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srichterbut he will know00:00
srichterit would not have been what I expected, but it is probably documented somewhere00:00
FarcePesthe refered me to
srichterah of course, that makes sense00:04
srichterbecause you mutate the tree while iterating00:05
srichtersince the entire point of iterators is to be lazy, the outcome is unporedictable00:05
FarcePesti figured that was going on, but it seemed bug-like that it would affect keys(), which is counter to would happen with normal dict00:05
FarcePesttim: "It's true that BTree.keys() does not create a distinct list, but00:06
FarcePestthat's documented, important, and won't change.  BTree.keys() acts a00:06
FarcePestlot more like dictionary.iterkeys()."00:06
srichterright, since it creates an iterator00:11
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FarcePestperhaps behaviorally, keys() should be implemented as return list(self.iterkeys())00:12
FarcePestthat seems more pythonic to me. if you are worried about the index being huge, you'll use iterkeys() anyway00:12
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FarcePesthowever, lazy keys() might be too firmly entrenched, since there's a bunch of stuff that predates iterators00:14
FarcePestunfortunately, BTreeContainer doesn't have iterkeys()00:17
srichterdid you ask Tim for the rational of this design decision?00:30
srichterok, time to go home00:31
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tarekHi, is there anything comparable to z2's "beforeCommitHook" in Zope 3 ?17:48
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srichtertarek: let me check17:54
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tareksrichter, ok thanks18:00
FarcePestsrichter, re BTreeContainer.keys(), no, I did not ask Tim for the rationale for the design decision18:02
srichtertarek: we have an EndRequestEvent18:02
tarekgreat, thank you :)18:02
srichtertarek: nothing should happen after that, so this should be as close as you need to be18:03
tarekok, i am looking at it18:03
srichtertarek: see
tarekok thx18:03
srichterFarcePest: ok, maybe we should :-)18:03
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FarcePestyeah, i'm partial to making the current .keys() implementation .iterkeys(), and making .keys() return list(self.iterkeys())18:08
FarcePestor at the very least, adding .iterkeys(), and warning people that .keys() will return a list at some point in the future18:09
srichterFarcePest: It will be an uphill battle, but you can always try :-)18:11
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FarcePestdoes zope3 use the python built-in datetime objects now?19:39
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mgedminif I have a ZODB Connection, can I iterate over all Persisten objects?19:55
mgedmin(I need to write a generation evolve script and change an object that is stored as an annotation)19:56
mgedmin(findObjectsProviding only returns those objects that are reachable from the root by calling 'values()' on various mappings)19:56
mgedmin(you won't get objects stored in annotations from findObjectsProviding)19:56
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* srichter just got into a piss match with some Twisted guys. Oy19:58
srichtermgedmin: no20:00
srichtermgedmin: I know20:00
srichterJim wants something like that in ZODB for this reason20:00
SteveA_so, oids are longs...20:01
mgedminI suppose you can do some tricks with pickling, like locationCopy does20:01
SteveA_you just need to start at 120:01
SteveA_there's an API for migrating a storage20:02
SteveA_which it an iterator that goes through all objects20:02
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ignas"which it an iterator" ?20:16
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tvonIs there a way to check weather an object properly implements an interface?22:05
tvoneg, check that everything defined in the interface is in the object22:05
vinscitvon, yes, by using Java :)22:07
vinscione of the reasons I prefer java for some tasks...22:07
tvonI could do it in a few lines but I thought there might be something in zope I wasn't finding22:08
vinsciI hope there is something, as otherwise updated to implementing classes will be partial sometimes (due to humar error)22:10
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tvonvinsci: zope.interface.verify.verifyObject seems to do it22:21
tvonnow take back the mean things you said about using java :)22:22
vinscinah, not until Python does it automatically22:22
tvonthat would be nice22:23
vinsciabove all, it would be _reliable_22:23
* vinsci is a fan of reliability22:23
srichterit would suck if Python does it automatically22:25
srichteroftentimes we purposfully do not implment the entire interface22:25
srichtertesting is a big example here; we are able to make stub implmentations, where we implement only as much of an interface as we need22:26
* bradb wonders how verifyObject ended up with such a bizarre name22:27
srichterverify an object's implementation of an interface22:28
srichteryou always have to see it in the context of its module: zope.interface.verify22:28
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tvonI understand that reasoning, though the death of stubs would not bother me much22:44
tvonthe biggest problem I have with writing tests is finding out that a stub somewhere up the line doesn't have something that it should22:46
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srichterwith twsited's async loop in place, it will be very easy to write cron-like services23:52
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FarcePestso who won that pissing contest you mentioned earlier?23:55
srichterwell, there was no winner as I had to leave23:56
srichterbut I hate it if people behave like their technology is the answer to the universe23:56
FarcePestdon't they know it's OUR technology? duh23:57
srichterwell, I think the people that were snappy were simple users of Twisted which are not envolved a lot23:57
srichterdash was actually very nice and tried to listen to my complaint23:58
FarcePestis that "involved" or "evolved"?23:58

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