IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-04-10

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srichterC8N: hi00:26
C8Nhi stephen ^^;00:26
C8Nand nice 2 meet u00:27
* C8N thinks: he's just less than an hour lagged....00:28
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srichterno, I am just on and off00:42
srichterC8N: what is your name?00:43
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C8Nsrichter: sorry, i read you only now. carlo00:51
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srichterC8N: so you are using Zope 3 already?01:36
C8Nsrichter: not professionally yet, but playing with it since 2 yrs...01:37
srichterwow, so you are an expert :-)01:38
C8Nand lurking z3-dev ml since foundation01:38
srichteryou should join the development team :-)01:38
C8Nsrichter: i'll save this log, print it, frame it and put it over my bed ;)01:39
srichteraehm, really? ;-)01:39
C8Nnope, just jokin'. but i want to thank you very very much for your effort in z301:39
srichteryou are welcome01:40
srichterbut I am serious about you joining the team :-)01:40
C8Ndo you like italy? if i have success in convincing my boss toinvest in z3, i would like to invite you here to make a seminar...01:41
srichterI looooove italy!01:42
C8N(off couse it can be also a sprint, but i don't think it's easy to collect z3-ppl in italy01:43
srichterwhere do you live?01:43
C8Nwe got only a growin z2 community)01:43
C8Nmilan, but my compani is in turin01:43
srichterwe could do a seminar/application sprint (like a tutorial)01:43
C8Nit would be fantastic01:43
srichterTurin is nice01:44
srichterMilano I have only seen from the air/airport01:44
srichterbtw, there is a direct flight from Boston to Milano01:44
C8N(u have to see the egyptian museum)01:44
C8Nthe airport is the only interesting place of milano ;)01:45
C8Ndo you live in boston now?01:45
srichterok, I gotta go01:47
srichterI have to get ready to go out01:47
srichterwe can talk more tomorrow or next week01:47
C8Nsee ye01:48
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projekt01C8N, if you really organize a sprint, you can add me to the list.01:49
* C8N thinks: next time i must remember to ask him an autograph....01:50
C8Nwow, really roger?01:50
projekt01srichter, have a nice Ausgang01:50
projekt01C8N, of corse, I can help  organizing some development parts.01:51
projekt01And milano or turin isn't this far away from switzerland.01:51
C8Nyou are right... even even more interesting...01:52
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projekt01Think about it and tell me if you like to organize something, it hasn't be a big event. Just some place to sleep and a sprint room with WLAN.01:53
projekt01...and a pizzeria next to the sprint room. ;-)01:54
C8Ni'm talking to fog (author of psycopg, from torino, too), let see...01:54
C8Nthe owner of is also in turin01:55
projekt01Yeah, contact them and ask if they are interested.01:56
projekt01C8N, you can get more information about z3 sprints at:
C8Neheh maybe it needs a little update.. ;)02:00
projekt01Yup, that's the reason why stefan told you should join the development team. There is a lot to do ;-)02:10
C8Nyup. release 2.8 and 3.1, and none contribute, i know, :(02:22
C8Nbeh, there is florian, who signed up recently...02:23
C8N(or will sign up)02:24
projekt01To the italy sprint?02:24
C8Nnope, the agreement, i mean02:24
projekt01Yes, I think so02:24
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projekt01srichter, ayt?16:18
srichterprojekt01: yes16:21
projekt01Do you have a moment16:21
projekt01I like to improve the registration part, first in Tiks, later we can move this to zope316:22
projekt01I like to add a registration policy16:22
projekt01Like a factory where register as utilities IRegistrationPolicy16:22
projekt01This factory contains information for IRegistration16:22
srichteractually, I do not have time for a deep discussion16:23
srichterI am getting ready to go hiking, so I am watching this only with half an eye16:23
srichtertomorrow would be much better then16:23
projekt01Ok, let's do it next week, it's a concept for 3.216:23
projekt01I do it in Tiks first16:24
projekt01Then we can take a look there16:24
projekt01See you16:24
srichtersee ya16:24
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