyerhi what are the basic requirements for strating zope3 programming guide ?07:26
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viyyerhi .. I have installed zope3 by untarring zope3-3 files on /opt and installed it to /var/zope3 ... where would my zope3 python path  be? and how can I add zope3 path for python.. for directly importing zope3 libraries?15:26
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Damasceneyou install python separately15:37
Damasceneit uses the same python that the system is running.15:37
viyyerDamascene,  I was using programming_tutorial on zope3 ..15:40
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viyyerIt asked me to install this buddydemo on the zope3 python directory.. ? where is this ?15:40
Damasceneare you using the release or svn snapshot?15:42
viyyerI'm using the zope3-3 release15:43
Damascenedid you make a zope3 instance?15:43
Damascenei believe it's usually in $zope3instancehome/lib/python.15:43
Damascenebasically some directory where your PYTHONPATH is pointing to15:44
viyyerDamascene,  yes.. !! I have the instance running /var/zope315:44
Damasceneyou can always put it in any directory as lnog as your setup your environment's PYTHONPATH to point to it15:44
Damascenelook into /var/zope3 directory.. should be a lib/python subdir?15:44
viyyerDamascene,  there is15:45
viyyerit does exist..15:45
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viyyerDamascene,  should I install it right there or.. in a specific sub-dir .. is it matters.. !! and If I want to test it on python.. how should I go about it ?15:46
viyyeroops . there is none.. !!15:48
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Damasceneit's the same as using python libs/modules15:50
Damascenethe general concept i mean15:50
Damasceneof python libraries and modules15:50
viyyerDamascene,  when I try importing buddydemo.. it shows an error.. unable to import persistent?15:50
Damascenethere might even be a readme.txt file15:51
Damasceneyeah put it in the same directory as that15:51
viyyerthe readme talks about how to install distutils based packages into zope instance15:52
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viyyerDamascene, why do I get the eror with importing  persistent ?15:54
viyyershould I add zope3 library to python path ?15:54
Damasceneyeah you might have to15:55
Damascenebut just tryto startup python15:55
viyyerDamascene,  it is started... do I need to restart ?15:58
viyyerI am able to access it's web interface15:59
Damasceneyou need to restart when making code changes15:59
Damasceneand/or adding new packages15:59
Damasceneand you also need to create a buddydemo-configure.zcml in the packages-include folder15:59
Damasceneokay i got to go now.  sorry.  good luck!15:59
viyyerthanks .. lot..16:00
viyyerthanks a million16:00
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SteveAJ1m: hi.  do you know if it is possible for an object to be GCed while its __init__ is still being processed ?18:10
SteveAand, have you seen any errors like "SystemError: ../Objects/listobject.c:125: bad argument to internal function" lately ?18:11
J1mI don't think it woul be possible for an object to be GCed while a method is executing.18:16
J1mAfter all, it would be reachable from a stack frame, and I'm sure executing stack frames are reachable.18:16
J1mJust a sec, here's Tim, I'll conform w him.18:16
faasseneven if the stackframe thing isn't going on, there's goig to be a reference to self.18:17
faassenI guess someone could reassign self or del it. :)18:17
SteveAi need to check the __del__ rules again... this thing has a __del__18:18
SteveAand a __getattr__.  and the __del__ and __getattr__ interact.18:18
SteveAhorrible code18:18
SteveAit is the Transaction code from sqlobject's dbconnection code18:19
J1mI won't share everything Tim said. ;)  But, basically, he thinks I'm right,18:19
faassenTim said it depended on the floating point implementatin of your OS. :)18:19
SteveAi started off getting an infinite loop when running my app's testsuite18:20
J1mWe haven't seen the system error18:20
SteveAi looked into it, and there's a __getattr__ hook.  the first thing this hook does is call a method that checks self._obselete18:20
J1mTim says don't use __del__18:20
J1mwe've decided to deprecate it18:21
faassendeprecate __del__ in Python? :)18:21
SteveAchecking self._obselete causes a call to __getattr__ and a loop, because '_obselete' isn't in self.__dict__.  but, the only time this is the case is before line 2 of __init__18:21
faassenI never use __del__ myself.18:21
SteveAi never use __del__18:21
J1mI doubt that anyone will listen to us though ;)18:21
faassenhey, this time I'll listen to you guys!18:21
SteveAyou have four supporters here18:21
faassendel __del__!18:21
faassenI can probably convince Guido of it too.18:22
faassenunfortunately it'll be one of our Guidos here at Infrae.18:23
SteveAconvince gudio.  i still have his business card18:23
J1mTim says that somehow, someone has passed a non list to PyList_Size18:23
J1mDoes your app have any C code?18:23
SteveAhmm, interesting.18:23
SteveAnone of its own.18:23
SteveAit does use various libraries18:23
SteveAlike the ones in zope3, psycopg database adapter18:24
J1mYou could put a gdb breakpoint on that line, let it stop, and see who's calling it with that arg18:24
SteveAlooks like i need to make a debug build, and see what i can do18:24
SteveAunfortunately, the error occurs intermittently18:24
J1myou don't need a special build to use gdb18:24
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SteveAthanks tim and jim.  i'll see what's up.18:25
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SteveAoh wait... there's a SystemError raised during __init__, so the instance is immediately ready for GC18:34
SteveAthat explains the problem with __del__ and __getattr__18:34
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anto9usdoes zope3 have postgresql support?19:48
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anto9usgreat! is it native or an addon?19:48
Damascenewell technically everythign is a little add-on.  but there is a psycopgda adapter/package19:49
anto9usthe same one that's used with zope 2?19:49
Damasceneyou just need psycopg (python postgres driver)19:49
Damasceneno, i'm pretty suer it is not.  but you can pull it from the SVN19:49
anto9uswill it work on windows?19:50
Damascenemaybe.  i don't use windows with zope3.19:51
anto9usthanks, I'll take a look at the SVN, not used it before though, I'm a bit of a newbie19:52
Damascenemaybe it's in a package.  let me see19:54
anto9usis gadfly ACID compliant do you know?19:55
anto9usit may be a better option to port my database19:55
Damascenei'm kind of a newbie myself.  but maybe you can manuallyd ownload the files.  ;(19:56
Damascenento sure on gadfly19:56
anto9usanother thing, does zope3 have ssl support?19:58
efgeanto9us: gadfly is a toy database, not something for production19:58
anto9usthanks efge19:58
anto9uswell, getting zope3 installed and running on my winxp based laptop was easy :D20:00
anto9uswhat's the easiest frontend to SVN on windows?20:07
anto9usd2m: do I need the webprojects version?20:10
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Damascenedo you guys use a normal text editor to do coding or an advanced IDE?20:16
mgedmintakes some time to learn, but is worth the investment20:17
mgedmintags and keyword completion are killer features20:18
mgedminemacs is also good in the same way (needs learning, worth the effort), but also completely different20:18
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Damasceneacutally, i use vim right now20:21
Damasceneor ultraedit under windows (but i do have gvim as wel)20:21
Damascenealthough i dont' thnk i'm familiar with 'tags'20:21
Damascenei'll try to exploit more of vim's features then20:23
Damascenethanks for the advice20:23
mgedminDamascene, take a brief look at
Damasceneah, seems like i better use 'gvim' more than just vim alone20:24
_projekt01damascene, I use ultra edit ;-20:31
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Damascene_projekt01:  i've never tried to use ultraedit for 'project' development.  i'm quite pleased it even has a ctags option20:32
_projekt01Yup, I use cTags in uEdit20:33
_projekt01You can find it here:
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anto9ushas anyone managed to get psycopgda running with the latest zope3 on win32?21:04
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anto9uszope3 fails to start, I'm getting an error when trying to runzope - AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'new_type'21:08
Damasceneanto9us:  you also need psycopg installed21:09
Damascenepsycopgdb is kind of like an adapter for zope3 + psycopg21:09
Damascenemaybe you should see if you have psycopg installed as well?21:10
anto9usI see, thanks :)21:10
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mgedminyippee, full zope 3 starts up in 4 seconds on my new laptop21:38
J1m|awayDid you get a new laptop? :)21:40
*** J1m|away is now known as J1m21:40
* mgedmin nods21:41
mgedmina T4221:41
mgedmina quick question:21:42
mgedmincan I change an attribute of a persistent object and commit the transaction from a PostMortemDebuggingHTTPServer prompt?21:42
* mgedmin tried, and it didn't work21:42
Damascenemgedmin:  re T42, NICE laptop.  i got the wimpy T41 myself.21:42
algaWhoo, what a joy indeed21:44
alga5.9 seconds for me21:44
* alga got an X4021:44
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tvon|deskalga: nice22:29
*** tvon has joined #zope3-dev22:32
algayeah :-) giving my old X20 for my wife to use22:34
algaafter the hinges are replaced.  again.22:34
tvonmy x31 needs a few repairs.  last x20 I saw was built like a brick (in a good way)22:34
tvongirl who owned it had dropped it countless times.. pcmcia slot was all crooked.. still ran fine22:35
anto9uscan anyone tell how to get psycopgda working on win32?22:39
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anto9usor point me in the right direction?22:40
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anto9us_ghost anto9us23:08
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WebMavenhi zopepaul23:21
WebMavenGreetings from PyCon23:21
zopepaulWebMaven: hi23:23
* zopepaul wished he was at pycon...well, not really, wished pycon were here :)23:23
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