IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-04-11

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projekt01srichter, ayt?11:50
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projekt01Can somebody tell me why we use a RegistrationManager and not only use the items in the RegisterableContainer???11:54
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Aistehi Theuni12:11
Theunicame back alive?12:12
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AisteTheuni:  just about :) was totally dead the whole sunday12:19
Theunipretty much the same over here12:19
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srichterprojekt01: because registrations are independent of the object14:11
srichteralso, not all objects inside a registerable container must be registerable/registered14:12
srichterthat said, Jim has some ideas on how to simplify this even more14:12
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SteveAif you start up zope with a command line option14:17
SteveApython -C zope.conf.in14:17
SteveAthen any HTTP requests that lack a query string in the URL will get "-C":"" as an item in request.form14:18
SteveAthis is because the request uses python's cgi.py14:18
SteveAwhich has an INSANE use of sys.argv14:18
SteveA        if method == 'GET' or method == 'HEAD':14:18
SteveA            if 'QUERY_STRING' in environ:14:18
SteveA                qs = environ['QUERY_STRING']14:18
SteveA            elif sys.argv[1:]:14:18
SteveA                qs = sys.argv[1]14:18
SteveA            else:14:18
SteveA                qs = ""14:18
SteveAline 444 onwards14:19
SteveAi mean, WTF14:19
srichterjust check in a fix :-)14:28
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SteveAi don't know what the fix is14:28
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SteveAand it needs a test14:28
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SteveAand it should probably be fixed in python14:30
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hdimaSteveA: can we just check for 'QUERY_STRING' presence and set it to "" if needed?15:07
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SteveAhdima: yeah, guess so15:15
hdimaSteveA: ok, I'll try to fix it with tests15:15
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SteveAhdima: cool!15:34
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hdimaSteveA: fixed on trunk at rev 2994115:54
SteveAcool, thanks15:54
SteveAyou can have the kudos of closing the bug the same day it was opened!15:55
hdima:-) thanks!15:56
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mwh2 is somewhat out of date17:27
mwh2i guess that's not surprising17:27
srichtermwh2: yes it is17:28
srichterit should get the Outdated status flag17:28
mwh2the roadmap is too?17:29
mwh2it says something about X3.1 last december...17:29
srichterit probably is17:29
srichteryeah, definitely17:30
mwh2ho hum17:30
mwh2is there any way to work out what the status is?17:30
mwh2i suppose mailing lists...17:30
srichterif you are a poweruser, then you can just change the status yourself17:34
mwh2not exactly :)17:34
mwh2i'm not sure i even have an account there any more17:35
srichterI see17:35
srichterthen sending a mail to the list will be most fruitful17:35
mwh2well, i'm guessing that some of the zope3 introductory documents are a touch out of date isn't exactly news?17:41
srichterwell, there are so many, so I am just not surprised they are17:41
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philiKONsrichter, we need a better web presence for zope319:39
philiKONnot a longish URL that is hard-to-navigate wiki19:39
philiKONnot a longish URL that is a hard-to-navigate wiki19:40
DamascenephiliKON:  you mean ?19:41
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philiKONerr, right19:42
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philiKONwe need a dogbowl19:43 run on a z3 site19:43
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Damascenethat would be nice. ;)19:46
philiKONand maybe a little too ambitious19:47
Damasceneactually, is content meant to be managed completely in zodb?  also, what ist he primary interface for managing content?  only the web?  is zsync still going to be in use?  or is it deprecated?19:47
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Damascenewell if zope x3 is as usable as claimed, it should be easy, right?  :)19:47
philiKONit shouldn't and it isn't19:47
philiKONit hopefully will in the future, though19:48
Damascenesorry i asked too many questions at once.  is your no, it shouldn't, etc with regards to zsync or the zopex3 being usable?19:48
philiKONthe latter19:48
philiKONnot sure what the story about zsync's future is19:48
philiKONas for data storage in zodb or not: you decide19:49
DamascenephiliKON:  it doesn't seem that clear to easily separate it from zodb though?19:49
philiKONas for the user interface for managing content: you decide :) (most probalby the web, though, but you can have WebDAV, XML-RPC, FTP, etc.)19:49
Damascenewell i like doing it via ssh/vim on teh filesystem.19:49
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philiKONDamascene, separate what from zodb?19:50
DamascenephiliKON:  general content.19:50
philiKONDamascene, well, it's very easy; just don't inherit from "Persistent" but manage data in another way19:50
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DamascenephiliKON:  hm i suppose so.  i tried looking into sqlos, but i remember running into a lot of little issues since i like braeking out my data into a lot of tables heh.20:02
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srichterphiliKON: I am not really interested on working a site anymore, unless we have some HTML/CSS design people on board to make it good looking22:02
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