IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-03-25

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ignascan someone please sacrifice the one who wrote quetrymultiadapter machinery to some inca god please?18:32
ignasSupay sounds nice :)18:35
ignasthere is not sane way to make your adapter morespecific than any other adapter that do exist ..18:38
ignasand rules that do the determination are like - unpredictable18:38
Theunithere should be some slides and documentaton around that explain those rules18:40
TheuniAAIK they comply to the method lookup rules of inheritance18:41
ignaswell, they do not ;)18:41
ignasor at least they do it in some unexplainable way ...18:42
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mgedminignas, do you have a small reproducible example of the problem?18:43
ignasreproducible yes, small - no ...18:44
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ignasi can try and hack and slash one18:44
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ignasbut i guess i'll look into it a bit more18:51
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* mgedmin looks for a way to disable email delivery in zcml (for functional tests)18:53
_projekt01ignas, take a look at zope.interface.adapters.txt it's all described there.18:57
_projekt01There is no way to make the adapter more specific then another18:57
_projekt01You can use a interface form your class where is more specific then another interface18:58
ignasthe problem was so far away from the sypthom ;)18:58
ignasi wrote my own request class even, yet the skin was being applied and making my request implement browser request ...18:58
ignasso even though the adapter was designed for IRESTRequest the subscriber was making IBrowserRequest more specific than anything else ...18:59
ignasand chosing another adapter instead ...19:00
_projekt01Did you use class IRESTRequest(IBrowserRequest):19:03
_projekt01This should work19:04
ignasno it would not ...19:04
ignasthe IBrowserRequest is added to the begining of the list ...19:04
ignasin applySkin ...19:04
_projekt01You try to define a layer? Right?19:05
ignasi guess, it am don't know that part of the code very well ..19:06
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ignasif ISchoolBellApplication.providedBy(event.object): applySkin(event.request, ISchoolBellSkin) is the buggy line ...19:07
ignasi should have checked whether the request is ob BrowserRequest type ...19:07
_projekt01Why do you apply the skin?19:08
ignasthe layer implements IBrowserRequest too ... that migh be the problem19:08
ignas_projekt01, what do you mean "why" ?19:09
_projekt01Do you like to force the ISchoolBell skin, or avoid the access of other skins?19:10
ignassorry, i really wish i could tell you that, yet i don't know the exact reason ...19:10
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_projekt01Ah, someting doesn't work and you don't know why?19:11
ignasmight be because schoolbell is running as a more or less standalone app, not as a zope component ...19:11
_projekt01Yup, sure19:12
ignasnow everything works though19:12
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_projekt01regebro, perhaps you can explain it better19:12
regebroOK, hang on... I'll read through the discussion.19:13
_projekt01ignas, do you try to run SchoolBell in the Rotterdam skin?19:14
ignas_projekt01, no19:14
_projekt01What do you try to do?19:14
regebro_project01, ignasm No, sorry, I don't understand the question.19:14
ignasregebro, well there are no unansewered questions left at themoment19:14
ignasas i said sorry, the bug was mine ;)19:14
ignasthank you :)19:15
_projekt01ignas, doesn't matter, just ask if you have other questions. That's useal that not all will work right out of the box ;-)19:16
mgedmin_projekt01, we had a BeforeTraversalEvent subscriber19:17
_projekt01Take also a look at zope.interface.adapters.txt for more info about adapters. It's well documented.19:17
mgedminthat applied our skin when traversing ISchoolBellApplication19:17
_projekt01And this adapter applys the skin. right19:17
mgedminthis had the unexpected side effect of coverting HTTP requests into Browser requests19:18
mgedminthat was the bug19:18
_projekt01Why do you use the HTTPRequest? That's not a good idea!19:18
_projekt01I guess you need a clean layer instead.19:19
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_projekt01Btw, that's not this easy!19:19
mgedminwe need both browser requests for end users19:19
mgedminand HTTP requests for applications19:20
_projekt01Why do you apply a Skin to the HTTPRequest?19:20
mgedminRESTive interface on a different port19:20
mgedminwhy?  because of a bug19:20
_projekt01I don't think IBeforeTraverEvent should apply a skin to the HTTPRequest.19:21
_projekt01Is this what's happen?19:21
ignasyes, but it was not ment to be so now it is fixed19:21
_projekt01Oh, that's not nice.19:22
_projekt01Do we really need a skin applied to the HTTPRequest? I don't think so?19:23
_projekt01Or I'm wrong?19:23
_projekt01I think a HTTPRequest is only a interaction between the client and server without UI stuff, right?19:24
ignasyes you are right19:24
_projekt01mgedmin, can you take a look at it? Or should I do it later this night?19:25
ignasyou mean fix the applySkin19:25
ignasof zope itself19:25
_projekt01ignas, can you add a issue to the bugtracker for this. I'm not sure if I have time tonight.19:27
ignasi can i guess19:27
_projekt01But this should get fixed for the release 3.119:27
_projekt01Cool, thanks for reporting this.19:27
_projekt01Write also that this issue is related to the SchoolBell, perhaps it usuable for reproduceing the bug19:29
mgedminis it the job of applySkin to make sure the request is IBrowserRequest?19:30
mgedminI think it is the job of the caller19:30
_projekt01I think so too19:31
ignasso what's the bug ?19:31
_projekt01It's just happen in the wrong place.19:31
_projekt01At least the IBeforeTraversalEvent adapter shouldn't applySkin for HTTPRequest.19:33
ignasyes, yet these are written in the code of our application ...19:34
ignasor there are a few in zope ?19:34
_projekt01Our application?19:35
ignasschoolbell, or any other project we are using IBeforeTraversalEvent to apply skin19:36
_projekt01But not for the HTTPRequest!19:37
* mgedmin sighs19:37
ignasit's not the fault of the framework, and the only fix i can see is - a warning near definition of applySkin19:37
_projekt01Why a warrning? HTTPRequest don't use skin.19:38
mgedminI've a different problem here19:38
mgedminoverrides_ftesting.zcml won't let me override a mailer utility19:38
mgedminoh, I see19:39
mgedminI already override it in overrides.zcml19:39
mgedminso two overrides conflict19:39
mgedminmy error, never mind19:39
ignasallways glad to help :)19:39
_projekt01Ok, I have to go to dinner.19:40
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julesShould my buddydemo goodies (from the pdf) go in my_new_instance/lib/python ?23:03
julesConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', "Couldn't import buddydemo, No module named buddydemo")23:04
* jules didn't check out from source23:04
julesWell, it's back to Zope 2 then.23:57
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