IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-03-26

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shaprAbstractions question: My current view is that webapp servers use two abstractions, control flow and persistence. For Persistence, ZODB lets your code pretend that zope never exits. For control flow CMF/Plone has portal_navigation/FormController/Workflows. Can you think of more/other abstractions I've left out?12:53
shaprAlternatively, is there a high level z3 design doc that might point out more of the central ideas/structures in z3?12:55
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SteveAshapr: transactions14:10
SteveAshapr: these let your code pretend that it never fails.14:10
SteveAshapr: interfaces/adapters.  these let your code pretend to be what others think it should be.14:11
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SteveAshapr: authorization policy.  this lets your code not care about what's allowed and what isn't.14:15
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shaprhm, neato14:50
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