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* philiKON gives up on following the feature freeze thread14:26
* philiKON found a use case where 'usage' (something we got rid of some time ago) would be very helpful14:32
efgephiliKON: hi (sorry didn't see you yesterday) :)14:38
philiKONhey :)14:39
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_projekt01mgedmin, do you have a virtual host setup somewhere for testing the xmltree?14:54
mgedmin_projekt01, what do you mean?14:55
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_projekt01I added virtual host support for the Rotterdam skin (xmltree) yesterday14:55
_projekt01The virtual host root should now be the root in the tree14:56
_projekt01If you use ++vh++...14:56
philiKON_projekt01, you don't actually need any special setup to test this14:56
philiKONjust use ++vh++ and see what URLs zope generates14:56
_projekt01philiKON, you know, there is sometimes a difference between testing and a real usecase ;-)14:58
philiKONwell, if you really want to see for yourself, get an apache2 installation and do it thru apache14:59
philiKON_projekt01, the config file you need for apache2 is available in my book's code at
_projekt01I added tests for this and was testing it with Apache too, but you never know...15:00
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philiKONhi RomanR :)15:17
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ignas_i got an adapter that adapts the object i need + the custom request type i am using for traversal yet, somehow more generic traverser gets chosen .. how does one debug such things ?18:20
ignas_weird ... if i am registering the view with IHTTPRequest - then my traverser is chosen, yet it is too generic and the traverser is usede for IBrowserRequests too ...18:23
ignas_yet if i am registering it with ICustomRequest - my traverser is not chosen yet pdb shows that the request is of my custom type18:24
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regebroIs there a way to easily provide a "subform" in a form of an object that has a schema?19:13
regebroie., I have a calendat event. One of the fields in the schema is a recurrence object.19:13
regebroThat object of course also has a schema. I would simply like to  "expand" that schema. Is that possible?19:14
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mgedminI've never done that, but I suspect that zope 3 forms were designed to make this possible19:17
mgedminwhat happens if you put an foo = Object(schema=IBar) into your schema?19:17
_projekt01regebro, You can use the Object field. Perhaps?19:17
regebroIt comaplins it can't find a view for the object.19:17
regebroSo, I is kinda expects to find like a widget or something?19:18
_projekt01Use CustomWidgetFactory in a own view19:19
regebroHmmm. ok.19:20
regebrowidgets are confusing. ;)19:20
regebroBut I'm getting better at it.19:21
_projekt01It's outdated but you can see how it works here:19:21
regebroAh, alright, so I override the views _makewidgetfactoryshweteveritscalledifforgot() and set the foo_widgets to a CustomeWidgetFactory. Cool.19:23
regebroI'll try that.19:23
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_projekt01regebro, Yup, it could be so easy...;-)19:54
regebrowell, it sure aint EASY. :p19:55
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regebro_projekt01: Thanks, it *alomost* works.20:41
regebroOr rather, It probably works, but not in Five. ;)20:41
regebroI might be able to fix that with some magic....20:42
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