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FarcePesti saw "simple" and "not evolved a lot" and thought apes, early humans, etc.00:00
srichterI see00:04
FarcePestperhaps it was the idea of territorial pissing that planted that idea00:05
srichterhe he :-)00:06
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xenwrylyany word on zope3 with python 2.4?08:54
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philiMACxenwryly, it works09:24
xenwrylyhey man09:27
xenwrylyI think I read that for zope2, it works but there had not been a security audit09:28
xenwrylyis it the same deal for z3?09:28
philiMACnot really09:29
philiMACz3 should work just fine on py2.409:29
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srichterwho is Vobila here?15:49
bskahansrichter: I think that's ignas at POV15:50
srichterah ok!15:51
bskahanits someone at POV15:51
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srichterdarn, I wish he would be here15:51
bskahanhe probably will be in a few hours15:52
srichterSteveA: Are the POV guys already in the UK?15:52
srichtermmh, I wish I could remember the day when he discussed the body instream problem with Jim15:52
srichterI have to fix the bug now, so that Twisted will be happy15:53
bskahanit was about a week ago15:54
srichteractually two, I just remembered to look at the bug date :-)15:54
bskahanif its the bug I'm thinking of15:54
srichteryeah, there ist is; March 3115:55
bskahanI ran into with creatorannotator, it can be fixed with the same removeSecurityProxy hack but alga said that solution was unloved when he did it15:58
bskahananyone know a better way to get around it?15:58
srichtermake sure that your user has the required permission :-)16:03
bskahanok, I think create/edit implies being able to set that metadata16:06
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srichterI disagree :-)16:07
srichterwhat should not happen is that it should not fail with this operation16:07
srichterbut simply not set the annotation16:07
srichteryou might ask Jim for further advise16:07
* bskahan nods16:08
bskahanthat would mean that the DC info would be out of sync with reality though16:09
bskahanI might not want the user to be able to explicitly change "modified" (which I don't), but I always want "modified" to reflect the last change16:09
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srichterbskahan: write a mail to the list challenging the policy16:13
srichterbskahan: I think something useful will come out of that thread16:13
* bskahan nods16:14
srichterignas: remember you body instream discussion with Jim?16:14
srichterignas: so if I read the logs right, you decided:16:14
srichterto deprecate body and bodyFile; add bodyStream that is effectively the same as bodyFile now16:15
srichterok, I am fixing this bug then16:19
srichterbecause it causes problems with the Twisted integration :-)16:19
ignascan't remember what was the decision about making it throw an error if seek()'ed16:19
srichterit will just fail16:19
srichterbecause it should not be seekable16:20
ignasthe fact that it fails silently disturbs me a little, though i guess it is not a significant problem16:20
srichterno, it will not be silent16:21
ignasoh, i see16:21
srichterit will be sormy!16:21
ignaswas that a mistype or a real word ? :)16:21
srichterI meant16:22
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srichterignas: I think I have the bug under control :-)17:22
srichterexcept for one case17:22
srichterwhen the publisher retries a request17:22
srichterthen it simply resets the instream by saying .seek(0)17:23
srichterI have no clue how to fix that! :-(17:23
srichterany ideas?17:23
ignaswell i heard one idea was to store the request in a file or an attribute to make it seekable ...17:25
ignasthough i guess it is not allways plausible ...17:25
srichterbut this defeats the whole purpose of reading the data as you need it17:26
srichteron the other hand a request has to be completed before it is sent to the publisher17:27
ignaswell, there is a method supports retry17:27
ignaswhich could return False if the requeststream is not seekable ...17:27
srichterthis means that as soon as we are switching to any WSGI-based HTTP server, we cannot retry anymore17:28
srichter(which will include our future default implementation, which is twsited.web2)17:28
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ignaswell, the requirements are pretty steep, we want the ability to handle hyge requests by reading them from a stream only when we need the data, and we want to be capable of "resending" the whole request at the same time ...17:30
ignasthe hacky evil way would be - implementing a specialcacheing stream that would cache everything that was read from the request, so we could access the data even with the real request being non seekable stream17:31
*** philiMAC is now known as philiKON17:31
ignasthe hacky stream would support seek(0) and would return the cached data untill someone would read() beyond the limit ...17:32
ignasyet i think you should consult someone more competent in such issues ;) (because i don't think i know the framework well enough)17:33
srichterthis is not a bad idea17:33
srichterwe could wrap the stream by a fake stream that records the read data17:34
srichterand supports a method called; reset stream or so17:34
srichterresetStream() or so17:34
srichterSteveA_: what do you think?17:36
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srichterignas: well, something like this must be the solution17:37
philiKONsrichter, working on twisted?17:38
srichteryeah, and our little seek(0) the stream problem shot right out17:38
srichterphiliKON: I was able to remove most of the seek code except in retry()17:39
philiKONwhat's the problem with seek()?17:39
srichterCGI input streams do not have to be seekable17:39
srichterthey are not files17:39
ignasthe stream passed to request is not allways seekable17:39
philiKONso, why are zope's input streams seekable?17:40
srichterwhen a request is retried it simply says
srichterbecause ZServer just uses IOStrings17:41
philiKONright... so, using seek() is bad; i get it...17:41
philiKONwhat's request retrying supposed to do?17:41
philiKONretry the very same request?17:41
srichteryes, in case of Conflict errors17:41
philiKONthere must be another way that just dooing seek(0)17:42
philiKONafter all, there's no new information to be parsed17:42
philiKONso it's all in the request already17:42
srichterright, so one suggestion was to wrap the stream17:42
srichterand when it is read keep a copy of the data17:42
srichterthe wrapper would need to be smart, since it needs to track readlines and readline calls as well17:44
srichterBut luckily readline does return its newline character, so we can just append to a stringio17:46
FarcePestyou could write to a real temporary file, too. delete it after you open it and it will go away when you close it, at least with unix semantics. if it's small, it shouldn't actually hit the disk in most cases17:50
srichterFarcePest: but this is the same problem; I either have to read all of the stream before I need it (often I do not need it) or I have to cache what has been read17:51
srichterI think the second is the lesser evilk17:51
srichterI think the second is the lesser evil17:51
FarcePestyeah, cache it into a real file instead of cstringio. doesn't cstringio still concatenate strings? or is it more efficient than that?17:52
srichterno clue17:53
srichterwill a tmp file be more efficient, if it does?17:53
FarcePestit might be, it shouldn't be written to disk unless it's relatively large, or the request takes a long time (more than a few seconds)17:54
srichterso here is what I have:17:55
FarcePestthis is due to buffering17:55
srichterclass HTTPInputStream(object):17:55
srichter    """Special stream that supports caching the read data.17:55
srichter    This is important, so that we can retry requests.17:55
srichter    """17:55
srichter    def __init__(self, stream):17:55
srichter = stream17:55
srichter        self.cacheStream = cStringIO.StringIO()17:55
srichter    def read(self, size=None):17:55
srichter        data =
srichter        self.cacheStream.write(data)17:55
srichter        return data17:55
srichter    def readline(self):17:55
srichter        data =
srichter        self.cacheStream.write(data)17:55
srichter        return data17:55
srichter    def readlines(self, hint):17:55
srichter        data =
srichter        self.cacheStream.write(''.join(data))17:55
srichter        return data17:55
srichteractually, I probably move that code to BaseRequest, even though it does not support retry17:56
srichterno, actually it is ok in HTTP :-)17:56
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FarcePestonly difference would be to make self.cacheStream be a real file object, and use os.remove() immediately after opening17:57
srichteryeah, we can do this later, if we see problems17:57
srichterI am always very skeptical about os calls it frameworks liek Zope17:57
FarcePestwould be easy to have two implementations, or to do as a subclass, at least for testing17:58
FarcePestor have a factory function that returns a file-like object: either a stringio or a real file that goes away when closed17:59
srichteractually, I have to add another method to ensure that all of the original stream has been read17:59
FarcePestonce upon a time, i wrote a unix-only SafeIO file-like object in C (this was for python-1.5)18:01
srichterhe he18:01
FarcePestthe point of it was, i needed it to timeout safely, and I also needed to do the line ending translations and byte-stuffing for SMTP and POP18:02
FarcePestso it worked on file descriptors, did it's own buffering, and used select with a timeout18:02
FarcePestimproved throughput a lot; it was primarily for a POP server I wrote18:03
FarcePestfun state machine logic with gotos18:04
FarcePestand switch18:04
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philiKONsrichter, why do we need to capture the verbatim stream anyway, if we actually are going to parse the very same request data upon retry... why not re-use the already-parsed request data?18:15
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srichterphiliKON: no we do not parse always the request18:15
srichterthe body_instream is everything after the headers18:15
srichterso in fact, for HTML stuff we are not using it at all18:15
srichtercurrently we only use it in XML-RPC and WebDAV, which send request bodies18:16
philiKONah; so if an xmlrpc/webdav view already did some read(), there's no way for us to retry?18:16
philiKON(currently that is)18:16
philiKONok, so it would make sense to cache it then18:17
srichteryeah, I am almost done with it too18:17
srichterone more test18:17
philiKONstill, better to avoid read() in the future then18:17
srichterbut you cannot18:18
srichterif you are interested in the request body, you have to read18:18
srichterrequest.body is deprecated based on Jim's suggestions on IRC from March 31, 200518:18
srichterdang, WSGI causes a lot of indirection18:20
philiKONso, what's the replacement?18:20
srichterjust use bodyStream directly18:20
philiKONuh, where's the difference?18:20
srichterbody was a string18:20
srichterbodyFile was a stream that was renamed to bodyStream18:20
srichterFarcePest: so andy, what are you doing with Zope 3 these days?18:24
FarcePestexperimenting with schoolbell a bit18:26
srichterI see, cool18:26
th1aSeeing how many people he can jam directly into the ZODB.18:26
srichterschoolbell is bringing developers to Zope 3; that is cool!18:27
th1aNothing like actual applications.18:27
srichterth1a: so he is working for you? :-)18:27
FarcePest <-- i worked on this at the pycon sprints with michael bernstein18:27
FarcePestwe're going to host it somewhere else eventually. it's a weblog (bowleg is an anagram)18:28
philiKONtalked to michael abou tit18:29
* philiKON wants to use it eventually18:29
srichterFarcePest: ahh, I see; you worked with Michael on the Blog app18:29
philiKONFarcePest, i might want to contribute some day, so i hope you'll host it on some open repo18:29
FarcePestthe general idea is that there won't be comments  in the usual sense; you can comment on someone else's blog entry by making one of your own18:30
FarcePestin theory, you can still create a tree that looks like a comment tree but made up of entries18:32
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FarcePestto compare it against MessageBoard, the entries are not containers, so each weblog is flat18:33
philiKONthat's cool18:33
philiKONhow do you manage associations?18:34
FarcePestwe don't, it's very early yet18:34
srichterFarcePest: so its more like the wiki package18:35
FarcePestin the sense that it is flat but there is a tree you can deduce from links, yes (i am thinking of zwiki)18:36
srichterright, this is exactely what I am doing18:37
srichterkeeping a list of children and parents in wikis18:38
srichterand then having a custom traverser18:38
FarcePestdo you keep your child/parent references as url, uri, objectId?19:01
srichterthis way it is much easier for the traverser work19:06
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philiKONa simple association framework using intids would also be cool; that way, comments could occurr anywhere in the site and not necessarily as blog articles19:12
srichterphiliKON: I think we should just embrace schooltool's association framework19:19
srichterit is just way cool19:19
philiKONah, right, i remember19:20
philiKONnever looked at it19:20
philiKONhwo does it work?19:20
* bskahan agrees19:20
srichterI do not know the internals, just the api19:20
bskahanphiliKON: you define the relationship as a triple, roleA, relationship, roleB19:23
srichteryeah, basically subject predicate object19:24
philiKONyes, i'm reading thru README.txt right now19:25
bskahanthe blah use in schooltool is for creating many-to-many groups, the more interesting use is creating calendar subscriptions19:25
philiKONthis should be in z319:26
bskahanphiliKON: poke th1a19:26
th1aYou rang?19:27
srichterMArius already send a mail to the schooltool list about this19:27
bskahanth1a: did you see that mail?19:27
srichterCCing MArk to ask him whether it can be dual-licenced in ZPL19:27
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srichterdoes anyone here know how we parse data sent via POST?19:51
philiKONdoesn't the request.form populator of HTTPRequest do taht?19:52
srichterI dunno; let me check19:52
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srichterphiliKON: where is that code? I cannot find it19:54
srichterok, it is in publisher/browser.py19:55
srichterbut it uses FieldStorage?!?19:56
srichteryeah, so far so good19:59
srichterI think something in cgi.FieldStorage might not work correctly20:00
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srichterokay, so something seems to be different in the environment, so that the values are not read20:25
srichterdefinitely a cgi module thing20:25
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philiKONsrichter, does zeo work with z3 yet?21:11
*** MiUlEr has quit IRC21:18
* philiKON finds that it doesn't look like it is21:24
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srichterphiliKON: I have never looked at ZEO22:01
srichternot even for Zope 222:01
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philiKONsrichter, got it working :)23:19
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srichterphiliKON: did I tell you that I will receive an award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education from Tufts?23:22
philiKONno, you didn't23:22
srichterI guess my career should be obvious to everyone now :-)23:22
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